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50's Rockabilly / R'n'R

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  1. Maximum Rhythm 'n' Rock 10 x 7" Boxset

    Kidd Johnny & The Pirates:
    Maximum Rhythm 'n' Rock 10 x 7" Boxset (7 single/EP)

    No nyt!! Voi veljet mikä julkaisu! Viimeisen päälle upeat kannet ! Klassikko matskua Englannista! Rajoitettu 500 kappaleen painos! SAA TILATA!!
    80,00 €
  2. Sing Louisiana Man And Other Favorites
  3. So What / Ubangi Stomp

    Kidd Johnny & The Pirates / Shannon Dean:
    So What / Ubangi Stomp (7 single/EP)

    Kunnon britti rock´n´rollia 60-luvun alusta!!
    10,00 €
  4. Everybody's Carried Away / Weary Silent Night
  5. New Sound In Rock & Roll
  6. Sag, Drag And Fall - Singles As & Bs 1954-1961 Plus

    King Sid And The Five Strings:
    Sag, Drag And Fall - Singles As & Bs 1954-1961 Plus (CD)

    When the first Rockabilly Revival of the 1970s hit Europe, the exciting North Texas sound of Sid King and the Five Strings led the charge and kept the dance floors busy with sure shots like 'Sag, Drag And Fall', 'Purr, Kitty, Purr' and 'Blue Suede Shoes'.

    Over 40 years later, those great 1950s singles are still keeping the dance floors busy everywhere that great rockabilly is played. And they're all here for maximum foot satisfaction in this great new Jasmine collection, still sounding as fresh as the day they were recorded.

    The A and B of every single that Sid and the Strings released between 1954 and 1961 can be found on this disc, along with some equally strong tracks that inexplicably failed to make the cut when they were recorded in the 1950s.

    An 'early starter' who made these records at a young age, Sid is one of the few acts of his era who is still out there performing these great sides - in fact, he's coming to Europe again in 2019.

    Remastered as always from the finest available sources. A rockin' good time is guaranteed for all!

    13,00 €
  7. Hello There Rockin' Chair / Once Upon A Time
  8. Everybody Needs A Little Lovin' / Ernie

    Kilgore Merle:
    Everybody Needs A Little Lovin' / Ernie (7 single/EP)

    Merle Kilgore was born in Chikaska, Oklahoma but very young moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, where he gave his firt musical steps as musicians and DJ of the Louisiana Hayride.
    From his earliest years Merle stood out as a composer, writing with only 18 years the Webb Pierce's big hit More and More.
    Over the years Merle would pen a never-ending chain of big hits like Johnny Cash's Ring Of Fire, Johnny Horton's Johnny Reb, Tommy Roe's The Folk Singer or the crossover Wolverton Mountain, but also great rockabilly as Bob Luman's Loretta.

    In 1954 Merle would sign up for Imperial Records, company with whom he would release his fist singles under his own name. Although country & western is the main ingredient at the begging, soon the rockabilly bug would bite strong into Merle's music and stinky guitar
    and slappin' doublebass would become familiar in his singles, Everybody Needs A Little Lovin' and Ernie, both included here are good examples of it.
    Interestingly, although Merle would succeed as a composer, these songs are signed by his wife Dorothy Lee Salley, who would also write for him the ballad Trying To Find (Some One Like You). Years later, in his stage with Mercury Records, Merle would record Every Needs A Little Lovin' in a much more pop style and re-tittle as The Love Bug...

    10,00 €
  9. Dark Is The Night (Part 1) / Dark Is The Night (Part 2)
  10. Rockin` This Joint Tonight EP

    Kid Thomas:
    Rockin` This Joint Tonight EP (Käytetty 7 single/EP)

    Rankkaa rock`n`roll tyyliin Little Richard!
    13,00 €
  11. Rock The Bop - Tennessee Rockabilly

    Kearney Ramsey :
    Rock The Bop - Tennessee Rockabilly (CD)

    The latest release from Stomper Time Records, bringing fans rare and unreleased rockabilly sounds. 32 tracks, mostly from sessions in the 50s and 60s, recorded in places as varied as Ramsey s home and Sam Phillips various studios, with top musicians including Reggie Young. All tracks are taken from the master tapes.

    Normaali hinta: 18,00 €

    Tarjous: 10,00 €

  12. Here`s My Story

    Kid Thomas:
    Here`s My Story (CD)

    Kaikki ennenjulkaisemattomia otoksia.
    13,00 €
  13. Please Don't Touch (180g LP)
  14.  Bippin’ & Boppin’ – The Early Years

    Knight Baker:
    Bippin’ & Boppin’ – The Early Years (CD)

    Baker Knight was one of the most successful and celebrated songwriters of the 50s, 60s and 70s, enjoying success in the rock & roll, pop and country markets.

