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That'll Flat Git It! Vol.32 - Rockabilly And Rock 'n' Roll From The Vaults Of Decca, Brunswick, Coral Records

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Genre50's Rockabilly / R'n'R


Täydellisyyttä! Jatkoa maailman parhaaseen rockabilly kokoelma sarjaan!


Tuotenumero 43500
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Formaatti CD
Levy-yhtiö Bear Family
Vuosi 2019
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That'll Flat Git It! Vol.32 - Rockabilly And Rock 'n' Roll From The Vaults Of Decca, Brunswick, Coral Records (CD)


CD - Deluxe DigiPac (4-sided) with 40-page booklet, 33 tracks, playing time approx. 75:36 minutes.

Bear Family Records "'That'll Flat Git It!' series which is grouped by record labels stands for the greatest rock 'n' roll and rockabilly recordings from the fifties on CD par excellence!

Volume #32 once again features material from the archives of Decca, Coral, and Brunswick.

Among the artists are Brenda Lee, Johnny & Dorsey Burnette, Ronnie Self and even Buddy Holly!

Apart from big names we present the greatest unknowns like the fantastic guitarist Sandy Coker, the Tyrones, The Bay Bops or Chuck Johnston. Awesome!

Bear Family’s fourth plunge into the combined Decca, Coral, and Brunswick vaults for its ‘That’ll Flat…Git It’ series provides more than a few surprises alongside some of the hottest rockabilly and rock and roll of the 1950s. Decca maintained a strong presence in Nashville under the A&R aegis of Paul Cohen and Owen Bradley, recording a plethora of stars there—pint-sized Brenda Lee, the brawling Burnette brothers, Wayne Walker, Ronnie Self, even Buddy Holly, and they’re all here. New York and Los Angeles are well-represented as well. 

As usual with this series, it’s the obscure stuff that collectors will flip over—dazzling guitarist Sandy Coker, Canadian import Arnie Derksen,  a stormer from Mitchell Torok, The Tyrones’ tough Rocker Broke Down Baby, and eye-openers from The Bay Bops, The Barker Brothers, Chuck Johnston and The Jay Cees, Johnny Duffett,  Arthur Osborne, and Dodie Randle’s two overheated anthems. Those bottomless Decca vaults never disappoint! Now, put on your rockin' shoes!

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Täydellisyyttä! Jatkoa maailman parhaaseen rockabilly kokoelma sarjaan!


01.     Gonna Have Myself A Ball     Lance Roberts     
02.     This Must Be The Place     Ronnie Self     
03.     Man Hunt     Dodie Randle     
04.     Ting-A-Ling     Buddy Holly     
05.    Where’d You Stay Last Night     Joe Hudgins     
06.     Just Give Me Your Heart     Johnny Duffett     
07.     Don’t Give Me Heartaches     Arthur Osborne     
08.     Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee     Johnny Burnette Trio     
09.     Rock Of Gibraltar     Hank Penny     
10.     Run Little Joey (Joey’s Lament)     Jimmy Duncan     
11.     Listen Pretty Baby     Billy Rocka     
12.     Little Jonah (Rock On Your Steel Guitar)     Brenda Lee     
13.     Tarzan And Jane     Jack & Jim     
14.     Sweet Baby     Chuck Johnston & The Jaycees     
15.     The Third Degree     Johnny Bell     
16.     Broke Down Baby     The Tyrones     
17.     You’ve Got Me (Where I Wanna Do)     Wayne Walker     
18.     Big Town     Ronnie Self     
19.     Crazy Dream     Terry Noland     
20.     Red Light, Green Light     Mitchell Torok     
21.     I’m Lookin’ For Someone To Love     The Crickets     
22.    Follow The Rock     The Bay Bops     
23.     Midnight Monster Hop     Jack & Jim     
24.     The Raven     Jackie Brooks     
25.     Honky Tonk Freeze     Sandy Coker     
26.     I Fell In Love Again     Dodie Randle     
27.     East Of The Mississippi     Eddie Fontaine     
28.     Well All Right … Friday Night     The Barker Brothers     
29.     Lean Jean     Bill Haley & His Comets     
30.     Blue Street     Arnie Derksen     
31.     Tarzan     Glenn Reeves     
32.     Real Wild Child     Ivan     
33.     Chickie Run     Homer Denison Jr