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The Man They Couldn`t Hang + Bonus

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Tuotenumero 24551
Kuntokansi UUSI
Kuntolevy UUSI
Aluekoodi Ei
Formaatti CD
Levy-yhtiö VME
Vuosi 2009
Kesto Ei

Hola Ghost: 
The Man They Couldn`t Hang + Bonus (CD)


UUSI EUROVERSIO!! Mukana kaksi bonus biisiä!! HOLA GHOST is a two piece ROCK band with PETE 1(former guitar player of NEKROMANTIX and MAD SIN), inspired by surf music, mexican folklore, dark disco, psychobilly, B-western movies and what else is out there worth listening to. Overdrive bass intwined with surf guitars and rock'n roll riffs in the face, while the vocal is singing, screaming and crooning its way through songs about B-movie heroes, howling wolves, revenge, hope, and love to alligator girls. On stage HOLA GHOST is a barrel of dynamite, egnited by a cigar butt. Dressed in sombreros, marriachi jackets, bullet belts and bandanas, the two urban guerillas are on the hunt for justice, beauty and ROCK'N ROLL! Driving the band along with psychotic flamencore rythms and pumping surf beats, the drum machine adds a strange disco flavour with its characteristic 1980' ies sound and superhuman drum play. This makes HOLA GHOST sound like no other acts around!

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  • 01. Holaghost
  • 02. Spanish Moon
  • 03. The Man They Couldn't Hang
  • 04. Night Of The Vampire
  • 05. Stay Awake
  • 06. Alligator
  • 07. Dragon Balls
  • 08. Ausweis Play
  • 09. Marguerita
  • 10. Mulo Espueleto Volante
  • 11. Six Bullets