    His songs were famously recorded by Ricky Nelson (including six million-sellers), Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran, Dean Martin, Hank Williams Jr., Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Perry Como, Mickey Gilley, Eddy Arnold, Paul McCartney, and many more.

    He also enjoyed a parallel career as a rock & roll singer, recording variously for Kit, Decca, Jubilee, Coral, Kick, RCA-Victor, Chess and Checker.

    Astonishingly, none of his own releases were commercial successes, and they are all nowadays highly sought-after collectors' artefacts.

    This compilation rounds up all his singles between 1956-62, and includes a number of near-mythical releases, e.g. 'Bop Boogie To The Blues', 'Little Heart', 'Sister', 'Peek-A-Boo', which have never previously been reissued in any format, much less CD.

    13,00 €
  15. Bop Boogie To Blues EP

    Knight Baker:
    Bop Boogie To Blues EP (7 single/EP)

    Alabama-born Baker Knight made his first recordings in Nashville in 1956 for the local Kit Records, but moved to L.A. soon afterwards where he befriended young Eddie Cochran and recorded fine sides for Decca, Jubilee, Coral and RCA with his group, the Knightmares.

    A fine songwriter as well as a fresh, new recording artist, we predict that he will soon be a big name and these four tracks shows that Baker can really cook!

    8,00 €
  16. A Faboulous Freddie Heath Double Bill 10" + CD

    Kidd Johnny / The Five Nutters:
    A Faboulous Freddie Heath Double Bill 10" + CD (10``LP)

    Hand numbered vinyl limited to 300. Includes a free 4 track CD

    Released for the very first time ever..!
    The very first demo recordings of Johnny Kidd, know then as Freddie Heat and his band The Five Nutters.
    Remastered from the only original source.
    Alongside the first official Johnny Kidd release, Please Don't Touch.

    25,00 €
  17. Various

    Keb Darge & Little Edith's Legendary Wild Rockers Vol. 4 :
    Various (LP)

    Keb Darge has been with BBE since the beginning, he recently lived through a typhoon which destroyed the village where he lives in The Phillipines. His story, like the story of all survivors is a harrowing one. Somehow he managed to escape, with some records and put this album together, if you want to know more, check the sleeve notes, all the tracks were recorded between 1956 and 1964, and without them, we’d not have the incredible 40 years of ‘Rock’ music history to enjoy today, these were the trend setters of the day who laid the blue prints for what came after. Keb takes up the story ….

    “Well it’s been a rather exciting time for us since the last volume. We were in an Armageddon zombie survival movie with giant mutant rats attacking our house, gangs of armed convicts roaming the area raping and killing, hundreds of dead relatives and neighbours rotting in the sun, evil government officials hiding any food from the starving populous… Oh hell, my wife just told me it wasn’t a movie, it was real. I wouldn’t have got so involved if I’d known it was real at the time. Sadly we haven’t had much record buying excitement. Indeed there was a point where I would have swapped some of my rarest bits for a loaf of bread, fairly puts things into perspective. We have had to move back to London for a few years as a result, but feel lucky to have been able to do so. My heart goes out to those Filipinos who do not have the ability to escape. If any of you ever contemplate charity donations I must say that the International Red Cross and Plan International stand head and shoulders above the rest from my “on the ground” observations. Some of the others should be shot for their photo shoot opportunist attitude. There we are then. I hope you get as much pleasure from these tunes as I do. Perfect for parties, clubs, bath time, or just lying on the sofa absorbing their innocent beauty. A special thanks to all from the International Red Cross, Plan International, and the US Navy who came to our aid in Eastern Samar.” February 2014

    29,00 €
  18. It's Eden

    Kane Eden:
    It's Eden (Käytetty LP/12)

    Original recordings 1961-1964.
    13,00 €
  19. Here Comes Summer 1959-1962

    Keller Jerry:
    Here Comes Summer 1959-1962 (CD)

    Teen idol, Jerry Keller belongs to one of the most unique clubs in UK music history. He is one of the handful of artists over the past 62 years of British chart history who had a number 1 hit and then never graced the charts again.

    Features many great tracks including 'Careful How You Drive, Young Joey' which is a brilliant spin on the 'death disc' sub-genre as in nobody dies but you think they will. From a rock and roll perspective 'My Name Ain't Joe' is the best track Jerry ever recorded. And of course we can't ignore Jerry's most famous hit, 'Here Comes Summer' which ironically reached No. 1 in the UK charts in October.

    Jerry Keller may have only had the one big hit but he was far from a 'one hit wonder' and if all you ever knew about his work was 'Here Comes Summer' then rest assured you are in for a real treat.

    15,00 €
  20. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues / That`s All You Gotta Do

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