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At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight 20CD Boxset

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Genre50's Rockabilly / R'n'R,Country 40s-70s / Bluegrass,Elvis Presley


Menee sanattomaksi tämän boxin edessä! VUODEN tärkein ja varmasti paras retro julkaisu!!!! ILMESTYY VASTA 1.12. VARAUKSIA OTETAAN VASTAAN NYT!!!!!


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Levy-yhtiö Bear Family
Vuosi 2017
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At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight 20CD Boxset (CD)


20-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 224-page hardcover book (LP-size), 559 tracks. Total playing time 1,506:37 mns.


These 20 CDs comprise over 25 hours of music captured on-stage in the 1940s, ‘50s, and ‘60s at KWKH’s legendary Louisiana Hayride radio show. Staged live in Shreveport, the Hayride featured national country music stars, soon-to-be legends, regional break-outs, and talented newcomers.

Most of this music has not been heard since the day it was broadcast.


529 ‘live’ tracks including previously unknown recordings by Hank Williams.

11 ‘as live’ studio-recorded transcriptions, including Kitty Wells, Johnnie and Jack, Hank Williams, and Curley Williams.

19 studio-recorded commercial discs, including hits by Slim Whitman, the Browns, Mitchell Torok, Jim Reeves, Mac Wiseman, and Carolyn Bradshaw.

167 artists in total, including Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Johnny Horton, Webb Pierce, Faron Young, Jim Reeves, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Rose Maddox, Frankie Miller, Cousin Emmy, June Carter, Roy Acuff, the Bailes Brothers, the Oklahoma Wranglers, Norma Jean, the Browns, the Carlisles, the Louvin Brothers, Jimmy Newman, Ray Price, Roger Miller, Ferlin Husky, Warren Smith, Wynn Stewart, Grandpa Jones, Rusty and Doug Kershaw, Slim Whitman, and the Wilburn Brothers.

Hayride regulars including James O’Gwynn, Curley Williams, Red Sovine, Betty Amos, Harmie Smith, Buddy Attaway, Margie Singleton, Tony Douglas, Jack Ford, Werly Fairburn, Jeanette Hicks, Goldie Hill, Tibby Edwards, Hoot and Curley, Martha Lynn, Claude King, David Houston, Jerry Jericho, Bob Luman, Jimmy and Johnny, Merle Kilgore, Jimmy Martin, Johnny Mathis, Jimmy Lee, Charlie Walker, Billy Walker, and Dee Mullin.

All backed by the ultra-talented Hayride staff bands, including Felton Pruett, Jimmy Day, Floyd Cramer, Sonny Trammell, James Burton, D. J. Fontana, Shot Jackson, Sonny Harville, Dobber Johnson, Buffalo Yount, Don Davis, and Tillman Franks.

Time was when the Louisiana Hayride show at the Municipal Auditorium in Shreveport, Louisiana was the place for country music fans to be on a Saturday night. Just sixty cents for adults (thirty for kids) bought the finest night’s entertainment anytime, anywhere.

This set is a front-row seat as Hank Williams takes to the stage, first as a relative newcomer and later as a troubled superstar. Elvis Presley brings rockabilly to the airwaves before anyone knew what he or his music was about. A parade of home-grown and out-of-town country hitmakers tussle with one another for encores, and encourage unknown newcomers who would wow the audience with their songs and performances most nights. 

This is the first time the true magic of the iconic Louisiana Hayride has been revealed through extended excerpts from the three-hour Saturday night shows held every week from 1948 to 1960 and occasionally thereafter. 

These long-buried musical performances are brought to life in chronological order interspersed with some of the announcements, intros, ads, comedy routines and mistakes that went to make up a live show in those days. Not least, we can hear Elvis Presley’s epoch-changing music as it was originally heard--as part of a country variety show.

Eighteen CDs chronicle the weekly Hayride. Two bonus CDs sample some of the post-1960 shows together with commercial recordings made in the KWKH radio studios, promotional discs and transcribed shows from KWKH’s early days.

More Than 24 Hours Of Original Live Recordings

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Menee sanattomaksi tämän boxin edessä! VUODEN tärkein ja varmasti paras retro julkaisu!!!! ILMESTYY VASTA 1.12. VARAUKSIA OTETAAN VASTAAN NYT!!!!!


