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Soul Flowers Of Titan

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Tuotenumero 39990
Kuntokansi Ei
Kuntolevy Ei
Aluekoodi Ei
Formaatti CD
Levy-yhtiö Bloodshot
Vuosi 2018
Kesto Ei
Valmistusmaa Yhdysvallat

Barrence Whitfield And The Savages: 
Soul Flowers Of Titan (CD)


Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing including digital download. Titan is the largest moon orbiting Saturn, a planet which astrologically symbolizes pain, struggle and hard knocks on the human path to wholeness, and liberation among many other things. Soul Flowers of Titan is a collection of songs representing cosmology, struggles and influences. People shooting guns, separating, coming home (someday), in love, running around, leaving this earth, going crazy, drinking coffee, and thinking about Sun Ra. Titan's a forbidding, poisonous place with mountains, rivers and oceans of methane and ammonia, cloaked in a dense shroud of gases. The kinds of flowers that would grow there would be the hardy beasts that survived to make this strange bouquet.

Saatavuus: Varastossa

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    1. Slowly Losing My Mind
    2. Pain
    3. Tall Black and Bitter
    4. Tingling
    5. Sunshine Don't Make the Sun
    6. I'll Be Home Someday
    7. Let's Go to Mars
    8. Adorable
    9. I Can't Get No Ride
    10. I'm Gonna Leave You Baby
    11. Edie Please
    12. Say What You Want

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