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That Rocks

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Loistava uusi tuttavuus Amerikasta. Hienoja rockabilly vetoja!! TOIMII!!!


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Formaatti CD
Levy-yhtiö El Toro Records
Vuosi 2018
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Valmistusmaa Espanja

Colton Turner: 
That Rocks (CD)


A few years ago I was contacted from California by a young man, Yari Bolanos, telling me about the band where he was playing bass that featured the Colton brothers; Colton on vocals and guitar and Zane on lead guitar, I listened to their demos and told Yari they where in the right direction but they still needed to mature their sound and we agreed on staying in touch.
Months ago I got a CD on my mail and Colton Turner was the sender; they had moved to Austin, Texas, Albeto Telo had joined them on drums and they had self released their first album... after first listen I realised these kids ad become one of the very best Rockabilly bands I had heard in ages.

That Rocks is the second album of the band and first of many to come for El Toro Records and I'm slo proud of it! It’s made of twelve originals, Colton Turner sure knows how to write songs, with a majority of mid-tempo Rockabilly. Recorded at Fort Horton by Billy Horton, this album will blow you away from start to finish.
This band has got it!
Carlos Diaz – June 2018

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Loistava uusi tuttavuus Amerikasta. Hienoja rockabilly vetoja!! TOIMII!!!


1. I Can't Help Myself
2. Norma Jean
3. Two Shades
4. Midnitght Hour
5. All You've Got To Do
6. Forever I'll Roam

7. That Rocks!
8. I've Been Searching
9. I'd like To Know
10. Isle Of Love
11. A Lot-A-Lovin'
12. Here She Comes

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