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Where Would Rock'n'Roll Be?

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Tuotenumero 42886
Kuntokansi Ei
Kuntolevy Ei
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Formaatti LP
Levy-yhtiö Migraine Records
Vuosi 2019
Kesto Ei
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Lewis John and his Rock'n' Roll Trio: 
Where Would Rock'n'Roll Be? (LP)


Ohhh believe sinners, believe.. there is no salvation when it comes to the true rockin' spirit of John Lewis and his gang.

33 years pure rockin"..... hit stages all over the globe.. backed nearly every original artist...went and still go mad as Johnny Bach... drink a few whilst doin' soloshows between welsh folk and country from the Rocky's...still kick the audience with the Rimshots.... anything else???

Here we go with the second longplayer of John Lewis and his Rock'n'Roll Trio, on Migraine Records. To tell the truth, the whole label started because of him and two tracks we wanted to release on a 7inch.

Now, 11 years later we are still stucked with John Lewis and so, dear sinners, another solid rockin' album see the light of the say... as usual crossing borders between pure Rockabilly and whatelse came before and after... 13 tracks of quality.. nuff said!

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1.) Definitely Ain't Got The Money
2.) Let Me Go
3.) Don't Take Your Past Out On Me
4.) I Love You
5.) Saints & Sinners
6.) You Win Again
1.) Where Would Rock'n'Roll Be?
2.) Siege Of Tennyson
3.) It Hurts When I'm Sober
4.) Ain't No Way To Hide Your Feelings Now
5.) Nails In My Head
6.) Wipe Me Out
7.) Song Of The Early Settlers

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