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50's Rockabilly / R'n'R

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  1. Mr. Dynamo

    Hawkins Ronnie And The Hawks:
    Mr. Dynamo (Käytetty LP/12)

    ORIG CANADA! Upea kuntoinen albumi!
    90,00 €
  2. Rock 'n' Roll Stage Show
  3. The Singing Fisherman - The Complete Johnny Horton Recordings (9-CD Box)

    Horton Johnny:
    The Singing Fisherman - The Complete Johnny Horton Recordings (9-CD Box) (CD)

    9-CD boxed set (LP-size) with two 288-page hardbound books, 296 tracks. Total playing time approx. 688 minutes

    •    Every Johnny Horton recording. Every issued recording on every label! Every unissued recording! Every alternate take! Every known demo! All the overdub sessions! Several rare radio interviews! And more!
    •    In all, 9 CDs!
    •    Includes Horton's first record. Only one copy is known to exist!
    •    Includes two 288-page hardcover books! One is an exhaustive biography by Colin Escott with a complete discography and hundreds of photos, many previously unpublished. The other is a book about Johnny Horton, handwritten by his mother in the months after his death, never seen before until now!
    •    All completely remastered for unbelievably clear, vibrant sound.

    This Is It!

    In 1981, we at Bear Family issued our first Johnny Horton LP. It set us upon a journey that ends here with the absolutely guaranteed definitive Johnny Horton set. This is the set that an artist of Johnny Horton's stature deserves, and a set that was unimaginable in 1981. Some know Horton for his rockabilly records like Honky Tonk Man, One Woman Man, Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor, Wild One, etc. Some know him for his saga songs like North To Alaska and of course Battle Of New Orleans. They're all here, of course, but there's so much more.

    All of Horton's early recordings are here, including his first single from 1950 … a single so rare that only one copy is known to exist. We didn't even know about it until a couple of years back. Then there are the Cormac, Abbott, Mercury, SESAC, and Columbia recordings, all restored to pristine sound quality. The Abbott overdubs have been included as well as all of Horton's known demo recordings. Horton was a songwriter for American Music, and we've gathered all the songwriting demos for American with many others that have recently come to light.

    Then there are the books: two 288-page hardcover books. The first is a biography by Colin Escott that represents a considerable update of the 1990 book that accompanied our first Johnny Horton boxes. Hundreds of new photos have come to light, too, and we've included those. The second book is an incredible rarity. In the months after Horton's tragic death, his mother wrote a memoir of him in longhand. It's not a sophisticated work, but it's touching and full of so much details that we never knew. In his mother's words, Horton lives again for us.

    That's why we say, This Is It!

    170,00 €
  4. That`ll Be The Day

    Holly Buddy:
    That`ll Be The Day (Käytetty LP/12)

    Toka painos! RARE ALBUM!
    150,00 €
  5. Rock The Joint
  6. The Chirping Crickets EP
  7. The Warner Brothers Years And More 6CD Boxset

    Haley Bill & His Comets:
    The Warner Brothers Years And More 6CD Boxset (CD)

    The Bill Haley story certainly didn't end with Rock Around The Clock, and didn't even end when he left Decca Records in 1959.

    This 5-CD set includes all of his American post-Decca recordings from 1960 to 1969, beginning with his artistically satisfying stint with Warner Bros. between 1960 and 1961, and ending with the dawn of the rock 'n' roll revival which saw him re-emerge on one of the country's leading independent labels, Buddah Records....a star once more.

    In between, he recorded for Gone, Roulette, Guest Star, Nicetown, Apt, United Artists, and Kory. All of those sessions are complete here, including nearly 30 previously unissued recordings. Through all the changes in labels and personnel, Bill Haley's sound remained rooted in the mid-Fifties. He made forays back to country music, but whether cutting country classics like Singing The Blues and Detour or a twist album, he kept that classic hard-driving rock 'n' roll sound. Comet sax man Rudi Pompilii is heard throughout.

    The line-ups also included guitarists Franny Beecher and Nick Masters, steel guitarist Billy Williamson, and pianist Johnny Grande. Rarely heard until now, these recordings are the secret history of Bill Haley, and an essential companion to Bear Family's Decca Years box. Essential, timeless, and classic!

    90,00 €
  8. Rock`N´Roll Arrives...The Real Birth Of Rock`n`Roll 1946-1954 5CD BOXSET + BOOK

    Haley Bill And His Comets:
    Rock`N´Roll Arrives...The Real Birth Of Rock`n`Roll 1946-1954 5CD BOXSET + BOOK (CD)

    Todella upea paketti! Mukana mahtava kovakantinen 100 sivuinen kirja!!
    120,00 €

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