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50's Rockabilly / R'n'R

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  1. The Ballads Of Jerry Lee Lewis

    Lewis Jerry Lee:
    The Ballads Of Jerry Lee Lewis (CD)

    1-CD (Digipak) with 24-page booklet, 27 tracks. Total playing time approx. 72 minutes.
    • With 'Ballads' Bear Family presents the soulful and sentimental side of the Killer.
    • 27 beautiful Rock ‘n’ Roll and Country ballads recorded between 1956 and 1963 for Sun Records.
    • Songs by Charlie Rich, Hank Williams and others as well as selected favorites from the Tin Pan Alley catalogue.
    • Elegant digipak with extensive booklet and detailed liner notes by Chicago music expert Bill Dahl.
    No certified 1950s legend rocked harder than Jerry Lee Lewis. His immortal Sun Records hits stand among the cornerstones of rock 'n' roll, and Bear Family has spotlighted those classics on plenty of seminal LP and CD packages over the years. But the Killer loved country and rock ‘n’ roll ballads too—tears-in-your-beer weepers that he delivered with the same swaggering panache that he brought to his pulverizing rockers. 
    He revived his career in 1968 by re-embracing that side of his persona, but even during his Sun glory years, Lewis prolifically delivered quality ballads—as this new collection, spanning 1956-1963, generously underscores. Jerry Lee rolls through gems by Hank Williams (one of his primary heroes), in-house bard Charlie Rich, a couple of Tin Pan Alley chestnuts and a taste of the blues, and anything else that might have struck his free-wheeling fancy during his unbeatable Sun tenure. 
  2. The Shadow Knows More - 35 Scary Tales From The Vaults Of Horror

    The Shadow Knows More - 35 Scary Tales From The Vaults Of Horror (CD)

    1-CD with 24-page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time about 79 min.
    • Here comes the 2nd part of Bear Family's mystery series! Sometimes orchestral, sometimes horror-rockabilly, in any case mysterious! 
    • There has always been horror, as the present recordings from four decades, from 1930 to 1966, prove!
    • As in the first volume of 'The Shadow Knows', the title refers to the legendary radio series of the early 1930s. The original intro to the radio series here for the first time on CD!
    • A sort of title song in this unique compilation is The Shadow Knows by Gene Vincent's Blue Cap Paul Peek.
    • Mighty threatening orchestral interludes come from Ted Heath, Jimmy Carroll and the ‘’small’’ orchestra, The Champs, while it swings menacingly when Louis Armstrong is afraid of the Spooks and Putney Dandridge and his orchestra discover the Skeleton In The Closet!
    • There's also a series of rockabilly rhythms that will freeze your blood in your veins, including some instrumentals, especially the groovy Theme from 'The Devils Hand' by Baker Knight, and also Duane Eddy, Freddy Countryman and even the Mexican Los Gibson Boys with El Vampiro.
    • By far the greatest rarity is a radio transcription by Dean Martin from 1954, his version of Ghost Riders In The Sky!
    • The colorful 24-page booklet is, as always, peppered with booklet stories about recordings and artists, written by Chicago music journalist Bill Dahl, and numerous photos and illustrations.
    The Shadow Knows More!
    Part 2 of 'The Shadow Knows' proves once again that a Halloween compilation doesn't have to be crude, silly or boring. We look back on the long tradition of the annual autumnal demon expulsion and also on the long musical tradition that unites both. Through long research we have once again (re)discovered a whole series of rare recordings from music history, which will inspire you to groove, fear, dance and smile, and which will also appeal to the die-hard music fan and collector's heart. And certainly not only for Halloween. It should also be noted that the roots of Psychobilly, developed in the 1980s, are to be found here. It's best to listen in the dark with a touch of candlelight, then you'll get goose bumps. Happy Halloween!
    Rarities parade instead of hit parade
    As always, part of the concept is to focus on rare shots that are not to be found on every single compilation. Accordingly, you should definitely get the previous 'The Shadow Knows'-CD, because you can listen to both CDs one after the other and stay in horror fever. Enriched with two radio trailers we can present a number of songs that haven't been available on CD before. For example rare recordings of Billy Duke and The Dukes, Jan August, Bill Buchanan (from Buchanan & Goodman) and the funny Somethin' Smith and The Readheads. 
    The novelty recordings of Bob McFadden & Dor (Rod McKuen) and of country singer Salty Holmes are also very funny. Particularly rare is an emotionally charged version of the classic Ghost Riders In The Sky, which Dean Martin immortalized as a radio recording in 1954, as well as a full single by a certain Bob Guy, in which the young Frank Zappa is involved. The whole package is rounded off with a series of gaudy Rockabilly recordings and heavy Rock 'n' Roll instrumentals. The latter even with one of Mexico's top bands of the time, a rarity of Los Gibson Boys! Of course, the CD is accompanied by comments on every single song by the renowned music journalist Bill Dahl from Chicago as well as many photos and illustrations in the 24-page booklet!
  3. My Gal Mary Ann / Hey Jim

    Earls Jack:
    My Gal Mary Ann / Hey Jim (7 single/EP)

    Classic Sun bopper!!!
  4. Did You Tell Me / My Babe

    Felts Narvel:
    Did You Tell Me / My Babe (7 single/EP)

    Klassikko rockabilly SUNilta. Upeat kannet! Ltd 500 copies!
  5. Don't You Love Me / If I Had A Woman

    Glenn Glen:
    Don't You Love Me / If I Had A Woman (7 single/EP)

    Kansia myöten upea rockabilly single. Ltd 500 copies ONLY!
  6. Shopping Around / Somethin' Bad's Gonna Happen
  7. Hop Scotch /Little Rag Doll
  8. The Very Best of  - Hey Little One 1956-1962

    Burnette Dorsey:
    The Very Best of - Hey Little One 1956-1962 (CD)

    A founder-member of the legendary Johnny Burnette Trio (and famously, the older brother of Johnny) DORSEY BURNETTE pursued a successful solo career after quitting the Trio in 1956.

