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50's Rockabilly / R'n'R

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  1. Motorvatin'  Vol. 2

    Motorvatin' Vol. 2 (CD)

    Jatkoa! Viimeisen päälle loistava CD... Autoon, kotiin, veneseen... Songs from the 'Green Book' era!
    15,00 €
  2. Motorvatin'  Vol. 1

    Motorvatin' Vol. 1 (CD)

    Viimeisen päälle loistava CD... Autoon, kotiin, veneseen... Songs from the 'Green Book' era!
    15,00 €
  3. Sputnik Dance - Wild Sounds From The Space Age

    Sputnik Dance - Wild Sounds From The Space Age (CD)

    Hieno julkaisu KOKO MOJOLTA. Kunnon avaruus rock´n´roll-rhythm"n" bluesia...
    15,00 €
  4. With This Ring (Digipak)

    With This Ring (Digipak) (CD)

    No juu.. eihän tässäkään kokoelmassa ole ainuttakaan huonoa biisiä.
    10,00 €
  5. Satan's Holiday - The Devil's Jukebox (digipak)
  6. Winter Dance Party (Ltd, white vinyl)

    Holly Buddy & The Crickets, Ritchie Valens And The Big Bopper:
    Winter Dance Party (Ltd, white vinyl) (LP)

    Special issue on white vinyl with 12” x 12” insert commemorating the 60th anniversary of “The Day The Music Died”

    It was late January, 1959, when the tragic Winter Dance Party began; a gruelling twenty-four day tour of the mid-west by a rock 'n' roll revue which included Buddy Holly and his group, J P "Big Bopper" Richardson and Ritchie Valens. Poorly funded and inefficiently organized, the tour began a disaster and steadily got worse, with a motley successionof clapped-out coaches being the only transportation provided to the artists by the booking agency. Eleven days into the tour and facing another tortuous 400 mile road trip to the next venue on a freezing bus, Holly decided to charter a plane after their unscheduled appearance at ClearLake, Iowa. He and the two other headliners took off for Fargo, NorthDakota, in the teeth of a blizzard during the early hours of 3rd February1959... it was a date that would come to be known as one of the darkest in the whole history of rock 'n' roll...

    17,00 €
  7. Fat Man / Peter Rabbit / Summertime Blues

    Lee Myron:
    Fat Man / Peter Rabbit / Summertime Blues (7 single/EP)

    Linner notes: FAT MAN I got the idea for Fat Man while driving home in the wee hours of the morning after playing a dance job in storm Lake, Iowa. I wrote half of it in the car and finished it when I got home about 4 AM in the morning. I met George Garrett at a recording session we were doing at Kay Bank Studio. I played the demo of Fat Man for him and he loved it right away and wanted to put it on his label which we did. Will write more later

    10,00 €
  8. Bison Bop: The Bop That Never Stopped - For A Real Rockin' Cat Volume 30
  9. Rockabilly Bash (USA)

    Rockabilly Bash (USA) (Käytetty LP/12)

    Original US version with 1 different song: Hasil Adkins She Said replace Tommy Beam's Little Jewel
    27,00 €
  10. Born Bad Volume Two (gatefold)
  11. Rock 'n Roll Australia

    Rock 'n Roll Australia (Käytetty LP/12)

    Harvinainen Aussi kokoelma. Äänitykset v. 1954-1964.
    25,00 €
  12. 50's Rock On The Moon Of Memphis, Tennessee + An Oddity
  13. Sun Shines On Hank Williams - Sun Artists Sing The Songs Of.

    Sun Shines On Hank Williams - Sun Artists Sing The Songs Of. (CD)

    1-CD with 28-page booklet, 28 tracks. Total playing time approx. 58 minutes.

           Questions about 'Hank Williams On Sun'

          Q: Why should I buy this SUN Records compilation?
          A: This is a one of a kind theme compilation featuring Rockabilly & Country legends like Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Mann, Eddie Bond, Warren Smith, Sonny Burgess    and many more.

          Q: Are there any rarities on this CD?
          A: Yes, you'll find unbelievable eight never before releasesd original SUN recordings plus rarely heard versions of Hank Williams' all time smash hits, all recorded in Memphis between 1957 and 1963.

          Q: Why are there still unreleased recording from the golden Memphis era?
          A:Producer Sam Phillips always used his tapes at SUN Records more often, so it's possible you'll work on a Johnny Cash or Roy Orbison mastertape and find an unreleased Jerry Lee Lewis track at the end, or sometimes even between takes!

