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  1. Cabaret of Daggers

    Falco Tav:
    Cabaret of Daggers (LP)

    Cult legend, avant-roots/RnR raconteur Tav Falco is back at it again with his' first full length studio album since 2015's Command Performance. Cabaret of Daggers was tracked in Rome with the same ferocious line-up, the unapproachable Panther Burns. Vocal overdubs were recorded at the legendary Sam Phillips Recording Service in Memphis.
    29,00 €
  2. Nuthouse

    Black Moon Boys:
    Nuthouse (LP)

    Black Moon Boys, a great rockabilly band from Canada. Without “I Never Felt Like This” written by Jack Scott all songs are self-penned.
    20,00 €
  3. Let's Go Mess Around

    Same Old Shoes:
    Let's Go Mess Around (LP)

    “Let's Go Mess Around” is the brand new album by The Same Old Shoes, it contains 12 tracks, 10 of them are fresh, self-penned numbers wisely written and arranged by this four Italian cats creating a tasty balance between authentic rockabilly and country music, taking good care of melodies, backing vocals and catchy grooves. To enhance the recording they included two western flavored covers: a rockin rendition of a late obscure Ernest Tubb's number and the killer track Sag, Drag and Fall.
    17,00 €
  4. Come Back to Louisiana

    Hurtt Michael And His Haunted Hearts:
    Come Back to Louisiana (LP)

    Nyt myös vinyylinä! LImited edition!
    27,00 €
  5. Boom Cha Cha

    Esther & Los Twangs:
    Boom Cha Cha (LP)

    In 2018 LOS TWANGS celebrate their fifteen birthday, preaching from Zaragoza, Spain, their mix of rock and roll, surf and garage, always from a FRAT spirit.   Over those years they have release 3 Lps and half a dozen EPs and 45's, but their biological clock said a change was needed.

    The change came in the year 2016 with Esther, a girl with a great voice who leads the swing combo Swind Garret. They joined forces by chance, first with the idea of making some collaborations and finally releasing a single by the end of 2016 at Sleazy Records that meant the true beginning of Esther & Los Twangs.

    Now the project of Esther with Los Twangs is consolidated with a new LP, titled BOOM CHA-CHA BOOM, in which you´ll find the usual rock'n'roll, garage and surf sounds that made them famous but also there’s room for latin beats, rhythm & blues and also a pinch of European female 60’s pop.  But do not be fooled, the musical essence of The Twangs is still beating powerful in these grooves.

    In these 12 tracks you will find in some very personal, and even risky, covers from Johnny Kidd & The Pirates to Annisteen Allen, going through Helen Shapiro or Frances Gal, and even daring with standards like Ol'Man Mose or Sway, which result in a fresh and unconventional LP for what is normally expected from a band with its target anchored in the 50's and 60's sounds of rock´n´roll.

    The LP has been produced by Ely Agramut and Los Twangs and its excellent excellent artwork has been designed by the great andalusian artist Carmela Maracas with pictures by the aragonese Beatriz Pitarch

    17,00 €
  6. Cock Tales (Ltd)

    Cat Lee King and his Cocks:
    Cock Tales (Ltd) (LP)

    Here comes the long awaited first LP by Cat Lee King and his Cocks, the sensational Jump Blues youngsters from Bonn, Germany!

