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  1. Lookin’ For The Good Thing!
  2. Creepy Time Down South

    Mighty Tsar:
    Creepy Time Down South (CD)

    Mielenkiintoinen sekoitus rockabilly-country sekä hillbillyä...
    15,00 €
  3. Rockabilly Lack

    Blue Tears Trio:
    Rockabilly Lack (CD)

    The Blue Tears Trio is a rockabilly trio full of energy; the group is from Normandy. Each member of the trio has been very active before as a rockabilly man and the group likes to entertain the audience with its approach to live music.
    15,00 €
  4. Bop `n` Destroy

    Meltdown Shakedown:
    Bop `n` Destroy (CD)

    Coming in a one-of-a-kind sleeve designed by the 'King of Weird' Darren Merinuk – a giant Teddyboy is
    about to crush planet earth with his brothel creeper – the album includes 12 songs recorded in Finland and
    Berlin. Played with either bass-guitar or Slap-Bass the 12 songs demonstrate perfectly the mix of styles and
    sounds the band is trying to create and despite the differences it all sounds organic.

    Besides their own material 3 cover-songs were recorded. Looking at this selection - the Seeds 'Can't Seem To Make You Mine',
    Iggy and the Stooges 'Search and Destroy', the Dead Boys 'Caught With The Meat' - it becomes obvious that
    Mental Shakedown is not another run-of-the-mill Rockabilly band, but a band that is different, with unique
    style and distinctive sound.

    10,00 €
  5. Dig Everything! The Early Rounder Albums

    Barrence Whitfield And The Savages:
    Dig Everything! The Early Rounder Albums (CD)

    The Wild Man Of Boston’s second and third albums on CD for the first time.

    When Barrence Whitfield and the Savages came blasting out of Boston, Massachusetts in the early 1980s they brought the world exactly the kind of high-octane rhythm and blues (with a little rock’n’roll on the side, just for good measure) of which it was in desperate need. The impact of their all-action live shows was reinforced by a trio of albums that scythed through the sterility of a studio and served up a very close approximation of what you could expect from them on stage. They still do, for that matter.

    After their initial onslaught, Barrence and the band took a 22-year break, reuniting after Ace had reissued their first independently produced album to great acclaim. It’s gratifying to know that we were instrumental in helping them get their groove back – and obviously to great effect, as they are still together and releasing great albums.

    The guys are currently putting the finishing touches to a new one for release on Chicago’s Bloodshot Records. For now, though, we’re delighted to bring together on CD their first two albums for Rounder Records: “Dig Yourself” and “Call Of The Wild”, both first issued in the mid-1980s.

    Barrence and the Savages still perform many of the songs featured on these two albums in their current live set, including Don Covay’s ‘Rockin’ The Mule Back In Kansas’ and their own ‘Stop Twisting My Arm’, ‘Big Mamou’, ‘Juicy Fruit’ and the ever-popular floor-filler ‘Bloody Mary’. Both albums still sound as vibrant and essential as they did when recorded more than 30 years ago. It’s worth noting that “Dig Yourself” has surprisingly never been released anywhere in the world on CD before, while “Call Of The Wild” is being reissued for the first time in its original running order.

    If you are looking for some background listening, please do not buy this compact disc. Here are 17 songs that need to be listened to as loudly – and frequently – as possible. If your neighbours complain, ask them in, hand them a beer, turn it up even louder and invite them to “Dig Everything” about Barrence Whitfield and the Savages.

    Tony Rounce

    18,00 €
  6. The Bop Won`t Stop

    Boppin' B:
    The Bop Won`t Stop (CD)

    Uusi albumi.
    20,00 €
  7. That's Right

    Eugene Chrysler:
    That's Right (CD)

    That's Right on CD

    Eugene Chrysler's music is a mix of rockabilly, classic country, and a dash of western swing. It's snappy and a lot of fun to dance to. Having recorded two CDs of original music, Eugene decided he wanted to do a recording that best represented what they do live; night after night in honky tonks and bars. With the help of Skip Krevens, Jeff Somerstein, and Dan Lipsitz, they went into the studio and cut 22 of the best gosh darn songs you're ever gonna want to hear. Everything from Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins to Spade Cooley and Merle Travis. It's high energy fun!

    18,00 €
  8. Temperamental

    Don Cavalli:
    Temperamental (CD)

    Taas löytyy !
    10,00 €
  9. Close To You

    Close To You (CD)

    Uusi tuttavuus Hollannista!
    15,00 €
  10. Outmoded & Lo-Fi

    Steelers Trio:
    Outmoded & Lo-Fi (CD)

    Steeler's trio is a new band that seeks inspiration in jazz, blues, country, bossa nova and western swing. The band's original style blends original material and standards together on a jazzy inspired foundation, colored with rock'n'roll undertones. An untypical trio with steel guitar/trumpet, bass and drums, that often stretches to a quartet either with sax or guitar.

    Produced by Jorge Fortunato (Tennessee Boys / 49 Special / Moonshine Reunion) & Co-Produced by Alex Hall (J.D. MC.Pherson) in Chicago.

    15,00 €
  11. The Radions Attack!

    The Radions Attack! (CD)

    Perinteisen 50´s tyylin rockabillyä.
    10,00 €
  12. The Higher The Hair The Closer To God

    Phantom Pomps:
    The Higher The Hair The Closer To God (CD)


    The Phantom Pomps originally formed in 2009 when Kelli and Chris first met in Santa Barbara @ The Wildcat Lounge during a Blazing Haley show that Chris was playing, that's when they clicked and decided to start jammin'.
    Fast forward a few months, when they both got approached to play their first gig for a local 'Toys for Tots' benefit.. It was there they knew they had something special.. wasn't long before the duo were soon known around So-Cal for their own unique brand of greasy garage rock 'n roll.

