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  1. Rock & Roll Business - A Pile Of Rock EP Vol. 2 (10"EP)
  2. A Pile Of Rock EP Vol. 1

    JLT John Lindberg Trio:
    A Pile Of Rock EP Vol. 1 (10``LP)

    Very limited 10" EP!!Taattua matskua!
    15,00 €
  3. Same

    Jungle Tigers Meet .. Pep Torres:
    Same (10``LP)

    The JUNGLE TIGERS from Germany, founded in Frankfurt/M. and rockin’ since 1988, are back on vinyl...!!!

    This time as very special guest on “board” is the Mr. Latin Lover of Rockabilly himself – PEP TORRES (USA /MEXICO)!!!

    15,00 €
  4. Saturday Night

    Junior Marvel And The Hi-Flyers:
    Saturday Night (10``LP)

    Since the early years and the golden era of Sun Records, rock’n’roll music has evoluted to many other sub styles. But the original sound remains for ever……..
    Nowadays many bands  have almost “touched” it and some others were pretty close to get it.
    If I had to name one (amongst others) of these artists which have reached the original style,this is ,with no doubts JUNIOR MARVEL.
    Yes ,ladies and gentlemen….Junior Marvel is the name.
    A dutch talented musician with deep Spanish roots…mmm or should I say …. A Spanish fella with dutch roots?
    Well,that is not the point. More than 25 years of successful career,playing shows all over the world and making crowds go wild with his music and still doing wild and crazy shows.If you got the chance ,don’t miss him !!!!   
    In this new album,Junior “touches” the original sound once more and give us some “slap in yer face” songs ,suitable for any mood and for any moment. 
    His voice brings me for a moment,back into the time,to the early years of Sun Records,where a young
    Country boy from Tupelo,made some of the most fabulous songs ever.
    You got now in your hands a handful of songs ,played with passion ,which proves with no doubts what I am saying.
    “Hold it, fellas. That don’t move me. Let’s get real, real gone for a change”. …. And Junior Marvel does!!!!!!!!!

    15,00 €
  5. Downtown Memphis

    Jake Calypso and His Red Hot:
    Downtown Memphis (10``LP)

    Todella hieno uutuus.50s tyylin rockabillyä ! Sun Studio äänityksiä, mukana menossa myös Jimmy Van Eaton.
    15,00 €
  6. Rockin` With (Yellow pale)

    Jack Rabbit Slim:
    Rockin` With (Yellow pale) (10``LP)

    This is SUCH a special release. Another in our collectable limited edition, 10" coloured vinyl Mini album series. 

    Jack Rabbit Slim are one of the hottest bands on the Rockin' scene. These 6 tracks find the band back at their sleazeabilly roots. Probably their best, most rockin' tracks to date!
    18,00 €
  7. Rock n Roll Heavyweights 10``EP (limited edition green vinyl)

    Jack Rabbit Slim:
    Rock n Roll Heavyweights 10``EP (limited edition green vinyl) (10``LP)

    Two brand new Rockin' tracks from the Kings of Sleaze - Jack Rabbit Slim. Plus two tracks taken from their last album makes this coloured vinyl ten-incher a desirable piece of plastic!
    15,00 €
  8. Cash Cover With Attitude

    Johnny Horsepower:
    Cash Cover With Attitude (10``LP)

    Tiukka rockabilly tribute Johnny Cashille. Kansista vielä pisteet kotiin...
    15,00 €
  9. Kiss Me Daddy

    Kiss Me Daddy (10``LP)

    USA Rockabilly!
    20,00 €

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