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50's Rockabilly / R'n'R

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  1.  Reconsider Me: Ram Singles & More Southern Gems

    Lewis Margaret:
    Reconsider Me: Ram Singles & More Southern Gems (CD)

    An updated tribute to the soulful Shreveport singer and songwriter. Compiled by John Broven, assisted by Margaret's husband Alton Warwick, this recompiled 28 song selection features 13 tracks new to Ace together with a memorabilia-laden booklet. Margaret mixed her musical styles and this compilation, featuring all her RAM singles, live performances and previously unreleased material, runs the gamut from rock 'n' roll to hillbilly and swamp pop, with a touch of gospel thrown in for good measure. She is accompanied by her friend and RAM label-owner Mira Smith, appearing under the sobriquet of Grace Tennessee. Contains a full sleeve note by John Broven.]
    18,00 €
  2. Corn Pickin And Slick Slidin´

    Burton James And Ralph Mooney:
    Corn Pickin And Slick Slidin´ (Käytetty LP/12)

    Uusintajulkaisu 1968 julkaistusta albumista.

    Famed guitarist James Burton and storied pedal-steel man Ralph Mooney were first-call session men for a staggering array of stellar artists, including Merle Haggard, Elvis Presley, and many others. Burton's jaw-dropping Telecaster had given Ricky Nelson's early hits their rockabilly zest, and Mooney's ethereal pedal-steel was a staple in countless country sessions. Since the duo's sound was so easy to spot, Burton and Mooney were urged to cut an album's worth of originals and instrumental covers of country hits in late '66.

    25,00 €
  3. Loose Ends - Rave From The Grave Blast From The Past Vol. 2
  4. We Shot Mr. Lee

    We Shot Mr. Lee (CD)

    THE BOBBETTES, from Manhattan, were still schoolgirls aged between eleven and thirteen when they cut the self-penned, million-selling 'Mr. Lee' in 1957.

    It became the first record by an all-girl vocal group to become a Top 10 Pop hit and also top the US R&B charts.

    After struggling with follow-ups, they charted with the controversial 'I Shot Mr. Lee', three years later.

    In its wake they also registered with 'Have Mercy Baby', 'Dance With Me Georgie', 'Mr. Johnny Q' and 'I Don't Like It Like That', while in 1962 they backed Johnny Thunder, uncredited, on the million-selling 'Loop De Loop'.

    Between 1957 and 1962 they recorded prolifically, for eight different record labels; this compilation presents the Very Best of that recorded output, and includes all their hits.

    Much of this material is unavailable elsewhere on CD.

    15,00 €
  5. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - The Decca Christmas Recordings
  6. Rockabilly Girls 3CD

    Rockabilly Girls 3CD (CD)

    Loistava ja halpa kokoelma naislaulajia.
    12,00 €
  7. Waterfront studio sessions

    Williams Jerry:
    Waterfront studio sessions (CD)

    Viimeisen päälle upea albumi Viime vuonna menehtyneeltä Ruotsin parhaalta rock´n´roll artistilta.
    18,00 €
  8. Maximum Rhythm 'n' Rock 10 x 7" Boxset

    Kidd Johnny & The Pirates:
    Maximum Rhythm 'n' Rock 10 x 7" Boxset (7 single/EP)

    No nyt!! Voi veljet mikä julkaisu! Viimeisen päälle upeat kannet ! Klassikko matskua Englannista! Rajoitettu 500 kappaleen painos! SAA TILATA!!
    80,00 €
  9. No More Trouble / Bye Bye Baby
  10. I'll Forever Love You / Chicken, Baby, Chicken
  11. I’ve Been Around - The Complete Imperial and ABC Recordings (12-CD & DVD)

    Domino Fats:
    I’ve Been Around - The Complete Imperial and ABC Recordings (12-CD & DVD) (CD)

    12 CD (312 tracks) & DVD, Clothbound slipcase, 275 x 285 x 45 mm with clothbound CD-folder, 270 x 270 x 25 mm with 12 CDs & 1 DVD plus clothbound hardcover book, 270 x 270 x 20 mm, ca. 240 pages, full color

    DVD NTSC, 16:9, code-free, stereo, 150 min. - A FILM BY Joe Lauro - PRODUCED BY Joe Lauro, Rich Nevins, Rick Coleman - EDITED BY Anthea Carr - WRITTEN BY Joe Lauro, Rick Coleman - EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Celia Zantz, Daniel Wheeler, Dick Connette 

    Some Questions you may have about the new Fats Domino box set.
    Q:  I have the old Fats Domino Box on Bear Family which was released 25 years ago. Why should I buy this box?
    A: It’s been upgraded and increased in size (12 CDs - 312 tracks versus 8 in the old box; 240-page book versus 60 in the 1993 box). Much new material has been added including unreleased alt takes, undubbed and unedited masters, and instrumental backing tracks. 

