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Almeria Gone Guy EP

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Tuotenumero 39797
Kuntokansi Ei
Kuntolevy Ei
Aluekoodi Ei
Formaatti 7 single/EP
Levy-yhtiö Sleazy
Vuosi 2018
Kesto Ei
Valmistusmaa Espanja

Mario Cobo: 
Almeria Gone Guy EP (7 single/EP)


This is Mario Cobo doing what he does best: very cool, classic rock and roll. His career now spans over twenty years, beginning with a teenage rockabilly trio and currently playing to stadiums as part of legendary Spanish rocker Loquillo’s band.

Over that time, Mario has added his huge talent to bands playing soul, jump ‘n’ jive, Western Swing, punk, garage, surf, hillbilly, psychobilly and, most famously, rockabilly, with his much loved but eternally underrated band The Nu Niles. The release that concerns us now is his Sleazy Records EP of four superb rocking cuts: three songs and one instrumental (following on from his recent all-instrumental EPs and LP).

Mario’s idea was simply to take his friends Alfonso Alcalá (bass) and Marco Antonio (drums) into a studio for a couple of days and thrash out some basic rockabilly/rock ‘n’ roll. What came out was unmistakeably that Mario Cobo sound: wild yet controlled, greasy yet clean … slick havoc.

Side A consists of the honky-tonk-a-billy of “Almeria Gone Guy” (a tribute to Mario’s new Andalusian home), and the soul ‘n’ roll sound of “More Than Water”, while Side B kicks off with “Noche Americana”’s classic instrumental sound, and closes with the electric cinematic atmosphere of “From Undergound”.

The whole EP seems to shine a flashlight on parts of Mario Cobo’s career, yet never seems to be looking back because he has simply never sounded this good. The king of Spanish rocking guitar - Long may he reign.

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Side A:
1. Almeria Gone Guy
2. More Than Water
Side B:
1. Noche Americana
2. From Underground

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