          Q: Is there any Elvis Presley connection on this CD?
          A: Yes, although no track by Elvis has been found found yet, there is an unreleased alternate track of 'Your Cheatin' Heart' by Cliff Gleaves, an early member of the Memphis Mafia. A rare picture of Elvis and Cliff is featured in the booklet.
    Also included is a nice picture of Rockabilly Girl Barbara Pittman, which she claimed was shot by Elvis Presley during there days at the famous Memphis label.

          Q: How is the sound quality of the recordings on this CD?
          A: Bear Family uses original tapes or the best available sources for mastering and though some of the tracks were released on vinyl and cd before, the music lover will now  get the best quality on these outstanding recordings.

        A total of eight previously unreleased masters!

        Sun Records recording artists sing the songs of the great Hank Williams.
        A total of 26 country recordings from the years 1957 to 1963.
        Next to famous artists like Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis we present lesser known recordings by Sonny Burgess, Warren Smith or Carl Mann.
        Well-known titles combined with several unreleased alternate versions and demos!
        Carefully remastered for best possible sound, with extensive liner notes by Hank Davis.

    Hank Williams died too soon to know about Sun Records existence, but the folks at Sun surely knew about him. This CD collects for the first time the response to Hank Williams by Sun recording artists and producers.

    We present already issued records by major artists (Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis) as well as lesser known Sun lights (Sonny Burgess, Warren Smith, Carl Mann) along with originally unissued alternate takes, undubbed recordings and demos. It's quite a range: male and female, black and white, they all took on Hank Williams. Sixteen different artists singing 16 different songs. Twenty-six tracks in all. The contrast is amazing.

    You'll also hear some candid moments of Sam Phillips working as a producer in the studio. And there's a memorable bit of egotistical comedy as Jerry Lee Lewis, in discussion with Phillips, takes credit for writing a Hank Williams song.

    A unique collection showing the impact of Williams on Sun Records in the ten years following the singer's death in 1953.

    18,00 €
  14. The Drugstore's Rockin' - Two Silhouettes

    Shannon Del:
    The Drugstore's Rockin' - Two Silhouettes (CD)

    1-CD (Digipak) with 40-page booklet, 33 tracks. Total playing time: approx. 76 minutes.

    Q: Why should I buy this Del Shannon compilation?

    A: This Del Shannon compilation includes recordings from the following labels: 'Big Top', 'Berlee' and 'Amy'. There was never ever a compilation on the market, except the 'Bear Family' box set (BCD15925) which features all these labels on one CD!

    Q: Are there any hits on the CD?

    A: Yes, you'll find many of his successes like 'Runaway', 'The Swiss Maid', 'Hats Off To Larry', 'So Long Baby', 'Don't Gild The Lilly, Lilly', 'Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow The Sun)' and many more on this compilation!

    Q: Any rarities on this CD?

    A: Yes, we have included three instrumental Rockers, the Stereo version of 'Runaway' plus his great 'Amy' Rocker and floorfiller 'Move It On Over' (not the Hank Williams song)

    Q: Did Del Shannon do a cover version of Elvis Presley's hit recording '(Marie's The Name) Of His Latest Flame'?

    A: Guess What? Del Shannon actually was the first artist who recorded it! It first came out on his debut LP album in 1961! Elvis Presley later in the same year brought his version to No. 4 on 'The Billboard Hot 100 Charts'

    Q: What kind of instrument is it that is heard on many of Del Shannon's recordings? Is that an organ?

    No, the so-called organ, which you hear on 'Runaway', 'Hats Off To Larry' and many other songs, is a 'Musitron', which is one of the early ancestors of the synthesizer. It was invented and played by Del Shannon's band member Max Crook. Max Crook was also the co-author of Runaway.

    Q: How is the sound quality of the recordings on this CD?

    A: All recordings are from the original master tapes and are proper liscensed from the rights holder! We did a careful mastering and the result is a really enjoyable CD!

    • One of the greatest rock 'n' roll artists of the early 1960s!
    • By including Del Shannon in our series 'The Drugstore's Rockin',' we pay tribute to a great musician and singer!
    33 of his greatest recordings including his ’61 debut Smash Runaway.
    Also included are his pre-Elvis version of Marie’s The Name and his ’64 hit Keep Searchin’.
    • Extensive liner notes by music expert Bill Dahl from Chicago.

    A handful of bravura vocalists defined early 1960s rock and roll, standing staunch and true against the steady softening of the once-tough genre. They included Roy Orbison, Gene Pitney, Gary (U.S.) Bonds, and Del Shannon, whose muscular lungpower, laced with thrilling falsetto that seemed to soar to the heavens, receives full-fledged tribute on Bear Family’s 33-song ‘Del Shannon: The Drugstore’s Rockin’.’ Naturally, Runaway, Del’s indelible 1961 debut smash, is here (in stereo), as are his monster followups for Big Top Records, Hats Off To Larry, Hey Little Girl, and Little Town Flirt.

