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  1. Lou Lou EP

    Velvedettes :
    Lou Lou EP (7 single/EP)

    Uusi tuttavuus Hollannista.
    10,00 €
  2. Hangin` Around / Stay True Baby
  3. Voodoo Woman /  Voodoo Men

    Lola Lola:
    Voodoo Woman / Voodoo Men (7 single/EP)

    After an inflamed début  with " Money in the Can" and a well received "Sweet Lovin'", their second 7", more closely infatuated with the "popcorn" sound, Lola Lola return to records under the sign of Voodoo, a classic motif in Rock'n'Roll imagery, yet one which is always appealing and current, probably due to the ability to bewitch which they both share.

    Once again with Nuno Riviera at the helm of the mixing desk, and now with texan Mike Mariconda mastering, this new single by the Porto band brings us "Voodoo Man", a catchy Rhythm & Blues number to enjoy on the radio or the dancefloor, which seduces you from the first listening and quickly makes your body move.
    Flipping the record, Lola Lola pay tribute to Curtis Knight, with their take on "Voodoo Woman", a magnificent and heartfelt prayer by a needy soul, which they convey with the rawness innate to great tunes.

    Still under the Sleazy Records imprint, and wrapped in fascinating artwork by experienced designer Jordi Duró, the Portuguese band start the year in the best way possible, presenting us with a captivating double-sider, to listen again and again, because good things are timeless.

    8,00 €
  4. Almeria Gone Guy EP

    Mario Cobo:
    Almeria Gone Guy EP (7 single/EP)

    This is Mario Cobo doing what he does best: very cool, classic rock and roll. His career now spans over twenty years, beginning with a teenage rockabilly trio and currently playing to stadiums as part of legendary Spanish rocker Loquillo’s band.

    Over that time, Mario has added his huge talent to bands playing soul, jump ‘n’ jive, Western Swing, punk, garage, surf, hillbilly, psychobilly and, most famously, rockabilly, with his much loved but eternally underrated band The Nu Niles. The release that concerns us now is his Sleazy Records EP of four superb rocking cuts: three songs and one instrumental (following on from his recent all-instrumental EPs and LP).

    Mario’s idea was simply to take his friends Alfonso Alcalá (bass) and Marco Antonio (drums) into a studio for a couple of days and thrash out some basic rockabilly/rock ‘n’ roll. What came out was unmistakeably that Mario Cobo sound: wild yet controlled, greasy yet clean … slick havoc.

    Side A consists of the honky-tonk-a-billy of “Almeria Gone Guy” (a tribute to Mario’s new Andalusian home), and the soul ‘n’ roll sound of “More Than Water”, while Side B kicks off with “Noche Americana”’s classic instrumental sound, and closes with the electric cinematic atmosphere of “From Undergound”.

    The whole EP seems to shine a flashlight on parts of Mario Cobo’s career, yet never seems to be looking back because he has simply never sounded this good. The king of Spanish rocking guitar - Long may he reign.

    10,00 €
  5. Haunt My Heart / Baby Please Tell Me Why

    Lobo Jones:
    Haunt My Heart / Baby Please Tell Me Why (7 single/EP)

    Here’s a story of A Cat named Lobo Jones!

    Here we have the debut release from Elliot 'Lobo’ Jones.  Elliot asked me to work with him on some ideas for an original song which I was very pleased to do. Together we came up with 'Haunt My Heart'. He has coupled this with the Gene Summers song 'Baby Please Tell Me Why'.
    I think covering the Gene Summers song is an inspired choice and he does it great justice.

    Elliot has a fine singing voice and delivers these songs with great feeling and authenticity. His backing band compliment the songs perfectly and together they really deliver on these two recordings.  
    It has been a pleasure to work with him and I am sure it will be the first of many records  we see from this talented young artist.
    Paul Sheahan
    The Sirocco Bros

    8,00 €
  6. Sweet Mary Jane / Feeling No Pain

    Sweet Mary Jane / Feeling No Pain (7 single/EP)

    Desperate Rockabillyä Amerikasta!
    13,00 €
  7. Chemistry Of Love / Love Is Blind

    Chemistry Of Love / Love Is Blind (7 single/EP)

    Loistava uutuus 45 Englannista. Rhythm n Blues menoa!
    7,00 €
  8. Enchilada Boogie / Seeing Double Blues

    Portuguese Pedro:
    Enchilada Boogie / Seeing Double Blues (7 single/EP)

    Third seven inch single by the madman from Portugal.
    What started as a kind of soloproject transformed into a 5-piece band with trombone, fiddle, piano etc.
    Both tracks are pure rockin' as usual and the titletrack "Enchilada Boogie" will shake the dancefloors for sure...

