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  1. Dig In!

    Huevos Rancheros:
    Dig In! (LP)

    Parasta instrumental kamaa Kanadasta.
    10,00 €
  2. Lockdown Party With
  3. Hot Rods To Hell (Red vinyl)
  4. Sleazefest 2LP
  5. Surfin Hootenanny
  6. `Tis THe Season For LP

    Los Straitjackets:
    `Tis THe Season For LP (LP)

    13 Rockin Christmas Instrumentals!! 180 gram RED vinyl!!
    20,00 €
  7. Live at Ernesto's 2LP

    Fifty Foot Combo:
    Live at Ernesto's 2LP (LP)

    It was bound to happen ! THEE MONSTROPHONIC SOUND ,finally captured Live! After several ep's and 4 albums these kings finally agreed on putting their highly unique mix of tribal Garage , Surfpunk, Soul, R&R, exotica and what else on a exploding live-album. There's a perfect balance between powerful up tempo stompers and more twangy nodders.... A sound,created by an original mix of fuzz, gogo drums, reverb, creepy organ, persuasive percussion, and wahwah's a sound which got the band the reputation of Belgium's most wanted and dangerous live-act. For the recordings , FIFTY FOOT COMBO took themselves set up at Ernesto's, a small but vibrating club in Holland who successfully recorded live-gigs of bands such as Skatalites, Slackers and Paladins What you get here is the full registration of a tequila-drenched R&R night ...and 70 min.! of pure excitement, blended on one CD or Double vinyl!!! So, put this one on and get soaked into THEE MONSTROPHONIC SOUND LIVE!!!!!

    20,00 €
  8. Torquay

    Torquay (LP)

    Crashing out of Raton, New Mexico in the early '60s, the Fireballs' echoey, sonic blasts (recorded by the legendary Norman Petty) would, for all time, set a high-standard for guitar-driven instrumentals. These Sundazed releases feature the group's classic Top Rank, Warwick, and Dot label material, and more (including the top-forty smashes Torquay" and Bulldog"), plus loads more firecracker guitar workouts. *bonus track"
    15,00 €
  9. Motorhythm
  10. Further Adventures Of LP

    Los Straitjackets:
    Further Adventures Of LP (LP)

    NYT LÖYTYY!!! Hieno 180 gramman vinyyli! Mukana myös 4 keräilykorttia sekä upea radioaktiivinen päälikansi!! Sekä download code!!! RAJOITETTU PAINOS!!!!
    20,00 €
  11. Dance With LP

    Dance With LP (LP)

    Listening to our friends, The Vibrants rendition of our King Of The Surf" make us proud that this fine group of talented young men has done such a great job capturing the spirit of Surf!! To hear our song perfomed with such VIBRANT energy and musicianship is an honor. Larry Lapote, the author of "King Of The Surf", will be thrilled with this super rendition in Español!!! We are so glad to know that the tradition of Surf Rock is in good hands. Muchas gracias amigos!!

    Rock On!!

    Tony Andreason, lead guitar & vocalist.

    15,00 €
  12. Yuletide Beat 10``LP (Limited/Numbered)

    Los Straitjackets:
    Yuletide Beat 10``LP (Limited/Numbered) (LP)

    Todella rajoitettu 1000 kappaleen painos!! PUNAINEN VINYYLI! Los Straitjackets have issued a long awaited 10 song followup, to their popular Christmas album Tis The Season for Los Straitjackets." The band has created 10 all new rock & roll arrangements of traditional Holiday carols, that'll have you rockin' through December, and closing out 2009 with a romantic slowdance to 'Sould'D Lang Syne." The band rides a desert surf wave on "We Three Kings," takes "Joy to the World" to Memphis, and takes "Jingle Bells" on a Bakersfield Sleigh Ride. Not to mention entering uncharted territory with a classic rock rendition of "Jolly Old Saint Nick" (retitled Groovy Old Saint Nick for 1971 ambience). This limited edition, numbered pressing of 1000 comes in a lovingly printed and letterpressed package by DC area poster artist El Jefe. Get yours while supplies last!10" Red Vinyl"
    17,00 €
  13. Surfers´ Guitar
  14. Rock Out with Dick Dale and His Del-Tones (Live at Ciro's)

    Dale Dick:
    Rock Out with Dick Dale and His Del-Tones (Live at Ciro's) (LP)

