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  1. How To Fall

    Charity Case :
    How To Fall (LP)

    Ex-Sting Rays.

    Normaali hinta: 20,00 €

    Tarjous: 7,50 €

  2. Voodoo Rock’n’Roll
  3. Ocean Club` 77 (2LP)

    Chilton Alex:
    Ocean Club` 77 (2LP) (LP)

    We are THRILLED beyond all git out to present tho insane double album set ALEX CHILTON - OCEAN CLUB '77 (live in NYC-- direct from master tapes with crystal clear sound!) … never heard, never issued!!

    30,00 €
  4. Best of

    Best of (LP)

    A hard-charging blues-rock garage band out of Minneapolis led by the passionate singing of David Wagner, Crow had their big break when a track from the group's debut album for independent label Amaret Records, Evil Woman (Don't Play Your Games with Me)," became a big national radio hit in 1969. But there were a couple of problems. First, the album's producers had added an uptown R&B horn chart to the song against the band's wishes, which meant that when it became a hit, Crow, who had no horn players, had a tough time promoting it on the playing circuit, becoming essentially two different bands, the live one and the studio one. More seriously, Amaret was too small a label to support a big national hit, and fans of the band often ended up with no place to purchase the album. It was ultimately too much for Crow to overcome, and the band struggled through two more albums before folding in 1971. Crow probably deserved a better fate, because it was a solid band, the studio version sounding like a funky version of Blood, Sweat & Tears while the touring version sounded like a harder-edged Doobie Brothers crossed, say, with the Trashmen. This set collects essential tracks from that Amaret run, and includes "Evil Woman," which started it all, an extended version of the follow-up single, "Cottage Cheese," the should-have-been-a-classic "(Don't Try to Lay No Boogie Woogie on the) King of Rock and Roll," and solid album tracks like "Watch That Cat" and "Keeps Me Running," as well as a previously unreleased demo version of the Beatles' "When I Get Home," which gives the song a wonderful and lightly funky shuffle rhythm. Crow should have been a big national act, and the proof of that is here, but the history of rock & roll is full of these kinds of stories, stories that have more could-haves and should-haves attached to them than history will allow."
    22,00 €
  5. Unreformed

    Coba Seas Featuring James Williamson:
    Unreformed (LP)

    Future-Stooge James Williamson's reform school band circa '66 slams through all-insto blowouts like nobody's business. Pro recording of superb, significant, and snotty teen angst ballbusters!
    12,00 €
  6. Go Prime Time, Honey (180 gram) Limited Edition of 500

    Cherry Overdrive:
    Go Prime Time, Honey (180 gram) Limited Edition of 500 (LP)

    The Copenhagen based all girl garage rock band Cherry Overdrive is about to release their second full length album Go Prime Time, Honey!" at the Swedish label Heptown Records.

    In 2007 the monster rock garage hit "Reptiles" from Cherry Overdrive, got on regular rotation airplay by the national Danish radio station DR P3. The rst album Clear Light was very well received outside Scandinavia. The girls were asked twice to participate direct on national Spanish radio (RNE 3), and MTV's Dirty Sanchez asked for the permission for using 5 numbers from the album.

    With two new girls on drums and bass, a lot of touring in Germany and Spain, gigs in England, Denmark and Sweden the band is sharper than ever on stage.

    Last year Cherry Overdrive, with the vinyl single "I'll Be Gone" from 2009 got chosen among 1200 artists to participate in "KarriereKanonen" (The Career Canon). One of the greatest talent development projects in Denmark, arranged by DR P3, KODA and Roskilde Festival.

    The second album release "Go Prime Time, Honey!" is full of attitude energy and catchy rock 'n' roll numbers. Music inspired by the early punk wave and the psychedelic sixties. Melodic guitar ris are followed by the special rough cherry lead vocal wish gives the more pop inuenced songs a rough edge.

    "Go Prime Time, Honey!" was created by the Cherry girls and the producer Anders H. Mortensen. The album was primarily recorded in the studio of Nikolaj Noerlund, Sauna Recording Studio, where artists like "The Ravonettes", "Baby Woodrose" and "Mew" have enjoyed the special natural warm retro sound.

    15,00 €
  7. Same

    Same (LP)

    ifteen raving 1966 blasts from New Zealand's wildest combo! This vinyl only set features one side of mauling studio recordings and one side with their legendary live Stage Door recordings. Thrill to extensive liner notes by the band and a knockout photo filled package, not to the most deranged version of Land Of 1000 Dances ever recorded! Gatefold LP!
    15,00 €
  8. Devil Girl

    Devil Girl (LP)

    For the first time on wax, here's a dozen crude, unissued 1966-67 garage recordings by Australia's answer to the Alarm Clocks, the truly remarkable Chimney Sweeps. These guys never boasted a release during their short career" (they played maybe 15 gigs tops) and were totally unknown even amongst top Australian collectors until recently. The twelve sides include wild originals like Lies, Lies and the demented Cold Fish ("she ain't no gold fish!") plus three cool covers - their dragged-through-a-ditch take on the Rolling Stones' Grown Up Wrong must be heard to be believed! The big crunch is capped by a '66 stab at the title song by the Sweeps' earlier incarnation, the Cobwebs. Features a full band bio, whacked out group photo (the only one!) and a buzzin' dozen garage killers!"
    14,00 €
  9. Live At The Safari Club
  10. Work With It!!!

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