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50's Rockabilly / R'n'R

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  1. Sandy, The 45s and More, 1959-1962

    Hall Larry:
    Sandy, The 45s and More, 1959-1962 (CD)

    This is the first U.K. compilation of Larry Hall's complete catalogue of work released between 1959 and 1962.

    'Sandy' remains his one American hit, making number 15 in 1959 and was released in the U.K. on Parlophone. His second U.K. release is also included, one that was released on the short-lived Salvo label.

    The tracks include early songs by Burt Bacharach as well as Hall's version of Jerry Lordan's U.K. hit 'I'll Stay Single'. Other songs come from the pens of industry stalwarts Aaron Schroeder and Wally Gold, Russ Regan and George Motola.

    The package includes detailed notes tracing Larry Hall's origins and his career in music.

    All the tracks have been re-mastered and are now available in the best sound quality possible.

    15,00 €
  2. My Kind of Rocking - The Unsung Rock 'N' Roll / R&B Guitarist & Arranger, 1950-1960

    Hall René :
    My Kind of Rocking - The Unsung Rock 'N' Roll / R&B Guitarist & Arranger, 1950-1960 (CD)

    Rene Hall is quite possibly the most underrated musician in America's pop and blues history.

    As a guitarist he is certainly amongst the very best and is as equally important as an arranger and conductor on myriad classic pop, rock and R&B recordings to come out of Los Angeles.

    Jasmine have chosen to feature as many of Rene's recordings released under his own name as possible at the expense of his contributions to scores of hit records that are easily available today on digital services, CD and vinyl.

    Covering just one decade of his career in the studio from 1950 - 1960 these 29 excellent recordings run the gamut of Blues, Jazz and Rock and Roll.

    Hopefully this compilation may in some small way redress the balance bringing this man's remarkable career back into the perspective it so truly deserves.

    Fully detailed liner notes.

    15,00 €
  3. Listen To Me! The Complete 1956-1962 U.S. Singles
  4. True Love Ways

    Holly Buddy With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra:
    True Love Ways (CD)

    Due for release on 16th November 2018, the newly recorded album – which features Buddy Holly’s utterly distinctive original vocals and guitar playing set to exquisite arrangements performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – is the poignant realisation of a dream Holly first explored just four months before his tragic death in a plane crash at the age of 22. In that last recording session, at the Decca Studios in New York, the star was joined by an 18 piece orchestra, fronted by Dick Jacobs, the man bringing strings to rock and roll. They recorded four tracks: ‘True love Ways’, ‘Raining in My Heart’, ‘Moondreams’ and ‘It Doesn’t Matter Anymore’ all of which are soaked in strings, clearly demonstrating a new direction for Buddy. Recorded in London’s Angel Studios, and produced by Nick Patrick, the man behind the hugely successful Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison orchestral albums, ‘True Love Ways’ truly reflects Buddy Holly’s love for strings, having learnt to play the violin as a child and continued all his life. Beloved tracks the singer recorded with The Crickets such as ‘Everyday’, ‘Peggy Sue’ (whose namesake passed away earlier this month) and ‘That’ll Be The Day’ are all included, with orchestrations that invigorate, rather than overwhelm, the rock and roll of which Holly was king.
    18,00 €
  5. Are You One Of Jay's Kids ? - The Complete Bizarre Sessions 1990-1994 (2CD)

    Hawkins Screaming Jay:
    Are You One Of Jay's Kids ? - The Complete Bizarre Sessions 1990-1994 (2CD) (CD)

    Two CD set that compiles the '90s musical legacy of rock 'n' roll wild man Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

    The set collates all 43 of the raving songs recorded by the late, legendary vocalist by producer and Bizarre partner and A&R man Robert Duffey, who also acted as Hawkins' manager during the period.

    The numbers first heard on Hawkins' original Bizarre albums - Black Music for White People (1991), Stone Crazy (1993), and Somethin' Funny Goin' On (1994) - are augmented by five previously unreleased bonus tracks.