    Under the fitting title “Cock Tales” the Quintet has put down fourteen smoking hot songs, most of them being brand new original material, all with gritty vintage sound and lots of background shoutin’ and yellin’ goin’ on, providing a studio recording as close to a live experience as possible.
    All songs were recorded live within two days in the tiny vintage “Rocket Lab” studio in Essen, Germany, on analogue tape machines and with vintage instruments, microphones and amps only.
    Kicking off the list with the dance floor smasher “Let me love you”, that has gained the Cocks some popularity even before the LP release, the direction towards Jumpin’ Jivin’ Rhythm’n’Blues is made quite clear. Next comes the original cock tale “Farewell mademoiselle”, layin’ down a Louis Prima style swing-shuffle groove that’s just as tight as it can get. Same thing goes for “I don’t need no money”, and the classic “Drinkin’ Wine”, that’s done in a very original, yet authentic Memphis R’n’B style interpretation which bursts with joy and driving force.
    One of the album’s great hits is “Ain’tcha”, with its heavy, jiving Bill Haley- influenced backbeat. On “I wanna love somebody” singer and pianist Cat Lee King pays righteous tribute to the late Nick Curran, and guitarist Tommy Croole shows off his blues skills with a solo pointing unmistakeably to the early B.B. King. Another straight forward Blues song is “Busy Girl”, with a pumping Off-beat groove, something very rarely heard from Authentic Blues bands of today. For Rockabilly lovers, there are “Sweet Sandy Lee” and Carl Perkins’ “You can do no wrong”, which will blow the roof off of any record hop with their wild and raw energy.
    “Bouncing Boobs Boogie” is a very dynamic, jumpin’ guitar instrumental written by guitarist Tommy Croole, who’s also featured as lead singer on a great interpretation of Herby Joe’s almost forgotton “Smokestack Lightnin’”. One of the big surprises on this LP is the uptempo swing tune “Far too far away”, with a fat grumpy guitar and harmonies and dynamics that even show some jazz influences, just like “You’re the greatest”. The trip ends right in the Louisiana Swamps with “Sweet Wine and pretty Women”, a gospel-related ballad soaked with the darkest of Voodoo vibes.

    “Cock Tales” is an album of extraordinary style variety, yet it has an unmistakeable sound that holds everything together, and a very high and consistant quality

    17,00 €
  7. Hit Me Up

    Slapback Johnny:
    Hit Me Up (LP)

    Slapback Johnny is a band that works hard and rocks even harder. This dutch trio has quickly made a name for itself as an energetic live-band by touring extensively worldwide since starting in 2012 and will now finally release their full debut-album on Rhythm Bomb Records.

    The album is a display of the full palette of the Johnny-sound. With hard hitting drums, pounding bass and flaming guitars as key ingredients. On this record the trio set out to release something that has its own distinct sound. The songs incorporate influences of rockabilly, blues, rock ’n’ roll, hillbilly and swing on 13 original tracks while always staying recognisable as Slapback Johnny.

    17,00 €
  8. What The Hell’s Wrong With Heaven

    Mud Candies:
    What The Hell’s Wrong With Heaven (LP)

    Excellent debut album from this Bilbao based band with members of Moonshine Wagon, playing a fine mixture of Country, Rockabilly and Bluegrass!
    17,00 €
  9. No Turning Back (Ltd)

    May Imelda:
    No Turning Back (Ltd) (LP)

    Vihdoinkin myös vinyylinä.
    22,00 €
  10. Killing Fever

    Sarah Vista:
    Killing Fever (LP)

    Odotettu esikoisalbumi. Ehdottomasti yksi vuoden parhaista! Upea albumi!
    23,00 €
  11. Kick Down

    Top Cats:
    Kick Down (LP)

    11 Brand New Tracks!
    25,00 €
  12. Hillbilly Beat

    Planet Rockers:
    Hillbilly Beat (LP)

    Vihdoinkin myös vinyylinä.
    15,00 €
  13. Boogie In The Shack

    Nut Jumpers:
    Boogie In The Shack (LP)

    The Nut Jumpers, a hot new trio of well known musicians have come together to play their own brand of uncompromising, hard-hitting pure Rock’n’Roll. Drawing influence from a wide variety of danceable genres: Blues, Rockabilly, Garage, Latin, Swamp and more, all mixed together to create the dynamic Nut Jumper sound.
    The band have have recorded their debut album Boogie in the Shack and 7” single No Good No Good in Jakes Shack in Northern France. 13 self penned tracks were recorded live using 1 microphone and vintage tape recording equipment that captures the pure power and Rock’n’Roll sound of The Nut Jumpers!!!
    The Nut Jumpers are: JAKE CALYPSO (The Corals, Mystery Train, Hot Chickens, Jake Calypso and his Red Hot), HELEN SHADOW (The Blue Ridge Rockets, The Johnson Family, The Queen Bs, The Shooting Stars) and RICKY LEE BRAWN (The Stargazers, The Big Six, The Space Cadets, Johnny Back and the Moonshine Boozers)

    18,00 €
  14. Whole New Life

    Reverend Horton Heat:
    Whole New Life (LP)

    Uusi albumi. Nyt ekaa kertaa 4 miehisenä.
    25,00 €
  15. This Is It!