    Also for the first time anywhere we present some of Fats’s biggest hits as they were originally recorded, not sped-up for release. The completely revised book contains a wealth of previously unpublished images, track-by-track musical commentary by the producers, as well as updated and extended notes by Fats biographer Rick Coleman. The box also includes an acclaimed video documentary on Fats’s life and music.
    Q: Isn’t this new box very expensive?
    A: Not for what it is.  Remember, this project took years to complete and thousands of hours. Sure, there is a lot of cheap Fats Domino product out there – and it looks and sounds it. The book production here, the pictures, the remastering, the background story – these are available nowhere else. 

    And we licensed primary sources to master from. None of these were cheap. Putting it simply: the music sounds much better on this box set than it ever has before due to the brilliant remastering from the original tapes. Second, the book that we include is much better – in terms of both the writing and the images – than anything anyone has done before, Bear Family included. The new box set is actually a bargain – especially if you take advantage of the introductory discounted price.
    Q: You mentioned songs in different speeds? Please explain that to me.
    A: Many of Fats’s biggest hits were artificially sped up for release to make him sound more “youthful”. This box includes both the familiar sped up versions and never-before-heard authentic versions.
    Q: How many of the Fats songs were sped up?
    A: Twenty-seven songs were originally released sped up as singles. But once Imperial had success with the new sped-up version of Fats, they began to speed-up old recordings when they appeared as “filler” on LPs. It took a lot of sleuth-work and engineering to get things right.
    Q: Who did the speed up on Fats, his producers or the record company?
    A: Imperial Records authorized it. But the speed-ups were proposed and carried out by the sound engineer where the records were mastered, a man named Abraham “Bunny” Robyn.
    Q: Why were the songs sped up in the first place?
    A: “Bunny” Robyn thought some of Fats’s records sounded “logey” – not lively enough -- and convinced Lew Chudd at Imperial to let him try doing it. The first record he sped up was Ain’t It a Shame, a huge success.
    Q: Do I get all the Fats Domino songs I love?
    A: If they were recorded for Imperial and ABC-Paramount, yes you do.
    Q: As Fats experts know, reissues of “Blueberry Hill” reliably use the patched-together repaired master because of a ruined stretch of tape. What is in this box?
    A: We mastered from a pristine copy of the US-issued Imperial 78 rpm release – the only version that didn’t require repair. Blueberry Hill is one of the tracks that got sped up so we also include a repaired version slowed down to its authentic performance speed. Our book discusses this odd episode in Fats’s recording career.
    Q: Are all the CDs remastered or is it just the ones that were sped up?
    A: Every track in this box has been carefully remastered. You will be delighted and in many cases surprised at how good they sound.
    Q: I see there are recordings by other musicians. Why?
    A: Early in his career, Fats sometimes worked as a session pianist for other artists like Joe Turner, Lloyd Price and Smiley Lewis. We’ve included some examples of those recordings. In addition, Fats was an incredibly influential performer whose style was often imitated. We include some examples of that as well.
    Q: Does the Discography in the new box include complete session information?
    A: It contains everything that is known. The Imperial sessions are a lot better documented. Unfortunately, the ABC sessions contain some personnel gaps, but rest assured - you are getting everything that is known.  
    Q: What about the video? Why is it part of the box?
    A: We were fortunate enough to secure the rights to the widely acclaimed PBS documentary about Fats and his place in rock & roll history. It includes interviews with Dave Bartholomew and legendary New Orleans recording engineer Cosimo Matassa.
    Q: I’ve heard there is a longer “director’s cut” of the documentary.  Do I get that too?
    A: Yes, you do. Both are on the DVD. 
    Q: Who are the producers, Hank Davis and Scott Parker?
    A: They are musicians and rock & roll historians who have loved Fats’s music for over 60 years. They have been involved in the production of more than 50 projects for Bear Family Records.

    We could have taken the easy way out. The original 1993 box set was out of stock. We could simply have printed more copies and filled orders.
    Of course, we didn’t. This is Bear Family Records and we don’t take shortcuts. We’ve invested more than 1000 hours in re-writing, recompiling and re-mastering this box. The brilliant engineering by Christian Zwarg will leave you shaking your head in admiration. You won’t quite recognize some of your favorite Fats Domino tracks because they’ve never sounded this good.
    We’ve found a lot of new material – some things that were thought to be lost and other things that nobody knew existed. We have alternate takes that have never before been issued.  We’ve got new unedited and non-overdubbed versions of some familiar Fats songs and newly discovered overdubs of familiar songs. We’ve got the intact recording of Blueberry Hill without the tape glitch. We’ve got previously unreleased backing tracks. We’ve also included some examples of Fats working as a session pianist for other artists (including Joe Turner, Lloyd Price and Smiley Lewis) early in his career. And to show how influential Fats’s style was, we’ve included some examples of other performers imitating Fats during his Golden Era. 
    But the biggest news concerns the Speed-up. Everybody knows that some of Fats’s Imperial records were speeded up for release, making them both faster and pitched in higher keys. But how many of them? And which ones? And just how much were they speeded up? And, in case you wondered, how was it done back in 1955 and by whom? We didn’t have as good a handle on those questions when the original box set was compiled back in 1993, and we sure didn’t know the answers. But we do now. And we admit, back 25 years ago we screwed up some of the speeds on our original box. And when other companies tried to fix things with their Fats Domino reissues, they made their own mistakes and just added to the mess.
    But now the mess is over. A lot of those 1000+ hours went into getting speeds exactly right so we can truly present Fats’s music as it was originally released. But what is completely new here is that we also present, for the first time anywhere, examples of Fats’s Greatest Hits as they were originally performed in the studio, at their original speeds and in their real keys. No speed-up. You can be a fly on the wall and hear songs like Ain’t It A Shame and I’m Walking as they actually sounded in Cosimo’s New Orleans studio. That addition alone makes this Box a landmark event.
    A lot has also gone into updating and revising the accompanying, lavishly illustrated book by Fats biographer Rick Coleman, and by music historians Hank Davis and Scott Parker. That includes an updated Fats Domino Imperial Records Discography. And what’s more, we extended the Box to include two CDs with all of Fats post-Imperial recordings for the ABC Paramount label. Twelve CDs in all – an upgrade of 50% from the original box. 
    Even if you bought the first Bear Family box 25 years ago, Fats Domino: I’ve Been Around is a must for any serious Fats Domino collection. It’s not going to get any better than this.
    188,00 €
  12. Tennessee Waltz
  13. Explosive

    Lewis Jerry Lee:
    Explosive (Käytetty LP/12)

    The Return Of Rock albumin uusintajulkaisu.
    13,00 €
  14. Let It Roll (Boppin’ Hillbilly) / Let It Roll (Boppin’ Rockabilly)

    Douglas Glenn:
    Let It Roll (Boppin’ Hillbilly) / Let It Roll (Boppin’ Rockabilly) (7 single/EP)

    One for the Rockin’ DJs out there, this knockout double A Side 45, features two very different versions of Glenn’s hard to find 1956 Decca release, ‘Let It Roll’. On one side we have the original “bop-a-licious” Hillbilly version, and on the flip-side, is a stripped down, “primitive” Rockabilly version, minus fiddles, and complete with a knockout guitar break, not featured on the original Hillbilly version. This hot Rockabilly bopper was recorded for a radio broadcast circa ’56, and is laid down to wax for the very first time. Grab a copy while you can, we’re only pressing 500 of these 7” beauties in stunning limited edition Orange Vinyl…. once their gone, their solid gone, dig it!

    • Limited Edition (only 500 pressed on Orange vinyl);
    • Double A Side boppin’ floor filler;
    • Features a previously unreleased Rockabilly version of ‘Let It Roll’;
    • Stunning special Orange Vinyl pressing.
    10,00 €
  15. Rockin’ Ronnie Self EP

    Self Ronnie:
    Rockin’ Ronnie Self EP (7 single/EP)

    Dig Velocità Records limited edition re-issue of the ultra-rare ‘Rockin’ Ronnie Self’ Italian EP!!! This classic 7” from ‘Mr Frantic’ was originally released on Philips (Italy) in 1958 and is a highly sought-after gem amongst rockabilly collectors.

    The ‘Rockin’ Ronnie Self’ EP was also released in the Netherlands in 1958 (Dutch copies are hard to find and expensive), but the Italian version is the mega rare one!

    This monster rockabilly platter comes with stunning reproduction artwork, a high gloss with 'flap-back' sleeve (true to the original) and features four classic Ronnie Self rockers. Only 500 limited edition copies pressed worldwide.

