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  1. Rockabilly Girl

    A Band Called Twang:
    Rockabilly Girl (CD)

    Since bursting on to the Rockabilly scene 'A Band Called Twang' hailing from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland has been literally sweeping people off their feet. Their live performances exude an infectious sense of fun and excitement that draws from their collective love and enthusiasm for Rockabilly/Americana music and culture.
    'A Band Called Twang' is fast becoming one of the most hardworking Australian acts in this genre...

    "A Band Called Twang are at the tip of the top of Australian Rockabilly Scene"...
    Lori Lee (Greaze Fest and Rockabilly Revival & Robot Productions)

    "My favourite Australian Act for the festival"... Arthur Matts Rockabilly King (Camperdown Cruise Vic)

    15,00 €
  2. Wine Is Fine

    Miss Lily Moe:
    Wine Is Fine (CD)

    With her first album release in 2013, Lily emerged not only as a singer of extraordinary talent, but also as a singer who hinted of volumes yet to be published.

    Lily reveals a different personality in each number. To the brightest of melodies she often adds a blue note and to the most simple of lyrics she adds a sophisticated wink.
    Her choice of numbers is exactly right - ranging from the slow and moody BROKEN HEART to the raging sounds of SAMMY THE RABBIT or DADDY YOU CAN`T COME BACK, all tracks have been written especially for Lily.

    Lily adds a personal touch, a neat and provocative sense of beat and individualized styling. The result is a recorded collection that´s lastingly pleasurable from beginning to end. We think you´ll find this an album destined to occupy a very special place on your record shelf.

    15,00 €
  3. Hit Me Up

    Slapback Johnny:
    Hit Me Up (CD)

    Slapback Johnny is a band that works hard and rocks even harder. This dutch trio has quickly made a name for itself as an energetic live-band by touring extensively worldwide since starting in 2012 and will now finally release their full debut-album on Rhythm Bomb Records.

    The album is a display of the full palette of the Johnny-sound. With hard hitting drums, pounding bass and flaming guitars as key ingredients. On this record the trio set out to release something that has its own distinct sound. The songs incorporate influences of rockabilly, blues, rock ’n’ roll, hillbilly and swing on 13 original tracks while always staying recognisable as Slapback Johnny.

    15,00 €
  4. The Midnight Creature

    Crystal and Runnin' Wild:
    The Midnight Creature (CD)

    Crystal & Runnin’ Wild’s second album, recorded in MONO, released on Rhythm Bomb Records, is a turning point for this Brussels based band, that takes them off the beaten path, away from the restrictions of traditional Rockabilly.

    In 13 songs, ”The Midnight Creature" explores all sounds between 60’s Garage and Desperate Rockabilly.
    Their compositions take you to a universe, colored with dark humor, where B-movie monsters make pin-up girls cry in sheer horror. And there’s no such thing as a happy end.

    Without restrictions on the delay nor the decibels, their sound is aggressive and electric, their songs fast and effective. (Except for line dancers of course)
    A creepy touch to primitive Rock’n’Roll, to much delight of the fans of The Cramps, Link Wray and other Sonics

    15,00 €
  5. By Request

    Vince and the Sun Boppers:
    By Request (CD)

    In this long playing album, Vince displays his characteristic style on such great rockers as "Bye To The City", "Heartbeats" and "Rock My Baby". As a balladeer, Vince shines on "Garden Of Roses".

    Country fans will certainly love "Your Hand In Mine" and "Why". These are the rockers and ballads Vince has written himself, only exception is "Ransom of Love"written by Luca Ciriacono. After the great success of the album "Spinnin´ Around" in 2016, there has been a rising demand for new recordings on new albums. Vince is now ready to give you what you asked him for, ... a new long playing album!

    Rhythm Bomb´s ... By Request will be a welcome addition to the record libraries of the many fans who know Vince and the Sun Boppers for their best - selling records.

    15,00 €
  6. Soulful Woman

    Billie and the Kids:
    Soulful Woman (CD)

    Within a matter of only a few years, Billie has zoomed from the equivocal position of a highly promising singer to that of one of the world´s top recording artists.

    Billie brings to music a quality that had too long been missing, a sort of breezy freshness and an imitate directness of appeal. From her very first recordings she was a success, her singing has kept pace and she is one of the most artful and popular stars of her generation. To rhythm numbers she brings a brisk, sparkling enthusiasm that lights up even an ordinary song, while to ballads Billie brings a sort of husky grace and an impression of genuine sincerty that has captivated an imposing number of listeners!

    15,00 €
  7. Cock Tales

    Cat Lee King and his Cocks:
    Cock Tales (CD)

    Here comes the long awaited first LP by Cat Lee King and his Cocks, the sensational Jump Blues youngsters from Bonn, Germany!