    Prior to his emergence as a recording artist, surf guitar king Dick Dale first carved out his legend as a live performer. The artist's incendiary early shows in front of raucous surfer crowds at Balboa Beach's Rendezvous Ballroom established Dale as a regional sensation, and in the process helped to put surf music on the map. After he became an international star, Dale and his longstanding band the Del-Tones maintained the energy and innovation of their early performances, expanding their reputation as a peerless live act.In 1965, Dale captured the infectious spirit of his live shows with this album, recorded on stage at the fabled Hollywood nightclub Ciro's. This vintage LP offers a bracing snapshot of the trailblazing guitar hero at his string-shredding best, tearing into his classic Let's Go Trippin'," and applying his head-spinning instrumental fire to such diverse tunes as Henry Mancini's "Peter Gunn," Lee Hazlewood's "Angry Generation" and Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind." He also unveils his underrated vocal skills on riveting readings of Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues," Barrett Strong's "Money" and Ray Charles' "What'd I Say."Out of print on vinyl for decades, the Sundazed edition of Rock Out with Dick Dale and His Del-Tones (Live at Ciro's) has been mastered from the original analog tapes and pressed on high-quality 180-gram vinyl, with completely restored original cover art."
    22,00 €
  15. South Side Surf 2LP : Anthology 1963-1964

    Thom Starr & The Galaxies:
    South Side Surf 2LP : Anthology 1963-1964 (LP)

    35,00 €
  16. Battle Of The Bands

    King Uszniewicz And His Uszniewicztones / South Bay Surfers:
    Battle Of The Bands (LP)

    THE ONLY BANDS THAT MATTER! Norton DIGS deep into the vaults and comes up with eight unissued King U tracks, their first newly presented material since our 1994 DOIN' THE WOO HOO LP! Duking it out with the U-Tones is the torchbearers of the Surfin' School Sound, Los Angeles' legendary South Bay Surfers!
    15,00 €
  17. Beat Block Club Sessions!

    Other Guys:
    Beat Block Club Sessions! (LP)

    1er album du groupe beat nantais que ne renieraient pas George Miller & ses Kaisers, avec superbe pochette du Phantom surfer Johnny Bartlett - 'I'm proud to introduce you to France's number one beat sensation - the Other Guys ! This is their first long playing album, but it is by no means a rookie effort. Each & every song has been tested in the proving grounds of french cafes, german rathskellers, dutch clubs & spanish resorts. And the reaction has been phenomenal. The most common request of these shows is for 'MORE!' And the guys usually oblige with an encore of their famous show stopper 'The Amazone Twist'. So drop the needle, turn up your hi-fi et get ready for excitement that only the Other Guys can deliver ! '(Jean d'Angelo) Includes 'peanut butter', 'some other guy', 'everybody's gonna be happy', 'shake shimmy kitten' & more..
    15,00 €
  18. Road Trip LP + CD

    Duane Eddy:
    Road Trip LP + CD (LP)

    Nyt myös vinyylinä! gatefold kannet ja mukana myös CD!!!
    23,00 €
  19. Under The Covers With... LP

    Tremolo Beer Gun:
    Under The Covers With... LP (LP)

    Tanskalaisen surf & western -bändin, The Tremolo Beer Gutin perustivat vuonna 1998 Sune

    Wagner ja Jesper Yebo" Reginal 60-luvun surf-levyjen innoittamana. Yli kymmenen vuotta toimineen yhtyeen

    toiminta-ajatus on alusta saakka ollut soittaa riehakkaan tanssittavia instrumentaalibiisejä.

    Nyt julkaistava "Under The Covers With..." pitää sisällään lainakappaleina esimerkiksi Duane Eddyltä, Blue

    Phantomilta ja Lalo Schifriniltä - luonnollisesti täysin uusina sovituksina."
    20,00 €
  20. and his Bloodhounds

    Cortez Dave Baby with Lonnie Youngblood:
    and his Bloodhounds (LP)

    Killer new instrumental workouts from Baby", the man who topped the charts in 1959 with The Happy Organ - his first new recordings in decades! Dave is joined by sax legend Lonnie Youngblood who recorded with Jimi Hendrix just prior to the Experience! Produced by Mick Collins!"
    15,00 €

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