CD 1:
Hello World  WK (“Old Man”) (Henderson) - Hello World, Doggone (John McGhee With Frank Welling) - Hello World Song (Don’t You Go ‘Way) (Blind Andy) - Hello World Doggone (Jimmie Davis) - Raining On The Mountain (Johnnie & Jack) - The Singing Waterfall (Kitty Wells) - Little Cabin Home On The Hill (Johnnie & Jack) - Love Or Hate (Kitty Wells) - Dear Brother (Kitty Wells, Johnnie Wright and Hank Williams) - Time Has Proven I Was Wrong (Curley Williams & Hank Williams) - No Not Now (Curley Williams & Hank Williams) - My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It (Hank Williams) - Walking The Dog (Tex Grimsley & The Texas Playboys) - I Need You Like A Hole In The Head (Shot Jackson - Webb Pierce) - I’ve Loved You Forever It Seems (Webb Pierce) - Freight Train Blues (Buddy Attaway) - California Blues (Tillman Franks - Webb Pierce) - Hayride Boogie (Tillman Franks - Webb Pierce) - I Got Religion Saturday Night (Webb Pierce) - Hi Tone Poppa (Tillman Franks - Faron Young Vocal) - Tis Sweet To Be Remembered (Mac Wiseman) - She Knows Why (Claude King) - If The Truth Was Known (Shot Jackson) - Indian Love Call (Slim Whitman) - Mexican Joe (Jim Reeves) - Caribbean (Mitchell Torok) - A Man On The Loose (Carolyn Bradshaw) - Looking Back To See (The Browns) - If You Don’t Somebody Else Will (Jimmy and Johnny) - Rose Marie (Slim Whitman)

CD 2:
Mind Your Own Business (Hank Williams) - Listen To The Mockingbird (Johnnie & Jack and Paul Warren) - I’m A Long Gone Daddy (Hank Williams) - He Will Set Your Fields On Fire (The Bailes Brothers) - Milk Cow Blues (Zeke Clements) - Georgia Steel Guitar (Curley Williams) - I’ll Step Aside (Harmie Smith) - Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Red Sovine) - I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again (Cousin Emmy) - Comedy Routine (Johnnie & Jack As Nimrod & His Duck) - Jlly Blacksmith (aul Warren) - Shortnin’ Bread (Cousin Emmy) - Mountain Dew (Cousin Emmy’s Kinfolks String Band) - One Sided Affair (Curley Williams’ Georgia Peach Pickers) - China Boy (Curley Williams’ Georgia Peach Pickers) -  Game For Audience members (Beat The Band) - Sweeter Than (The Flowers  Brother Homer Aka Bailes Brothers) - You Go To Your Church And I’ll Go To Mine (The Bailes Brothers) - Station Identification - Whipporwill Yodel (Slim Whitman) - Somebody’s Been Beating My Time (Oklahoma Wranglers) - Wrangler Boogie (Oklahoma Wranglers) - Irma (T Texas Tyler) - Wondering (Webb Pierce) - Water Baby Blues (Lucky Bob Davis) - The Good Lord Must Have Sent You (Faron Young)

CD 3:
I'm Throwing Rice (Eddy Arnold) - Cattle Call (Eddy Arnold) - Hayride Ad Sales Pitch (Horace Logan) - Intro Theme - Jimmy's Boogie (Jimmy Lee) - Why Talk To My Heart (Goldie Hill) - Mountain Dew (The Rhythm Harmoneers) - No Muss, No Fuss, No Bother (Tommy Trent ) - I Hate To Lose You Darlin' (Jerry Green) - Jambalaya (Hank Williams) - Out Theme And Announcements - The Land Just Over The Stars (The Maddox Brothers & Rose) - That's Me Without You (& Jax Beer Ad And Logan Talk) (Red Sovine) - I Ain't Sittin’ Where I Was (Tommy Hill) - Blowin' And Goin' (Jimmy Lee) - No Interest (Hillbilly Barton) - Don't Send No More Roses (Goldie Hill) - Too Old To Cut The Mustard (Bill Carlisle) - How To Get Married (Ginny Wright) -  That's All Right (& Lucky Strike Talk And Intro) (Elvis Presley) - Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Elvis Presley) - Black Mountain Rag (Dobber Johnson) - Much Too Young To Die (Tibby Edwards) - Cry Cry Darlin' (Jimmy Newman) - Hearts Of Stone (Elvis Presley) - Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Elvis Presley) - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (Elvis Presley) - Little Mama (Elvis Presley) - Shake Rattle And Roll (Elvis Presley) - Lips That Kiss So Sweetly (& Gladewater Intro And History) (Jimmy Lee & Wayne Walker) - Draggin' Main Street (The Browns)

CD 4:
Red Eyed And Rowdy (Jim Reeves) - Tweedlee Dee (& Talk And Outro) (Elvis Presley) - Blue Darling (Jimmy Newman) - Just Like In The Movies (Jeanette Hicks) - Yes Ma'am, Ma (Betty Amos) - I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (Elvis Presley) - Ida Red (Bill Peters) - Which One Of Us Is To Blame (Billy Walker & Jeanette Hicks) - Gone With The Wind This Morning (Johnny Horton) - You Get What You Pay For (& Talk About Future Shows) (Hoot & Curley) - Lucky Strike Ad (Jeanette Hicks and Hoot & Curley) - Ain't That A Shame (Jeanette Hicks) - Baby Let's Play House (Elvis Presley) - Maybellene (Elvis Presley) - Floyd And Jimmy Boogie (Floyd Cramer & Jimmy Day) - Yonder Comes A Sucker (Jim Reeves) - Squaws Along The Yukon (David Houston) - I Can't Keep The Girls Away (Billy Walker) - Hey Porter (Johnny Cash) - Luther Played The Boogie (Johnny Cash) - Stay Close To Me (& Theme And Logan 'Genial' Talk) (Werly Fairburn) - Ivory Tower (Betty Amos) - Honky Tonk Man (& Talk About State Fair) (Johnny Horto) - Standing At The Station (Hoot & Curley and Jack Ford) - Loose Talk (Gary Bryant) - Slippin' And Slidin' (Jeanette Hicks) - Talk And Outro - Bill Cheatham (& Talk About Fiddle Tunes) (Dobber Johnson) - I Want To Tell All The World (Jimmy Newman)

