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Winter Dance Party (Ltd, white vinyl)

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Genre50's Rockabilly / R'n'R


Tuotenumero 43973
Kuntokansi Ei
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Formaatti LP
Levy-yhtiö El Toro Records
Vuosi 2019
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Valmistusmaa Espanja

Holly Buddy & The Crickets, Ritchie Valens And The Big Bopper: 
Winter Dance Party (Ltd, white vinyl) (LP)


Special issue on white vinyl with 12” x 12” insert commemorating the 60th anniversary of “The Day The Music Died”

It was late January, 1959, when the tragic Winter Dance Party began; a gruelling twenty-four day tour of the mid-west by a rock 'n' roll revue which included Buddy Holly and his group, J P "Big Bopper" Richardson and Ritchie Valens. Poorly funded and inefficiently organized, the tour began a disaster and steadily got worse, with a motley successionof clapped-out coaches being the only transportation provided to the artists by the booking agency. Eleven days into the tour and facing another tortuous 400 mile road trip to the next venue on a freezing bus, Holly decided to charter a plane after their unscheduled appearance at ClearLake, Iowa. He and the two other headliners took off for Fargo, NorthDakota, in the teeth of a blizzard during the early hours of 3rd February1959... it was a date that would come to be known as one of the darkest in the whole history of rock 'n' roll...

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1. The Crickets - Think It Over
2. The Crickets - Fool's Paradise
3. Big Bopper - Big Bopper's Winter Dance Party Promo
4. Big Bopper - Chantilly Lace
5. Big Bopper - The Purple People Eater Meets Witch Doctor
6. Ritchie Valens - Ritchie Valens Winter Dance Party Promo
7. Ritchie Valens - La Bamba
8. Ritchie Valens - Donna
9. Buddy Holly - Winter Dance Party Promo
10. Buddy Holly - Heartbeat
11. Buddy Holly - Well...All Right
12. Big Bopper (As Jape Richardson with The Echoes) - The Monkey Song (You Made A Monkey Out Of Me)
13. Big Bopper (As Jape Richardson with The Echoes) - A Teen-Age Moon (In A Rock And Roll World)
14. Ritchie Valens - Come On, Let’s Go
15. Ritchie Valens - Framed

1. Buddy Holly - Early In The Morning
2. Buddy Holly - Now We're One
3. Big Bopper - Little Red Riding Hood
4. Big Bopper - Big Bopper's Wedding
5. Ritchie Valens (As Arvee Allens) - Big Baby Blues
6. The Crickets - It's So Easy!
7. The Crickets - Lonesome Tears
8. Big Bopper (As Jape Richardson and The Japetts) - Crazy Blues
9. Big Bopper (As Jape Richardson and The Japetts) - Beggar To A King
10. Ritchie Valens (As Arvee Allens) - Fast Freight
11. Buddy Holly - Take Your Time
12. Buddy Holly - Rave On