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The 10 Tears Of...

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GenreAlt Country


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Formaatti LP
Levy-yhtiö Sleazy
Vuosi 2018
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Babe Miller: 
The 10 Tears Of... (LP)


Babe Miller is a simple man. Son and Grandson of Pontiac auto workers, he grew up in Southeast Michigan, understanding the simple things. God, Family, work, and country music.

Babe's songs have spread around the world because they hit deep in the human heart. Love, loss, pain, fear, and victory. When his first record "Foreclose my Heart" came out on OCRC, the ball really started rolling. Ever since, it's been a string of one nighters and solid gold country hits.


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Side A:
A1 - Queen Of Kuwait
A2 - Life Turned Me That Way
A3 - Trapped In A Loveless Marriege On The Poor Side Of Town
A4 - Three Bedroom Ranch
A5 - 1200 Building

Side B:
B1 - Happy Hour
B2 - My New Guitar
B3 - Don't Leave Your Home For Me
B4 - The Stork
B5 - Earl Scheib