CD 5:
San Antonio Rose (Sonny Trammell) - I Want To Be Loved (& Talk About Louisiana Hayride And State Fair) (Betty Amos) - So Doggone Lonesome (Johnny Cash) - You Gotta Be My Baby (& Theme And Frank Page) (George Jones) - My Blue Heaven (Jeanette Hicks) - I Walk The Line (Johnny Cash) - Dear Mary (Slim Whitman) - Old Time Religion (Hoot & Curley and Jack Ford) - Come Back To Me (Jimmy Newman) - The Waltz Of The Angels (Benny Barnes) - The Next Voice You Hear (Benny Barnes) - Why Baby Why (George Jones) - Tall Men (Rose Maddox) - It’s Heaven (& Theme And Talk About Ark-La-Tex Show) (Werly Fairburn) - As Long As I’m Moving (Betty Amos) - Mansion In The Sky (Hoot & Curley and Jack Ford) - One Woman Man (Johnny Horton) - Beautiful Brown Eyes (Jeanette Hicks & Jack Ford) - Y’All Come (Buddy Attaway) - Searching (Jeanette Hicks) - Hasta Luego (David Houston) - I’m Goin’ Huntin’ Tonight (Martha Lynn) - Seasons Of My Heart (& Intro About 9th Year) (Jimmy Newman) - Bo Weevil (Jeanette Hicks) - Muleskinner Blues (Buzz Busby) - Poor Man’s Riches (Benny Barnes)

CD 6:
Everybody’s Rocking (Werly Fairburn) - Outro And Theme - Since I Met You Baby (& Intro Logan) (Jack Ford) - I Dreamed (Betty Amos) - Billboard Song (The Geezinslaw Brothers) - Singin’ The Blues (The Geezinslaw Brothers) - Yearning (Jeanette Hicks & James O’Gwynn) - I’m Tired (Rusty & Lita Carson) - My Heart’s On Fire (Werly Fairburn) - Speak To Me Baby (Werly Fairburn) - We’ll Never Say Goodbye, Just So Long (Bob Gallion) - Hey Mr Bartender (Bob Gallion) - Walking And Crying With The Blues (Tibby Edwards) - Live And Let Live (Johnny Mathis) - What Will Your Answer Be? (King Sterling) - You’re Still Mine (Jack Ford) - Not Sure Of You (Jack Ford) - Playing Dominoes And Shooting Dice (James O’Gwynn) - I Guess I’m Crazy (Werly Fairburn) - Sweet Love On My Mind (Jimmy & Johnny) - I’m Coming Home (Johnny Horton) - Not Like I Did Before (Johnny Horton) - You Gotta Have A Heartbreak (& Outro) (Bob Gallion) - Working On A Building (The Jordanaires) - Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley) - I Was The One (Elvis Presley)

CD 7:
Don’t Be Cruel (Elvis Presley) - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (Elvis Presley) - Long Tall Sally (Elvis Presley) - Horace Logan Announcements (And Elvis Has Left The Building) - Orange Blossom Special (The Geezinslaw Brothers) - Bile ‘Em Cabbage Down (& Intro) (Buffalo Yount) - I’ll Do It Every Time (Jimmy & Johnny) - Lonely Street (Carl Belew) - Lonesome Letter Blues (Jack Ford) - Little Maggie (& Talk And Theme out) (The Hayriders) - I’ll Do It Every Time (Johnny Horton) - I Can’t Live Without Love (Martha Lynn) - Do You Miss Me? (James O’Gwynn) - Loose Talk (Betty Amos) - Heaven’s Just A Prayer Away (Jack Ford & the Four B’s) - What You Doin’ To Me? (Jimmy & Johnny) - Outro And Theme - I Cry (& Intro Theme) (James O’Gwynn) - Devil’s Dream (Buffalo Yount) - Let Me Talk To You (Martha Lynn) - I’ll Be Lonesome When You’re Gone (Linda Brannon) - That’ll Be The Day (& Intro And Theme) (The Four B’s) - Take The Long Way Home Tonight (Johnny Horton) - Sugar Time (Charlie Phillips) - Flatfoot Sam (Tommy Blake) - Outro And Theme - You Are The One (Carl Smith) - Honeycomb (& Intro & Frank Page) (Johnny Mathis) - John Henry /(Johnny Horton) - Love Bug Crawl (Jimmy Edwards) - Outro & Theme

CD 8:
Two Little Hearts (& Intro theme) (James O’Gwynn) - Stop The World And Let Me Off (Carl Belew & The Four B’s) - Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor (