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50's Rockabilly / R'n'R

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  1. I'm Gonna Love You Too / Listen To Me
  2. Peggy Sue EP
  3. They Shined Up Rudolph's Nose / The Electrified Donkey
  4. Rockin' Around The World EP
  5. Sandy, The 45s and More, 1959-1962

    Hall Larry:
    Sandy, The 45s and More, 1959-1962 (CD)

    This is the first U.K. compilation of Larry Hall's complete catalogue of work released between 1959 and 1962.

    'Sandy' remains his one American hit, making number 15 in 1959 and was released in the U.K. on Parlophone. His second U.K. release is also included, one that was released on the short-lived Salvo label.

    The tracks include early songs by Burt Bacharach as well as Hall's version of Jerry Lordan's U.K. hit 'I'll Stay Single'. Other songs come from the pens of industry stalwarts Aaron Schroeder and Wally Gold, Russ Regan and George Motola.

    The package includes detailed notes tracing Larry Hall's origins and his career in music.

    All the tracks have been re-mastered and are now available in the best sound quality possible.

    15,00 €
  6. My Kind of Rocking - The Unsung Rock 'N' Roll / R&B Guitarist & Arranger, 1950-1960

    Hall René :
    My Kind of Rocking - The Unsung Rock 'N' Roll / R&B Guitarist & Arranger, 1950-1960 (CD)

    Rene Hall is quite possibly the most underrated musician in America's pop and blues history.

    As a guitarist he is certainly amongst the very best and is as equally important as an arranger and conductor on myriad classic pop, rock and R&B recordings to come out of Los Angeles.

    Jasmine have chosen to feature as many of Rene's recordings released under his own name as possible at the expense of his contributions to scores of hit records that are easily available today on digital services, CD and vinyl.

    Covering just one decade of his career in the studio from 1950 - 1960 these 29 excellent recordings run the gamut of Blues, Jazz and Rock and Roll.

    Hopefully this compilation may in some small way redress the balance bringing this man's remarkable career back into the perspective it so truly deserves.

    Fully detailed liner notes.

    15,00 €
  7. You Break Me Up / I Aint' Givin' Up Nothin' (If I Can't Get Something From You)
  8. The Mystery Of Dennis Herrold 10"LP + CD

    Herrold Dennis:
    The Mystery Of Dennis Herrold 10"LP + CD (10``LP)

    10"LP 25cm, plus bonus CD

    Dennis Herrold - short-lived comet in rockabilly heaven!
    The mystery of Dennis Herrold is finally solved with this release!
    The 10inch LP contains the five tracks Dennis Herrold recorded for Imperial, including an alternative version of Hip Hip Baby and the previously completely unreleased Don't Push Away as well as Make With The Lovin' (the released single was faded out) in full length.
    For the first time on vinyl there is the unreleased track Boppin' In The Dark, written by Dub Dickerson, who recorded the song at that time.
    All tracks of the LP plus bonus material are also available on the enclosed CD!
    Extensive liner notes were written by rock 'n' roll expert and music journalist Alex Petrauskas, who did meticulous research with Nico Feuerbach and Mark Lee Allen to trace and conclusively illustrate the biography of Dennis Herrold.
    Dennis Herrold, one of the great unknowns of Rockabilly history! Until now, hardly anything was known about his life and career as a musician. This will change radically with the release of his Imperial recordings from 1957 as part of this vinyl/CD combination on Bear Family!
    Together with the music journalist Alex Petrauskas, Mark Lee Allen and Nico Feuerbach did thorough field research and Mark Lee Allen established contact with the Herrold family. After several interviews with family members, they were able to draw the most detailed picture of Dennis Herrold's life so far.
    The short-lived comet in the sky of Rockabilly was born in Virgina in 1927 and died in New Mexico at the age of 74. In late 1957, at the time of his only session for Imperial Records, Herrold lived with his wife Erma Lee in Dallas, Texas.
    Bear Family released Dennis Herrold's You Arouse My Curiosity on the 12th release in the 'That'll Flat Git It!' series in 1997. More than 20 years later, the rest of the 8 numbers he recorded for Imperial followed.
    The accompanying CD also contains several bonus tracks. With the completely newly researched liner notes, previously unknown details and facts from Herrolds life are made available to a Rock 'n' Roll public for the first time! And you can see the first confirmed photos of Dennis Herrold ...!
    25,00 €
  9. The Sound Of The Crickets EP
  10. Skokiaan (South African Song) / Puerto Rican Peddler
  11. Whoa Mabel! / Chiquita Linda (Un Poquito De Tu Amor)
  12. Real Rock Drive / Yes Indeed
  13. Lovin` Bug / Teenage Dolly