    Under the fitting title “Cock Tales” the Quintet has put down fourteen smoking hot songs, most of them being brand new original material, all with gritty vintage sound and lots of background shoutin’ and yellin’ goin’ on, providing a studio recording as close to a live experience as possible.
    All songs were recorded live within two days in the tiny vintage “Rocket Lab” studio in Essen, Germany, on analogue tape machines and with vintage instruments, microphones and amps only.
    Kicking off the list with the dance floor smasher “Let me love you”, that has gained the Cocks some popularity even before the LP release, the direction towards Jumpin’ Jivin’ Rhythm’n’Blues is made quite clear. Next comes the original cock tale “Farewell mademoiselle”, layin’ down a Louis Prima style swing-shuffle groove that’s just as tight as it can get. Same thing goes for “I don’t need no money”, and the classic “Drinkin’ Wine”, that’s done in a very original, yet authentic Memphis R’n’B style interpretation which bursts with joy and driving force.
    One of the album’s great hits is “Ain’tcha”, with its heavy, jiving Bill Haley- influenced backbeat. On “I wanna love somebody” singer and pianist Cat Lee King pays righteous tribute to the late Nick Curran, and guitarist Tommy Croole shows off his blues skills with a solo pointing unmistakeably to the early B.B. King. Another straight forward Blues song is “Busy Girl”, with a pumping Off-beat groove, something very rarely heard from Authentic Blues bands of today. For Rockabilly lovers, there are “Sweet Sandy Lee” and Carl Perkins’ “You can do no wrong”, which will blow the roof off of any record hop with their wild and raw energy.
    “Bouncing Boobs Boogie” is a very dynamic, jumpin’ guitar instrumental written by guitarist Tommy Croole, who’s also featured as lead singer on a great interpretation of Herby Joe’s almost forgotton “Smokestack Lightnin’”. One of the big surprises on this LP is the uptempo swing tune “Far too far away”, with a fat grumpy guitar and harmonies and dynamics that even show some jazz influences, just like “You’re the greatest”. The trip ends right in the Louisiana Swamps with “Sweet Wine and pretty Women”, a gospel-related ballad soaked with the darkest of Voodoo vibes.

    “Cock Tales” is an album of extraordinary style variety, yet it has an unmistakeable sound that holds everything together, and a very high and consistant quality

    15,00 €
  8. Money!

    Shoebox Revue:
    Money! (CD)

    Upea uutukainen! Limited edition of 500 copies!
    10,00 €
  9. Knock Knock / Rat Race CD-single
  10. Cruisin’ Around

    Alex Valenzi & The Hideaway Cats:
    Cruisin’ Around (CD)

    Coming straight from Brazil, right on the band's 25th anniversary (July the 4th), Alex Valenzi and the Hideaway Cats' 4th record brings one of the most traditional and important artists from the Brazilian scene vocalist and pianist Alex Valenzi and his band at their top performances with their own style of playing Rock 'n' Roll, which Alex describes as the "Boogie a Billy Rock".

    The whole album was recorded in Brazil and mixed and mastered by Shorty Poole in California, so you can expect a great sounding record full of Rhythm and Blues, Rock 'n' Roll and a touch of Rockabilly and Honky Tonk, with self penned songs in an unique style, original tunes written by Jerry Lee Lewis' guitarrist Kenny Lovelace and UK's fab songwriters Jimmy Newcomb & Geoff Taggart and great covers from artists like The Toppers, Billy Zoom, Merle Kilgore and many more, including a lot of great guests like the legendary Rockabilly singer Levi Dexter and many more.

    15,00 €
  11. It Don`t Mean A Thing - The Best Of

    It Don`t Mean A Thing - The Best Of (CD)

    The Domino's were born in Belgium 1989 as a Rockabilly trio led by Patrick Ouchene; singer and guitarist and they were soon asked to record a full album for the famous Dutch Rockhouse label.

    The sessions had very special guests like Dani Klein, singer of the very popular Vaya Con Dios band who would sing a duet with Patrick, Bernard Van Crayenest on violin and saxophone and Marc de Meersman (Vaya Con Dios original drummer).

    The experience pushes Patrick to move from Rockabilly to a wider range of styles from his personal taste like Swing, Western Swing, Hillbilly and Rhythm and Blues and the line up changes when Jack Fire (The Wild Ones ) joins them on double bass and Kasper Devos on lead guitar to record a new album "Minor Things" meaning major change in Rock n Roll music as the whole roots music palette would be present, even a french song "Je Suis Swing" would become a national hit in France and Belgium.

    At this point the band's influences consist mainly in Fats Waller, Johnny Horton, Merle Travis, Ray Charles and the Rockabilly stars of the 50's and they play hundreds of Jazz, Blues and mainstream festivals all over Europe sharing the stages with big names like The Blues brother Band, Paul Weller , Charles Aznavour and appear on countless of tv and radio shows.

    After 10 exhausting years of playing permanently they decided to stop and Patrick Ouchene returned to his original passion; Rockabilly and Hillbilly music and started the famous band Runnin' Wild.

    Carlos Díaz, Barcelona 2018.

    15,00 €
  12. Historic U.S. Radio Broadcast

    Historic U.S. Radio Broadcast (CD)

    This was an amazing rockplie show from the summer of 1979 recorded live at the palladium in NY.
    18,00 €
  13. Cadillac Joe
  14. Same
  15. Torque

    Torque (CD)

    The much anticipated debut album from UK rockabilly trio The Accidents.
    10,00 €
  16. Same
  17. All Shades Of Blue (Digipak, Limited Edition)
  18. The Full Enchilada
  19. Showcase

    Showcase (CD)

    Mielenkiintoinen uutuus. Mukana paljon vierailijoita.
    15,00 €
  20. The Boots

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