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Rhythm & Bluesin' By The Bayou - Bop Cat Stomp (#21)

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GenreR&B * Doo-Wop


Yksi kautta-aikojen parhaista sarjoista. Upea uutuus osa, jossa 11 ennenjulkaisematonta biisiä!!!


Tuotenumero 43582
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Formaatti CD
Levy-yhtiö Ace Records
Vuosi 2019
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Rhythm & Bluesin' By The Bayou - Bop Cat Stomp (#21) (CD)


28 authentic R&B blasters – many new to CD, including 11 previously unissued.

Volume 21 of the great musical adventure brings another helping of mid-century rhythm’n’blues from the bayou region of South Louisiana/SE Texas, an area that spreads from New Orleans in the east to Port Arthur in the west. Here are the hot guitars, pounding pianos and honking saxes, spiced here and there with a little accordion or harmonica, all topped off by cool vocals.

This collection stems from the vaults of the most innovative record men of the region – Eddie Shuler, JD Miller, Floyd Soileau, Sam Montel and Huey Meaux. All had a gift for recognising musical talent and letting it flourish. They were able to encourage and cajole the best possible performances from their artists without corrupting their individuality.

Shuler (Lake Charles) and Miller (Crowley) launched their first labels in the mid-40s to produce Cajun music and moved into blues and R&B in the early 50s. Soileau (Ville Platte) and Montel (Baton Rouge) commenced their operations around a decade later, with Soileau also starting out with Cajun, whereas Montel began his company with rock’n’roll and R&B. Meaux (Port Arthur) started out in artist management, primarily with Cajun artists but promptly adding a rock’n’roll roster. He first placed artists with Floyd Soileau’s Jin label, but almost immediately recognised that there was more money to be made owning a label and a publishing company. These then are the men who captured the sounds of a generation.

Of the 28 tracks included here, 11 are either previously unissued or previously unissued alternate takes and the remainder are just plain obscure. Two of the new tracks are by unidentified artists but they are both strong rockers which excited me and I have been looking forward to offering them to fans of the genre. As always, we have a blend of storming rockers, mid-tempo magic and a handful of buckle-polishers, as slower numbers were dubbed in the clubs of the area – together in a collection that will whisk you back in time to the swamps of the deep south where you can lose yourself in the rhythms that engulfed the clubs and bars of the area.


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Yksi kautta-aikojen parhaista sarjoista. Upea uutuus osa, jossa 11 ennenjulkaisematonta biisiä!!!


  1. Everybody Wants to Know - Lester Robertson
  2. I Found My Baby (TK 2) - Unknown Artist
  3. Crazy Rock - Cookie & Cupcakes
  4. Raise Some San - Jay Nelson & His Jumpers
  5. Tomorrow - Elizabeth
  6. Your Precious Love - Sonny Martin
  7. Come on Home - Prince Charles
  8. Mary, Mary (TK 2) - Blues Boy Palmer & the Bill Parker Band
  9. Come Over Here - Little Miss Peggie & the Bill Parker Band
  10. Please Don't Go - Sticks Herman
  11. Never Too Old - Big Walter
  12. Be My Baby Doll (TK 3) - Unknown Artist
  13. Bop Cat Stomp - King Charles and His Orchestra
  14. Augustine - Rockin' Sidney
  15. All Night Long - Thaddus Declouet
  16. It Happened So Fast - Clifton Chenier
  17. Rocks in My Pillow - Cookie & the Cupcakes
  18. Stand By My Side - Big Chenier
  19. I Want to Hold You Little Girl - Ashton Savoy
  20. I Hear Someone Call My Name - Charles Perrywell & the Fairlanes
  21. Crazy Dream - Big Walter
  22. Don't Mess with My Man - Margo White
  23. Bye Bye Baby - the Yellow Jackets
  24. My Life for Your Love - Blues Boy Palmer
  25. Send for Me - Lester Robertson
  26. Never No More - Charles Sheffield with Big Sambo & the Swingsters
  27. Goodbye Whiskey - Guitar Gable & King Karl
  28. Whoa Mule - Leroy James & His Combo