    10,00 €
  16. The 50s In Stereo

    Presley Elvis:
    The 50s In Stereo (CD)

    Elvis Presley - The 50s In Stereo (NEOPHONIC Stereo) CD VTRCD2044 (features additional bonus tracks not featured on the vinyl release)



    NEOPHONIC HIGH FIDELITY (re-engineered stereo 2017/18)
    Stunning album artwork
    Limited Edition only 500 copies worldwide
    Features the NEOPHONIC Stereo single version of ‘My Baby Left Me’ 45-6540(e)

    15,00 €
  17. Wild Streak Rock 'n' Roll Volume 2 - 18 Frenzied Rock’n’Roll Delinquent

    Wild Streak Rock 'n' Roll Volume 2 - 18 Frenzied Rock’n’Roll Delinquent (LP)

    It is the most brutal, ugly, degenerate, vicious form of expression it has been my displeasure to hear.”’ So said Frank Sinatra, and I think it will come as no surprise to anyone that, with that attitude, he is now dead. So there Frank. Wild Streak Rock n Roll Volume 2 celebrates another 18 cretinous goons, and acne ridden teenage combos, bugging and womb zombie-ing and Geraldine-ing for their own amusement and perhaps yours, though the drummer of the Ole Miss Downbeats (the exotically named Joe Smith) certainly sounds like Ol’ Blue Eyes rolling in his grave. This killer Rock n Roll vinyl set was compiled by Radio DJ and TV presenter Mark Lamarr, for Vee-Tone Records. Wild Streak Rock n Roll Volume 2 features 18 rare and obscure 50s/60s rockers from a cross section of artists and labels, from majors to small independents. Featuring some of the wildest Rock n Roll ever laid to wax, from primitive indie rockers to high production major label releases.

    • 500 Limited Edition;
    • Compilation and liner notes by Radio DJ & TV Presenter Mark Lamarr;
    • Full colour inner sleeve with original 45 label shots;
    • Features hot rockers from Ronnie Self, Andy Anderson, The Four Tielman Brothers, Kip Tyler, Ronnie Pearson plus many more.
    18,00 €
  18. Jukebox At Eric's Vol 1: Rock 'n' Roll (New Edition, Red vinyl,Ltd,Numbered)

    Jukebox At Eric's Vol 1: Rock 'n' Roll (New Edition, Red vinyl,Ltd,Numbered) (LP)

    This special red vinyl, limited edition 'Roger Eagle Commemorative Edition' is a long overdue tribute to the legendary music promoter and DJ, Roger Eagle.  This special red vinyl limited edition issue features 9 tracks featured on the original 1980's LP and 9  new tracks specially selected by Steve Hardstaff, renowned pop-artist responsible for the original stunning artwork and for this new version, Norman 'The Cat' Killon (original Eric's DJ) and David Gillespie (Vee-Tone Records).  Some of these new tracks were intended to be included on the volume 2 that never happened, others were favourites of Rogers or specially selected to fit in with the original Eric's concept.

    The Juke Box At Eric’s LP was inspired by the jukebox in Liverpool’s premier 1970s Punk venue, Eric’s.  Eric’s was run by Roger Eagle, Ken Testi and Pete Fulwell of Probe Records.  Compiled by record collector, music promoter and DJ Roger Eagle, ‘Juke Box At Eric’s’ provided the prerfect platform to introduce record buyers to the ‘greasy’, ‘sleazy’ side of rock n roll!

    A true music educator, Roger was just hugely influential across multiple music ‘scenes’ from the 1960’s to 1990’s, from gritty Rhythm & Blues to Blues to Dub Reggae to Punk to Doo Wop and to Rockabilly and on and on…. he loved ‘em all!  Without Roger Eagle we would not be listening to many of the records that we now regard as club classics, he was in every sense a true pioneer of music.

    Check out Roger, The Eagle Has Landed

    22,00 €
  19. Gotta Know The Reason/ Please Mr. Mailman

    Vern Brandon / Bobby Jameson :
    Gotta Know The Reason/ Please Mr. Mailman (7 single/EP)

    VERN BRANDON / GOTTA KNOW THEN REASON (Killer British DECCA label Jiver) / BOBBY JAMESON PLEASE MR. MAILMAN (Another Rare Brit Rocker)

    10,00 €
  20. Shake, Shout And Go / Golden Cage

    Brian Diamond And The Cutter / John Fraser:
    Shake, Shout And Go / Golden Cage (7 single/EP)

    BRIAN DIAMOND & THE CUTTERS / SHAKE, SHOUT & GO (Monster rare British Rock & Beat Jiver) / JOHN FRASER GOLDEN CAGE (Rare 1959 British Vocal Rocker from Pye label)
    10,00 €

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