    Also on board is Shannon’s haunting Keep Searchin’ (We’ll Follow The Sun), a 1964 smash on the Amy label. But there are plenty of surprises, including his pre-Elvis original reading of Marie’s The Name (Of His Latest Flame), the swaggering Mary Jane, and a snarling Move It On Over featuring Dennis Coffey’s bone-crunching guitar.

    18,00 €
  15. Rocks

    Riley Billy Lee:
    Rocks (CD)

    1-CD Digipac with 40-page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 minutes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Does the CD include recordings from the original masters?
    A: Yes, the original masters were used except on the Darron Lee recordings and the two tracks from the 'Harmonica & The Blues' LP, Billy Lee Riley did for the 'Crown' label. These four tracks were taken from the original 45 rpm records as there are no masters available.

    Q: I've heard that Billy Riley reocorded under several pseudonyms. Is that true?
    A: Yes, Billy Lee Riley recorded under different pseudonyms like Darron Lee, The Spitfires (together with Roland Janes), The Megatons, Skip Wiley, Lightnin' Leon, and Good Jelly Bess! Some of the aliasses are included on the 'Rocks' compilation.

    Q: Is it true that Billy Lee Riley recorded the 'Sun' 45 'Itchy' b/w 'Thunderbird' together  with Sonny Burgess?
    A: Yes, both tracks were recorded on July 22, 1958 and the record 'Sun 304' was released under Sonny Burgess' name.

    Q: Which artists has Billy Lee Riley worked with as a session musician?
    A: Billy Lee Riley worked as a session musician for artists like Jerry Lee Lewis, Jack Earls, Charlie Rich, Johnny Cash, Ray Smith, Rick Nelson, Jimmy Bryant, The Everly Brothers,  Herb Alpert, Sammy Davis Jr., The Beach Boys, Pearl Bailey... just to name a few .... He was multi-instrumentalist who played the guitar, bass and harmonica.

    Q: Are there any other CDs in the 'Rocks' series you would recommend if I like the Billy Lee Riley one?
    A: Definitely! We would suggest to check on Jack Scott (BCD15841), Bob Luman (BCD16985), Jerry Lee Lewis (BCD16396), Narvel Felts (BCD17594), Gene Vincent (BCD17134), Eddie Cochran (BCD17136) and Johnny Burnette (BCD16992).

    •    Another milestone in our constantly extended ROCKS! CD series!
    •    ROCKS! contains the most rocking recordings of Billy Lee Riley, a musician who deserved it but who never made it into the first league of rock 'n' roll!
    •    In addition to his best rockers recorded for SUN Records between 1956 and 1959, 'Billy Lee Riley ROCKS!' presents recordings for several other labels.
    •    Further stops between 1959 and 1992 were Phillips Int'l , Brunswick, Checker (as The Megatons), Jaro (as The Spitfires; with Roland Janes), Mojo, Myrl (as Darron Lee), Crown, Home Of The Blues, Enterprise, Rita and Hightone, a.o.
    •    Linernotes by Bill Dahl.
    •    Elegant Digipac and extensive booklet.

    Billy Lee Riley was born October 5th, 1933 in Pocahontas, Arkansas. In 1955 he made his first recordings in Memphis and soon ended up with Sam Phillips and his SUN studio and label. In 1956 Trouble Bound was released with Rock With Me Baby as the flip. His first hit appeared in 1957 with Flyin' Saucers Rock and Roll, a number that was to become one of the most famous Rockabilly songs ever. Since Phillips devoted all his energy to the careers of his established artists like Jerry Lee Lewis, Riley left SUN Records in 1960 and founded his own label, Rita Records, along with guitarist Roland Janes. Two years later he moved to the West Coast and took on jobs as a session musician for the Beach Boys, Sammy Davis Jr. and Herb Alpert, among others.

    In 1965 Mercury recorded one of Riley's concerts at the famous 'Whiskey a Go Go' in L.A. and released the material on LP. A few years later Riley turned his back on the music industry and went back to Arkansas, where he set up a construction business. In the course of the Rock 'n' Roll revival in the late 70's Link Wray & Robert Gordon recorded Red Hot and Flyin' Saucers Rock and Roll; finally Billy Lee Riley entered the stage for one show in Memphis in 1979 and then decided to work full time as a musician again.

    In 1992 he was rediscovered by one of his biggest fans, Bob Dylan. He continued to perform with his mix of rock 'n' roll, blues and country, releasing records such as 'Hot Damn!' for Capricorn, nominated for a Grammy in 1992. He did not fully recover from a tumble in 2005, but continued to play live until shortly before his death on August 2, 2009.