    The set includes new liner notes by music journalist Chris Morris.

    15,00 €
  6. Legacy 1936/1959 (3CD Boxset)

    Holly Buddy:
    Legacy 1936/1959 (3CD Boxset) (CD)

    Loistava peruskokoelma !
    10,00 €
  7. Original Album Series 5CD Box set

    Hawkins Ronnie:
    Original Album Series 5CD Box set (CD)

    5 loistavaa albumia samassa paketissa!
    25,00 €
  8. Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight

    Husky Ferlin :
    Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (CD)

    From his years in Los Angeles in the 1950s recording as Terry Preston, to his time as an early pioneer of
    the Bakersfield Sound, to his extensive tours with Elvis Presley, to his alliance with Alan Freed, to his
    outrageous recordings as comic alter-ego Simon Crum, Ferlin's talent for rockin' and boppin' is on full
    Explore a very different side of the smooth-voiced crooner whose 1957 recording of Gone helped usher
    in the pop-influenced Nashville Sound.
    Packed with 32 tracks, including six charting hits, two previously unissued recordings, and rarities
    released on CD for the first time.
    Beautifully illustrated booklet packed with many rare and never-seen photos.
    Extensive liner notes by Scott B. Bomar, featuring in-depth biographical information and insights culled
    from unpublished interviews with Ferlin, Jim Ed Brown, Dallas Frazier, Jan Howard, Ken Nelson, Jean
    Shepard, Leona Williams, and many others!
    Ferland Huskey was born in southeastern Missouri, and went on to be known by many names during his
    career: Ferlin Huskey, Tex Terry, Terry Preston, Ferlin Husky (without the 'e'), and Simon Crum, a
    comic alter-ego whom Ferlin demanded be treated as a separate person. The musical ground he traveled
    was as diverse as his various identities. Adept at smooth countrypolitan polish, rough-hewn backwoods
    toe-tappers, funny off-kilter novelties, earnest recitations, or rockabilly-infused boppers, one could pick
    virtually any theme and assemble a solid collection of Ferlin Husky material.
    This compilation features 32 examples of Ferlin's ability to capture the verve of country bop, protorockabilly,
    and the rural strains that informed early rock and roll. He pulls it off, not because he's
    putting us on, but because this music is truly one of the many sides of the multi-talented Country
    Music Hall of Famer who was known as 'Mr. Showman.'

    18,00 €
  9. In Mexico 1961-1962 - Twist Espanol - Four Complete Albums Plus Bonus Tracks 2CD

    Haley Bill & The Comets:
    In Mexico 1961-1962 - Twist Espanol - Four Complete Albums Plus Bonus Tracks 2CD (CD)

    No one would deny Bill Haley's reputation as 'The King of Rock and Roll' or any of the other titles bestowed upon him during his career. Here is a look at his lesser known period, one that few are familiar with today, Bill Haley in Mexico.

    In Latin America there was no Hank Ballard and there was no Chubby Checker there was just Bill Haley Y Sus Cometas and by the early 60s Bill Haley became another kind of King, the King of the Twist.

    Features the first big singles, 'Twist Espanol' and 'Florida Twist' both of which became enormous hits and 'Florida Twist' was the biggest selling single in Mexican history.

    18,00 €
  10. The Singing Fisherman - The Complete Johnny Horton Recordings (9-CD Box)

    Horton Johnny:
    The Singing Fisherman - The Complete Johnny Horton Recordings (9-CD Box) (CD)

    9-CD boxed set (LP-size) with two 288-page hardbound books, 296 tracks. Total playing time approx. 688 minutes

    •    Every Johnny Horton recording. Every issued recording on every label! Every unissued recording! Every alternate take! Every known demo! All the overdub sessions! Several rare radio interviews! And more!
    •    In all, 9 CDs!
    •    Includes Horton's first record. Only one copy is known to exist!
    •    Includes two 288-page hardcover books! One is an exhaustive biography by Colin Escott with a complete discography and hundreds of photos, many previously unpublished. The other is a book about Johnny Horton, handwritten by his mother in the months after his death, never seen before until now!
    •    All completely remastered for unbelievably clear, vibrant sound.

