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I Like It Like THAT!

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Genre50's Rockabilly / R'n'R


Tuotenumero 39487
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Aluekoodi Ei
Formaatti Käytetty CD
Levy-yhtiö Bear Family
Vuosi 2012
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I Like It Like THAT! (Käytetty CD)


"ou'll like it like this! Here's a CD of hits, rarities, and timeless tunes that separately and together convey the spirit of their era and the style of America in the '40s, '50s and '60s. They may not seem to match, but actually they sound great together! In these 32 tracks, the superstars of their time, such as Louis Jordan, Elvis Presley, or the Everly Brothers, line-up alongside lesser-known artists like Jimmy Donley, Carl Mann, or the Du-Droppers to offer music that makes you smile - and say, 'I like it like that!'. There's a 28-page booklet packed full of information about each artist, their recordings, and the tracks we have chosen here! Every track has been re-mastered with up-to-date technology. As a result the CD has a strikingly brilliant sound and brings these classic recordings right into the here and now!

In 'I Like It Like That!,' music journalist Manfred Prescher invites you to travel in time through a period of American musical history. The song selection is absolutely timeless and stands repeated playing, even today. You'll hear old acquaintances like 'Good Rockin' Tonight', 'Fever', or 'See You Later Alligator', but you may also discover new songs you'll remember all your life - like the rockabilly gem 'Rockin' In Bagdad', a much sought-after item amongst fans, or Carl Mann's 'Ubangi Stomp', which got almost lost in the shuffle of pop history. In 'I Like It Like That!' singing actors like Robert Mitchum and Dean Martin are found next to acting singers like Elvis Presley or Harry Belafonte. Crooners Andy Williams and Rosemary Clooney match well with country artists Don Gibson and Johnny Horton and rock 'n' roll stars Gene Vincent and Bill Haley. It's all in the mix; the tracks merge into each other ignoring stylistic definitions and limits. Manfred Prescher proves it's always worth listening beyond your own comfort zone. People with just a little curiosity will discover that Louis Jordan's 'Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens' rocks just as much as Little Richard's 'The Girl Can't Help It' or 'The Shot Gun Boogie' by Tennessee Ernie Ford. 'I Like It Like That!' may promote a diverse range of music but the song selection and running order gives an entertaining and harmonious result. The music is packaged luxuriously, befitting these exquisite 'song pralines': a CD playing more than 81 minutes, 32 awesome tracks from the Bear Family catalog, edited with love and compiled with taste. You'll have to agree when we say - 'I like it like that'."

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  • 1. Chris Kenner: I Like It Like That
  • 2. Little Willie John: Fever
  • 3. Dave Bartholomew: My Ding-A-Ling
  • 4. Fats Domino: Sick And Tired
  • 5. Jimmy Donley: I Can't Love You Like You Want Me To Do
  • 6. Amos Milburn: One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
  • 7. Smiley Lewis: Caldonia's Party
  • 8. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five: Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
  • 9. Wynonie Harris: Good Rockin' Tonight
  • 10. The Dominoes: Sixty Minute Man
  • 11. The Du-Droppers: Can't Do Sixty No More
  • 12. The Coasters: Young Blood
  • 13. Louis Prima With Sam Butera: Beep! Beep!
  • 14. Little Richard: The Girl Can't Help It
  • 15. Carl Mann: Ubangi Stomp
  • 16. Jerry Reed: Rockin' In Bagdad
  • 17. The Everly Brothers: ('Til) I Kissed You
  • 18. Elvis Presley: I Forgot To Remember To Forget
  • 19. Ricky Nelson: Stood Up
  • 20. Tennessee Ernie Ford: The Shot Gun Boogie
  • 21. Jimmie Driftwood: Goodbye Reb, Y'all Come
  • 22. Johnny Horton: Ole Slew Foot
  • 23. Don Gibson: Sea Of Heartbreak
  • 24. Dean Martin: My Rifle,My Pony And Me
  • 25. Robert Mitchum: From A Logical Point Of View
  • 26. Harry Belafonte: Love, Love Alone
  • 27. Andy Williams: House Of Bamboo
  • 28. Rosemary Clooney & Perez Prado: Sway
  • 29. Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps: Summertime
  • 30. Wade Ray: I Need A Good Girl Bad
  • 31. Del Shannon: Hats Off To Larry
  • 32. Bill Haley & His Comets: See You Later Alligator