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Soulful Woman

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GenreNeobilly,Neo Swing / New Rhythm`n`Blues


Aivan loistava uutukainen! Komiaa 50-luvun tyylistä rhythm `n `Blues matskua!


Tuotenumero 40572
Kuntokansi Ei
Kuntolevy Ei
Aluekoodi Ei
Formaatti CD
Levy-yhtiö Rhythm Bomb
Vuosi 2018
Kesto Ei
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Billie and the Kids: 
Soulful Woman (CD)


Within a matter of only a few years, Billie has zoomed from the equivocal position of a highly promising singer to that of one of the world´s top recording artists.

Billie brings to music a quality that had too long been missing, a sort of breezy freshness and an imitate directness of appeal. From her very first recordings she was a success, her singing has kept pace and she is one of the most artful and popular stars of her generation. To rhythm numbers she brings a brisk, sparkling enthusiasm that lights up even an ordinary song, while to ballads Billie brings a sort of husky grace and an impression of genuine sincerty that has captivated an imposing number of listeners!

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Aivan loistava uutukainen! Komiaa 50-luvun tyylistä rhythm `n `Blues matskua!


1. “I Won´t Be Your Fool”
2. “Who´s The One That Stole Your Heart”
3. “He Can Rock” 0
4. “You Ain´t Pleasing Me”
5. “Another Love”
6. “Horror Movie” 0
7. “Love Me Tonight”
8. “I Don´t Believe”
9. “If Loving Is Believing”
10. “Baby How Long”