    This Is It!

    In 1981, we at Bear Family issued our first Johnny Horton LP. It set us upon a journey that ends here with the absolutely guaranteed definitive Johnny Horton set. This is the set that an artist of Johnny Horton's stature deserves, and a set that was unimaginable in 1981. Some know Horton for his rockabilly records like Honky Tonk Man, One Woman Man, Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor, Wild One, etc. Some know him for his saga songs like North To Alaska and of course Battle Of New Orleans. They're all here, of course, but there's so much more.

    All of Horton's early recordings are here, including his first single from 1950 … a single so rare that only one copy is known to exist. We didn't even know about it until a couple of years back. Then there are the Cormac, Abbott, Mercury, SESAC, and Columbia recordings, all restored to pristine sound quality. The Abbott overdubs have been included as well as all of Horton's known demo recordings. Horton was a songwriter for American Music, and we've gathered all the songwriting demos for American with many others that have recently come to light.

    Then there are the books: two 288-page hardcover books. The first is a biography by Colin Escott that represents a considerable update of the 1990 book that accompanied our first Johnny Horton boxes. Hundreds of new photos have come to light, too, and we've included those. The second book is an incredible rarity. In the months after Horton's tragic death, his mother wrote a memoir of him in longhand. It's not a sophisticated work, but it's touching and full of so much details that we never knew. In his mother's words, Horton lives again for us.

    That's why we say, This Is It!

    170,00 €
  11. Sealed With A Kiss and All The Greatest Hits 1960-1962 (2CD)

    Hyland Brian:
    Sealed With A Kiss and All The Greatest Hits 1960-1962 (2CD) (CD)

    Brian Hyland was one of a handful of pre-Beatles teen idols who ruled American airwaves in the early 60s. This is the most comprehensive collection of Brian Hyland's early work ever released including all of his international chart hits.Features three complete original albums and both sides of all his singles from 1960 to 1962.All the classic hits like, 'Sealed with a Kiss', 'Ginny Come Lately', 'Warmed Over Kisses' and of course 'Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini' are included.Brian Hyland continued to have success into the 70s and is still performing today.Fully detailed liner notes.
    15,00 €
  12. The Essential Collection 2CD

    The Essential Collection 2CD (CD)

    Plucked from obscurity by legendary producer Joe Meek, the blonde bassist for The Tornados, Heinz, gathered incomparable respect and a huge following from a solo career laced with chart hits.This completistscompilation features Heinz's four chart hits including Just Like Eddie, Country Boy andYou Were There as well as rare cuts and unreleased material from his golden period of 1963 -66 including 5 stunning BBC sessions and unheard Christmas singles!
    10,00 €
  13. L'Essentiel Des Albums 2 (13 CD Boxset)

    Hallyday Johnny:
    L'Essentiel Des Albums 2 (13 CD Boxset) (CD)

    Ranskan Rock Kunkun albumit v. 1981-2005 + Bonus CD!!!
    45,00 €
  14. L'Essentiel Des Albums 1 (13 CD Boxset)

    Hallyday Johnny:
    L'Essentiel Des Albums 1 (13 CD Boxset) (CD)

    1961-1979 albumit + special albumi. Ranskan Rock kunkku!
    45,00 €
  15. The Very Best Of 2CD

    Hallyday Johnny:
    The Very Best Of 2CD (CD)

    Johnny Hallyday was the pin-up for a generation and remains a French showbiz icon. His 50-plus-year career that continues today has seen him sell more than 100 million records, French language-versions of American rock songs that won him the reputation as the French Elvis. As this compilation from his breakthrough early-Sixties years shows, he was much more than that. Vive la différence!
    10,00 €
  16. North to Alaska and Other Great Hits - The Early Album Collection 2CD