    Great Bopper in that typical Portuguese Pedro style.

    8,00 €
  9. Big Chief / Jungle Eva

    TT Syndicate:
    Big Chief / Jungle Eva (7 single/EP)

    This is the fifth seven inch by Portugals best Rhythm'n'Blues band on Migraine Records (all previous ones are sold out) and with "Big Chief" the band
    deliver  more than a fine piece of instrumental Rhythm 'n'Blues, whilst the B-Side track "Jungle Eva" is taken from their LP "TT Syndicate" .

    8,00 €
  10. Goo Goo Eyes (Ltd 150 copies)

    Groove Diggers:
    Goo Goo Eyes (Ltd 150 copies) (7 single/EP)

    Another single-sided 45' by one of U.K. finest when it comes to primitive Rockabilly.
    The band really cut the the rug with their first 45' on O-HA Records (That'll Be Me") a while ago and "Goo Goo Eyes" is the next step forward on the Rock'n'Roll playground.
    The fourpiece is around since a few years  and released a bunch of 45's already, including a top notch 45' on Witchcraft International.
    By playing at festivals, weekenders and clubs all over europe the Groove Diggers are one of those bands who give a f**k about any kinds of "trends" in the circuit.
    Raw and primitive Rockabilly and Rock'n'Roll ... no more no less.
    The brand new 45' is a fine example. "Goo Goo Eyes" is a tasty rip-off of "Bloodshot".. I guess nuff said!!

    7,00 €
  11. Hey Mr Bottle EP

    Hey Mr Bottle EP (7 single/EP)

    Brittibändin uusi EP.
    8,00 €
  12. 20 Years – A Score Of Gorings 5 EP pack

    20 Years – A Score Of Gorings 5 EP pack (7 single/EP)

    Complete set consisting in five 7” vinyl Eps released to conmemorate the 20th aniversary of El Toro Records. Each volume features 4 tracks for a total of 20 of the best artists from the label

    32,00 €
  13. Drunk Again / So Alone

    Charlie Hightone And Carlos Slap:
    Drunk Again / So Alone (7 single/EP)

    Carlos López is an essential double bassist on the Rockabilly scene in Spain and Charlie Hightone needs no introduction! They recently teamed to gather a bunch of great songs composed by Carlos with the help of some prominent names from the cream of the crop of Madrids roots music caracters.

    The result is the single ”Drunk Again”, a sure winner that will followed by a full lenght album later in the year!

    8,00 €
  14. Split EP

    Dragan Zac Zdravkovic & Carlos Mejuto:
    Split EP (7 single/EP)

    This is a split EP between Dragan Zac Zdravkovic & Carlos Mejuto (Of Carlos & The Bandidos)

    Stunning musicianship and vocals throughout.

    8,00 €
  15. Death Of A Clown EP

    Howlin' Wilson & His Plastic Men:
    Death Of A Clown EP (7 single/EP)

    A 7" coloured vinyl 4-track EP from Sharks founder-member Alan Wilson, paying tribute to his all-time favourite band; The Kinks.

    8,00 €
  16. Mathilda / Summer Nights
  17. Nocturne

    Anthony Purdy:
    Nocturne (7 single/EP)

    Limited to 150 copies / black cardboard sleeve with sticker
    7,00 €
  18. Music Is the Only Thing For Me

    Danny McVey Trio:
    Music Is the Only Thing For Me (7 single/EP)

    Limited to 150 copies / black cardboard sleeve with sticker
    7,00 €
  19. Go Home Letter

    Wayne Starsdays Trailer Kings:
    Go Home Letter (7 single/EP)

    The Berlin based band is gettin' some attention in the rockin' circuit at the moment, because straight from the rehearsal room they got bookings for shows all over Germany (i.e. they played at the Berlin Shake Weekender this year).

    A few members are arlready better known, so they played in bands like Desperado 5 and similar before.

    The track is a real raw coverversion and was recorded a while back, in one take, during a reheasral. Serious rockin' with a track not covered to death, by one of the most interesting "new" bands from Germany.

    7,00 €
  20. Leather Heart

    Higham Darrel:
    Leather Heart (7 single/EP)

    Varastolöytö! Vain 4 kappaletta!
    15,00 €

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