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  1. "The Live Sessions"Vol.2
  2.  "The Live Sessions"
  3. Rockin` The King

    Rockin` The King (10``LP)

    10” LP with covers of Elvis Presley’s groundbreaking hits of the 1950s.

    When Elvis Presley exploded in 1956, the swivel-hipped rocker's avalanche of hits providedample fodder for BELL RECORDS. Arthur Shimkin’s budget-priced label subsisted on a steady diet of well-done covers that utilized top New York studios and some of the city's leading session musicians, BELL's roster of vocalists trying hard to capture the feel of Elvis' groundbreaking rock and roll. This collection brings together a dozen BELL covers of Presley smashes; the bestknown
    artist that BELL assigned to tackle Elvis' songbook being R&B sax blaster Buddy Lucas, who did full vocal justice to Hound Dog and Don't Be Cruel. Ex-big band crooner Artie Malvin got the call to croon Love Me Tender and rock out on Jailhouse Rock and I Beg Of You, while BELL perennial Barry Frank belted Too Much, (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear, and Love Me. BELL singers Eddie Mercer, Bob Adams, Ronnie Martino and Jerry Pearl only got one shot apiece at Presley's hit-dominated output, each acquitting himself admirably.

    This album is a truly singular tribute to the King!

    20,00 €
  4. Million Dollar Quartet

    Presley Elvis, Carl Perkins,Lewis Jerry Lee & Cash Johnny:
    Million Dollar Quartet (10``LP)

    The Million Dollar Quartet featuring Elvis Presley , Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins & Johnny Cash "It's like eavesdropping on the jam session of the Gods" RECORD COLLECTOR The original Sun Record Company recording has been newly-remastered in 2016 and pressed as an audiophile-quality double LP on 10-inch vinyl.

    Never has the legendary Million Dollar Quartet session taped at Sun Studios on 4th December 1956 sounded better! The striking Deluxe Gold Metallic Gatefold Sleeve features in-depth notes by Martin Hawkins, period photos and recollections of the historic event from Sun Records founder Sam Phillips.

    30,00 €
  5. Elvis 10 Inches LP Collection

    Presley Elvis:
    Elvis 10 Inches LP Collection (10``LP)

    Harvinainen boxset ! 5 upeaa reprolevyä!
    100,00 €
  6. My Happiness / That's When Your Heartaches Begin

    Presley Elvis:
    My Happiness / That's When Your Heartaches Begin (10``LP)


    A facsimile / exact reproduction of the acetate containing the first ever recordings by Elvis Presley. Released in a plain brown unsealed sleeve.

    Some copies have the same label, That's When Your Heartaches Begin, on both sides of record.

    Released for Record Store Day 2015.

    Catalog # from dead wax (not on label)
    40,00 €
  7. At The Louisiana Hayride 1954-1956

    Presley Elvis:
    At The Louisiana Hayride 1954-1956 (10``LP)

    Historic live recordings from The Louisiana Hayride - recorded between Oct 1954 and Dec 1956


    Elvis Presley - Vocals + Accoustic Rhythm Gtr

    Scotty Moore - Lead Gtr

    Bill Black - String  Bass

    Floyd Cramer - Piano

    Jimmie Day - Steel Gtr

    10,00 €

7 tuote(tta)

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