    Horton Johnny:
    North to Alaska and Other Great Hits - The Early Album Collection 2CD (CD)

    Johnny Horton was one of the best and most popular honky tonk singers of the late '50s and this superb super value 2CD set, with no less than 60 wonderful tracks, is the most comprehensive package outside of a box set.Includes all the UK and US hit singles up to his tragic death in 1960. Some of the highlights: 'The Battle of New Orleans' and 'North to Alaska' really show off his iconic international hit making prowess!This collection runs from spectacularly raucous rockabilly through to country ballads and novelty hits and is quite simply a must have for fans of Johnny Horton and this genre.
    15,00 €
  17. Mississippi Rockers

    Harris Ray and Friends:
    Mississippi Rockers (CD)

    Another volume on our regional rock 'n' roll collections exploding the recordings of Ray Harris and Jimmy Wages and other early Magnolia State Rockers.

    Once Elvis' releases on Sun Records began to make some noise, his North Mississippi origins became known and this encouraged other emerging local talents to trek across the state line. This volume on our regional Rock And Roll series is about that first wave of Mississippi rockers.
    15,00 €
  18. The Ballads Of

    Hawkins Ronnie:
    The Ballads Of (CD)

    he very best of Ronnie's exquisite ballads for Roulette, Hawk, Cotillion, Monument and Quality. A career-spanning compilation which includes the John Lennon-endorsed 'Down In The Alley' - a US chart entry - and Canadian best-sellers like 'Bluebirds Over The Mountain' and '(Stuck In) Lodi'. Surprisingly sensitive singing from the wild man of rock 'n' roll. This is why Elvis listened to the performer they still call 'Mr Dynamo'. Brilliant interpretations of heartbreaking songs from America's greatest tunesmiths including Hank Williams, Tim Hardin and Bob Dylan. The very best back up musicians with appearances by Levon Helm, Hank Garland, Duck Dunn and slide guitar maestro Duane Allman. -- Ronnie Hawkins's superlative rockabilly and rock 'n' roll tracks are already available on 'Ronnie Hawkins Rocks' (BCD 16873), an absolute must-have for all rock 'n' roll fans and anyone else who might wonder where The Band learned their trade. In short, the man is a demigod to hard core greasers. This set, however, is distinguished by Hawkins's warm, fluid and sensual singing on wonderful songs by America's greatest songwriters including Hank Williams, Kris Kristofferson, Jesse Winchester, Tim Hardin and Bob Dylan. -- It's not what Hawkins is famous for but you'll be moved by his flair for carrying slower melodies of unparalleled beauty and his graceful mastery of melancholic and highly evocative songs. 'One More Night' wrote 'Rolling Stone' 'is shockingly good. Hawkins's voice slides over the lyrics like liquid over glass. His taste and timing are impeccable. The definition of finesse'. -- One More Night is here, along with another 29 examples of country, folk and blues ballads at their underrated best.
    20,00 €
  19. The Dynamic-Early Album Collection 2CD

    Hawkins Ronnie:
    The Dynamic-Early Album Collection 2CD (CD)

    Ronnie Hawkins, AKA Mr Dynamo, is a hugely respected American born, Canadian based rocker, and here we present his first four albums in one package for the first time ever!

    Features his hits 'Forty Days' and 'Mary Lou'. Despite his lack of regular hits Hawkins is considered one the most important of all rock and roll performers.

    His backing band The Hawks who feature on several of these tracks went on to work for Bob Dylan as The Band.
    15,00 €
  20. Live It Up!

    Head Roy And The Traits:
    Live It Up! (CD)

    Sixteen song roundup of the earliest recordings by inimitable Texas madman Roy Head along with the original Traits! These 1958 -62 sides include all the group's wild TNT and Renner singles!
    17,00 €

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