    Between 1958 and 1962 he recorded prolifically for at least eight different record companies, cutting a fine body of work which includes a number of highly prized Rockabilly collectables.

    He enjoyed sporadic commercial success, notably with '(There Was A) Tall Oak Tree', 'Hey Little One', 'Big Rock Candy Mountain', 'The Ghost Of Billy Malloo', and 'Feminine Touch', all of which are included herein.

    This 34-track set is the first comprehensive compilation of his early career, across the many and various labels he recorded for during this period, kicking off with the Johnny Burnette Trio's 'Midnight Train', on which Dorsey took lead vocals.

    A half-dozen of these sides have never previously appeared on CD, making this a must-have for Dorsey Burnette fans.

  9. We Ain't Gonna Wash for a Week

    Brook Brothers:
    We Ain't Gonna Wash for a Week (CD)

    Hugely popular in the U.K. during the early 60s, package tour perennials THE BROOK(S) BROTHERS were effectively Britain's answer to The Everly Brothers, who were their greatest influence.

    Their most successful releases tended to be covers of U.S. hits, e.g. Hank Locklin's 'Please Help Me I'm Falling', Barry Mann's 'Warpaint', Eddie Hodges' 'Ain't Gonna Wash For A Week', Frankie Avalon's 'Married', 'The Crickets' 'He's Old Enough To Know Better', The Shirelles' 'Welcome Home Baby', and Bobby Vinton's 'Trouble Is My Middle Name'.

    All are featured on this compilation, which presents the Very Best of The Brooks' recorded output during this period, for Top Rank and Pye.

    Their Top Rank singles are serious collectors' rarities - indeed their debut 45, 'How Will It End' / 'Green Fields', has never previously been reissued, in any format.

    Also included are a couple of previously unreleased off-air 'Saturday Club' live cuts, from late 1961.

  10. The Tarheel Slim Story - Wildcat Tamer

    Tarheel Slim:
    The Tarheel Slim Story - Wildcat Tamer (CD)

    Something of a mystery figure, ALLEN RATHEL BUNN, aka ALDEN BUNN, aka TARHEEL SLIM, who also recorded as a member of The Selah Singers, The Four Barons, The Jubilators, The Larks, The Wheels and The Lovers (among countless more), left behind an extraordinary legacy of recorded work. 

    Although (as Tarheel Slim) he perhaps remains best known for the blistering 'Wildcat Tamer' / 'Number 9 Train', one of the all-time great double-sided Rockabilly 45s, he was one of the most versatile and prolific artists of his era, operating variously as singer, guitarist, bandleader and songwriter, across virtually the entire musical spectrum, touching on Gospel, Blues, DooWop, R&B, Rockabilly, Soul and Pop.

    This compilation presents a unique aural résumé of his career between 1950-1962 and includes all his major commercial successes, notably The Larks' 'Eyesight To The Blind' and 'Little Side Car', The Lovers' 'Darling It's Wonderful', and his own 'It's Too Late', recorded with his wife, Little Ann.

    This is the first comprehensive career overview of Bunn's work and some half-dozen of these sides have never previously appeared on CD.

  11. Cannonball Rag - Early Groups and Sessions

    Burton James:
    Cannonball Rag - Early Groups and Sessions (CD)

    A consummate picker and the master of economic understatement and pristine taste, guitar-for-hire JAMES BURTON has carved out a reputation as the ultimate sideman, whose eloquent licks embellished and enhanced everything he played on.

    Rightly deified for his work with Ricky Nelson and much later, Elvis Presley, he laid down the blueprint for late 60s/early 70s Country-Rock, and has continued to ply his trade into the 21st Century.

    This compilation presents a unique snapshot of his early career as a sideman, initially as a teenager, recording in Louisiana.

    Featured artists include Dale Hawkins, Bob Luman, David Houston, Bobby Lee Trammell, Ricky Nelson, Dorsey Burnette and Glen Campbell, alongside less readily-known names like James Wilson & The Jimmie-Cats, The Shadows, Maylon Humphries, Tommy Cassel and The Shacklefords, plus a rare, live solo performance recorded at the Town Hall Party.

    As you would doubtless expect, this set includes a number of collectable rarities you'll be hard pushed to find elsewhere on

  12. Volume 2 EP
  13. Volume 1 EP
  14. The Only Way Is British Vol 5 EP

    The Only Way Is British Vol 5 EP (7 single/EP)

    Hieno jatko! Harvinaisuuksia Englannista.
  15. Ubangi Stomp / It's Almost Tomorrow

    Velaires ‎:
    Ubangi Stomp / It's Almost Tomorrow (Käytetty 7 single/EP)

    Orig USA. Promo copy! Great version of UBANGI STOMP.
  16. Bopabilly EP
  17. Big Foot Lou / Move Over Rover
  18. Train To Nowhere / Tequila
  19. Sneaky Alligator / Wow! Baby
  20. Egg-Beater / Mississippi Mud

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