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Till The Dawn

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GenreNeobilly,Alt Country


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Formaatti CD
Levy-yhtiö Enviken
Vuosi 2019
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Mike Teardrop Trio: 
Till The Dawn (CD)


Finally it is time for more Countryfied Rockabilly from Mike Teardrop Trio!
Their debut album "Hangin' Around" was a great success and put the band on the map, now we are proud to present their sophomore album "Till The Dawn"
With a driving Slap-bass, great harmonies and a touch of good ol´Country music in there somewhere they have formed a sound not present in many bands today and it is evident that they fill a void out there.

During the vinter of 2019 they entered the studio here in Enviken and started recording new songs, according to the reactions so far it looks like they’ve got a winner!
They have picked songs from classic 50’s artists aswell as contemporary bands such as The Barnshakers, Di Maggio Bros and The Nu-Niles, and on top of that we also get 5 original songs.

This a very strong album that will appeal to lovers of both Rockabilly and Country.

Mike Teardrop had played bass with various bands on the Swedish circuit, although he had all along nurtured a dream to sing and front his own band for some time, so when teaming up with Rasmus Andersson on guitar and Henrik Ulander on drums there were no stopping and his dream come true.
And for that we are truly grateful!

We are proud to present their sophomore album "Till The Dawn" that will be released on June 28th 2019!

Saatavuus: Varastossa

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