    Bloodshot Bill & The Hick-Ups:
    This Is It! (LP)

    In todays world of studio trickery, it is refreshing to hear what a band can do live.

    Bloodshot Bill & The Hick-Ups do just that laying it all out, with just one mic and a record button. Prepare your ears for a shock! A few stiff drinks are not out of order here.
    If you want to hear the raw, blistering sound of three men making action-packed noise....THIS IS IT!

    15,00 €
  16. Blue Suede Shoes / Paradise 12" (Pink)

    Lemmy & the Upsetters with Mick Green:
    Blue Suede Shoes / Paradise 12" (Pink) (LP)

    Limited pink-colored twelve inch vinyl pressing. Famed Motörhead frontman Lemmy meets British rock guitarist Mick Green (The Pirates, Van Morrison, Paul McCartney) on this double A-side 12" single!

    25,00 €
  17. Socks (Green vinyl)

    McPherson JD:
    Socks (Green vinyl) (LP)

    JD McPherson presents A Christmas Album, SOCKS. Featuring 11 original tracks written by JD McPherson and his friends. SOCKS is an album of Holidays songs sure to be standards while you are decorating the tree. Come get warm by the fire with songs such as , “All The Gifts I Need” and “Every Single Christmas.” Or, burn the cookies to “SOCKS” and “Ugly Christmas Sweater.” There is something for everyone on this record to enjoy whether you are in the Christmas spirit or if you just wanna say, “Bah Humbug. ”

    27,00 €
  18. Dynamite!

    Neilson Tami:
    Dynamite! (LP)

    With a soulful voice straight from the golden age of country and rockabilly music, Tami Neilson has been described as "A red-hot honky-tonker, somewhere between Patsy Cline and Wanda Jackson with perhaps just a little bit of Peggy Lee sophistication. " (-Nick Bollinger, NZ National Radio). Singing her heart out along endless roads and stages, from her days as a young girl in Canada touring with the Neilson Family band, opening for the likes of Johnny Cash, to her full blossoming in New Zealand as a formidable talent in her own right, Tami Neilson has won the Tui Award (New Zealand Grammy) for each of her past four albums. Tami has been awarded the APRA Silver Scroll, New Zealand's most prestigious music award for excellence in songwriting, for her song "Walk (Back To Your Arms)". The award was previously won by Lorde for Royals. Dynamite! Reached #1 on the NZ Music Charts, iTunes Country Charts and the New Zealand Independent Music Chart. Tami is thrilled to finally have the album come out in her home country: "I am over the moon to finally have my album released where my life and my music originated, the home where my heart is constantly pulled like a magnet, even from the other side of the world. I've been hugely blessed to have New Zealand embrace my music and regard it with enough merit to include me among their esteemed musicians, but, have always hoped that someday I'd be heard by the people and the country who made me and shaped me and gave me the confidence to fly in the first place"

    29,00 €
  19. Same

    Same (LP)

    Wise Guyz (Ukraina) laulajan sivuprojekti. Upea NEO-PSYCHOBILLY ALBUMI!! Rajoitettu ja numeroitu painos!
    20,00 €
  20. Taking The Trash Back In

    Taking The Trash Back In (LP)

    The 4th album but the 1st to be released on vinyl from Brighton (UK) based The Hillmans…It’s been described as ‘Nasty As F..K but pure RnR’...Taking a hard edged approach to their own blend of Garage Punk and Primal Rockabilly the pace on this album doesn’t let up, from the almost Stoogeseque ‘I Feel Alright’ to the out and out savage Rockabilly of ‘Come On Little Mama’ it’s relentless !

    A real alternative to the countless Cramps wannabees and an antidote to the purists (both 50’s & 60’s) it’s a back to basics, real RnR album.

    This one is limited to 500 copies and will sell out very quickly.

    18,00 €

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