    The Phantom Pomps- Hailing from Santa Barbara and Ventura have rapidly become one of California's premiere grease-root power-trios playing garage, blues and psychobilly. featuring the likes of:
    *Dick Fontaine aka Chris Story (Blazing Haley, Graveside Rockers & The Rave) - Guitar / Vox.
    *Miss Pussy Fontaine aka Kelli Tenis (A + In Evil, Pussy Wagon & Dirty Lollies) - Drums / Vox, and Therimen...!
    * Fuse (Hard Six) - Standup Bass/Vox & Howling!

    Plus special guest bass appearances (when not on tour w/50 other bands)
    *Dakota Collins aka Coyote Man (Blazing Haley & The Collins Kids!)

    The Pomps CD is out NOW!!

    13,00 €
  13. Sonny West In Hollywood

    West Sonny:
    Sonny West In Hollywood (CD)

    Brand NEW recordings from this UK Rocker - Some Great Floor Fillers!!
    17,00 €
  14. Gasoline And Gunfire

    Gasoline And Gunfire (CD)

    Yes! Upea uutuus albumi.
    15,00 €
  15. Gimme!

    Gone Hepsville:
    Gimme! (CD)

    They make the news again and they’re the talk of the town – not because of another succesful wild show, but because of the long awaited brand new album. Finally!
    In their second album they present 13 brand new songs straight from Hepsville. You will hear the teenage bopper Gimme Gimme with a dazzling high piano hammering, strongly grooving Brainwasher Boogie going round and round, horn-based swinging Show Me That You Can Rock and really jiving hit Hepsville Jive, an obligatory baritone stroll Horn At Dawn, bluesy Got No Time and even a dreamy surf instrumental Just A Little Hepsville Surfbeat with a theremin solo.
    This is the kind of music that talks directly to your feet and is sure to make you jump, bop and rock!

    So if you ain’t already on our wave, get aboard now a get gone. Gone Hepsville!

    15,00 €
  16. Boogie In The Shack

    Nut Jumpers:
    Boogie In The Shack (CD)

    The Nut Jumpers, a hot new trio of well known musicians have come together to play their own brand of uncompromising, hard-hitting pure Rock’n’Roll. Drawing influence from a wide variety of danceable genres: Blues, Rockabilly, Garage, Latin, Swamp and more, all mixed together to create the dynamic Nut Jumper sound.
    The band have have recorded their debut album Boogie in the Shack and 7” single No Good No Good in Jakes Shack in Northern France. 13 self penned tracks were recorded live using 1 microphone and vintage tape recording equipment that captures the pure power and Rock’n’Roll sound of The Nut Jumpers!!!
    The Nut Jumpers are: JAKE CALYPSO (The Corals, Mystery Train, Hot Chickens, Jake Calypso and his Red Hot), HELEN SHADOW (The Blue Ridge Rockets, The Johnson Family, The Queen Bs, The Shooting Stars) and RICKY LEE BRAWN (The Stargazers, The Big Six, The Space Cadets, Johnny Back and the Moonshine Boozers)

    15,00 €
  17. Two Cats And The Bass

    Charlie Hightone And Carlos Slap:
    Two Cats And The Bass (CD)

    Carlos López is an essential double bassist on the Rockabilly scene in Spain and Charlie Hightone needs no introduction!
    They recently teamed to gather a bunch of great songs composed by Carlos with the help of some prominent names from the cream of the crop of Madrids roots music caracters.

    The result is this great album with no fillers nor covers... 10 great originals!

    15,00 €
  18. RightNow!

    RightNow! (CD)

    Lahtelainen vuonna 1987 perustettu voimatrio Francine määrittelee itse musiikkinsa simppelisti Rock'n Rolliksi, vaikka pitkän matkan varrella orkesterin musiikia on yritetty määritellä mm. termeillä punkbilly, hardbilly sekä powerbilly.

    Viime vuonna Francine juhlisti 30-vuotista uraansa luonnollisesti juhlakiertueella, joka huipentui joulukuussa jo ennakkoon loppuunmyytyyn keikkaan yhtyeen kotikaupungissa.

    Francinen vauhti ei ole 30 vuodessa hyytynyt, eikä siitä ole merkkejä tänäkään vuonna. Kevään keikat julkistetaan lähiaikoina ja maaliskuun lopussa tärähtää tarjolle uusi pitkäsoitto "RightNow!".

    Kotiteollisuudesta tutun Miitri Aaltosen tuottamasta entistäkin tuhdimmasta soundista ja rouheasta lähestymistavasta on jo saatu ennakkovaroitus syksyllä julkaistun singlen "NoMeansNo!" muodossa ja vielä ennen albumia päästään herkuttelemaan seuraavan singlen kanssa, joka on versio Smackin biisistä "Mad Animal Shuffle".

    Francine: Antti Kukkola (laulu/kitara), Pete Salomaa (basso), Alec Hirst-Gee (rummut) 

    18,00 €
  19. Pressure and Time

    Delta Bombers:
    Pressure and Time (CD)

    Uusi albumi ja ehdottomasti bändin paras!!
    17,00 €
  20. Hillbilly Fun Park

    Eugene Chrysler:
    Hillbilly Fun Park (CD)

    The 4th CD from Eugene Chrysler. 16 original songs with special guests Bill Kirchen and Cindy Cashdollar. This recording is an unique blend of western swing, rockabilly, and honky tonk all held together by doghouse playing, baritone singing Mr. Eugene Chrysler.
    18,00 €

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