    Billy Lee Riley was a versatile musician, guitarist and harmonica player. We focus this issue of ROCKS! on his great rockers, not just from the early days of his more than 50-year career.

    18,00 €
  16. Elvis Presley Connection Vol.1

    Elvis Presley Connection Vol.1 (CD)

      An extremely unique compilation of originals and rare cover versions of famous Elvis tunes!
    •  This first volume puts the spotlight on songs that Elvis also recorded in-between 1954 and 1958.
    •  Special rare recordings are included such as demos, live recordings from the decade, and unheard material.
    •  Some of Elvis' colleagues at SUN like Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sonny Burgess, Vernon Taylor and Mack Allen Smith are also included!
    •  The compilation also presents rare British Rock 'n' Rollers with their versions of Elvis songs!
    •  We have of course some originals that Elvis influenced. The Eagles with Tryin' To Get To You and Freddie Bell's version of Hound Dog!
    •  Some of the tracks never appeared on CD before! There's Carl Perkins live on TV in 1956 with Blue Suede Shoes. Mickie Most with Paralyzed, recorded in South Africa and Dorothy Collins live at 'Your Hit Parade'!
    •  Crooners, rockers, R&B acts, all influenced by Elvis Presley, plus songs that Elvis influenced himself!

    Where did young Elvis Presley got his inspirations from?
    This is the main question behind the concept for this compilation. Elvis Presley's musical style and his stage performance was as unique as it can be but even Elvis Presley is not free from influences by other musicians and situations! We want to light up its darkness around this question with this first volume of the Elvis Presley connection and we did find musical answers!

    How much did Elvis Presley influence the music world in the 1950s?
    This is the next question we examine with this compilation. How did other performers react on Elvis Presley in the 50s, also those who hailed from other genres like pop or jazz? How got musicians from other countries than the US triggered by Elvis' blast in '56? Listen to this unique compilation and you get the answers!

    Rare tracks
    Many rare recordings are compiled here, some for the first time on CD! We have demos by Clyde Stacy and Mack Allen Smith (rare SUN demo)! We have rare versions of Elvis songs from British and American low budget labels like Loren Becker, Hank Smith aka George Jones, or Paul Rich. There are original 1950s live recordings by Carl Perkins, Dorothy Collins and Lucy Lynn. Originals later covered by Elvis Presley are also included, for example the rare originals Hot Dog by Young Jessie, David Hill's All Shook Up, and Just Because by The Shelton Brothers. Of course there are also well-known recordings such as Roy Hamilton's I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You or Vince Everett's version of Baby Let's Play House he had recorded together with Elvis' musicians Scotty Moore and Bill Black! Included is a booklet with notes to each single song and many color photos and illustrations!

    18,00 €
  17. A Date With Elvis (180 gram, blue vinyl,gatefold)

    Presley Elvis:
    A Date With Elvis (180 gram, blue vinyl,gatefold) (LP)

    Coloured Vinyl, High Quality, Gatefold Sleeve, Anniversary Edition

    A Date With Elvis is Elvis Presley's eighth album originally released in July 1959. It is a compilation of previously unreleased material from an August 1956 recording session at 20th Century Fox Stage One, two sessions from Radio Recorders in Hollywood, and multiple sessions at Sun Studio.

    25,00 €
  18. Evan's Shuffle EP

    Little Walter:
    Evan's Shuffle EP (7 single/EP)

    Louisiana-born Marion "Little Walter" Jacobs arrived in the Windy City in 1945 and swiftly made a name for himself as an innovator of the amplified harrmonica in order to compete with the electric blues guitar.

    His allegiance with the Muddy Waters gang has now drawn him to the attention of the Chess brothers, who are impressed by his powerful singing voice as well as that devastating mouth harp!

    8,00 €
  19. Discovering Carl Perkins Eastview, Tennessee 1952 – 53 (10"LP + CD)

    Perkins Carl:
    Discovering Carl Perkins Eastview, Tennessee 1952 – 53 (10"LP + CD) (10``LP)

    Vuoden tärkein ROCKABILLY julkaisu! Ennenjulkaisematonta matskua Carl Perkinsiltä v. 1952-1953.  Mukana paketissa myös CD! Rajoitettu 2000 kappaleen painos! Eka 1000 kappaletta värivinyylinä! HUOM! ilmestyy vasta lokakuun alussa!


    25,00 €
  20. So What / Ubangi Stomp

    Kidd Johnny & The Pirates / Shannon Dean:
    So What / Ubangi Stomp (7 single/EP)

    Kunnon britti rock´n´rollia 60-luvun alusta!!
    10,00 €

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