    Hawkins Dale:
    Lovin` Bug / Teenage Dolly (7 single/EP)

    Viimeisen päälle komia single. Ltd 300 copies ONLY!
    15,00 €
  14. Countrywise (Clear vinyl)

    Holly Buddy:
    Countrywise (Clear vinyl) (10``LP)

    BEAR FAMILY Vinyl Club Exclusive - Limited collector's edition, order now from Bear Family's Shop and Mailorder
    10inch LP (limited edition - colored vinyl) in our 11000-series.
    Extremely rare Dutch 10" album release from 1965.
    At that time, only a few hundred copies were pressed by Deutsche Grammophon .
    For a long time it was unclear whether there was 'legal' release or just a bootleg that circulated in the 1980s.
    Duo recordings of Bob Montgomery and Buddy Holly from 1954/55, released on the Dutch Coral-Label as 10"LP.
    The two bonus tracks on our re-issue are written by Bob Montgomery.
    Reproduction of the rare original album cover art, designed for the Durtch market
    Painstakingly remastered for highest fidelity and pressed on high quality vinyl!
    Limited to 500 copies pressed on color vinyl
    Was this album really released in the mid-1960s in the Netherlands? For a long time collectors suspected that there was no legitimate 1965 Buddy Holly 10"LP at all, but only a cruel sounding bootleg album.
    At the latest with Bear Family's re-release of the Coral album from Holland, it's obvious: we're talking about a legally flawless record, which must have been pressed in an extremely small edition.
    ’Countrywise' contains eight C&W songs recorded by Buddy Holly and Bob Montgomery during 1954/55, long before the era of rock 'n' roll and Buddy's first major chart success, That'll Be The The Day from 1957. Two or three years earlier, two teenagers had fun playing guitar and singing Country & Western tunes. Also together with Bob, Buddy appeared for the first time at a local radio station in Texas, in the 'Buddy & Bob Show'.
    With the exception of I Wanna Play House that Buddy sings alone, these songs are duo recordings of Buddy and Bob. Later, Bob wrote Heartbeat (NC 93281) for Buddy, and Buddy's latest success, Love's Made A Fool Of You You (NC 93810), was the result of the collaboration of the two. The songs on this LP were recorded at home with a standard tape recorder. Bassist Larry Welborn was part of the original three-piece line-up.  
    The accompaniment, as we hear it here and now, is for the most part the work of Norman Petty, Buddy's former A&R agent. With the help of the Fireballs he put a new sound carpet behind Buddy's singing. We hope you like Buddy Holly ’Countrywise’.
    27,00 €
  15. Don't Knock The Rock (Clear)

    Haley Bill And His Comets:
    Don't Knock The Rock (Clear) (10``LP)

    10''LP, limited edition - transparent vinyl, 10 single tracks.

    ·      Unique 10inch in the 11000 LP collector series.
    ·      Reissue of the rare Australian 10inch LP Festival FR10-1226 from 1957.
    ·      Plus 2 bonus tracks!
    ·      Reproduction of the rare original cover.
    ·      Carefully remastered for this LP edition.
    ·      Pressed on high-quality vinyl!
    ·      Limited edition of 500 copies in transparent vinyl!

    27,00 €
  16. I'll Forever Love You / Chicken, Baby, Chicken
  17. Put Me Down / Johnny B.Goode
  18. The Green Door / Yeah! She's Evil
  19. Rip It Up!

    Haley Bill And His Comets:
    Rip It Up! (Käytetty LP/12)

    Alunperin Rockin The Joint (1958) julkaistu albumi.
    15,00 €
  20. Hands Off / Right Now

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