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That'll Flat Git It Vol. 29

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Genre50's Rockabilly / R'n'R


Tuotenumero 40193
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Formaatti CD
Levy-yhtiö Bear Family
Vuosi 2018
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That'll Flat Git It Vol. 29 (CD)


Another gem in our groundbreaking Rockabilly and Rock ’n’ Roll label series.
32 tracks from the vaults of Crest Records.

Featuring early recordings of stars like Glen Campbell and Eddie Cochran.Cont ains several tracks that have languished in vaults since their recording.
Perfcetly re-mastered for clear and vibrant sound.       Extensive 36-page  booklet with liner notes by expert Mark Armstrong.

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1. Eddie Cochran: Skinny Jim
2. Jack Lewis: I.O.U.
3. Bo Davis: Let's Coast Awhile
4. Lynn Marshall: You'll Find Out
5. Tom Tall and his Tom Kats: Stack-ARecords
6. Hank Sanders: Been Gone A Long Time
7. Tom Wilson: Can You Bop?
8. Don Thompson and The Desert Stars: What I Like Most Of All
9. Bill Dane with The Ragtime Rascals: Do I
10. Bo Davis: Drownin' All My Sorrows
11. Bill Skidmore III: Date Bait
12. The Desert Stars: Ridin' The Frets (instrumental)
13. Bobby and Terry Caraway and the Rockats: Ballin' Keen
14. Tommy Law: Cool Juice
15. Norm Skylar: Rock 'N' Roll Blues
16. Jack Lewis: Someone To Love Me
17. Glen Garrison & The Note Kings: Lovin' Lorene
18. Hal Jackson & The Chromatics: Wild Man Wild
19. Marty Cooper: Can't Walk 'Em Off
20. Phil Baugh: Bumble Twist (instrumental)
21. Johnny Donn and the Jazz Rockers: What Happened Last Night
22. Frank and Ernie: Spotlight
23. Tony Casanova: The Grave
24. Buddy Lowe: Ummm - Kiss Me Goodnight
25. Bill Skidmore III: I'm Out Of My Mind (Yea-Yea)
26. Norm Skylar: Night Shift
27. Dick Bills: Rockin' And A-Rollin'
28. Tony Casanova: Yea! Yea! Come Another Day
29. Marty Cooper: You Bet Your Little Life
30. Tom Tall: Mary Jo
31. Glen Garrison & The Note Kings: You're My Darling
32. Chuck Fayne: Tokyo Stomp (instrumental)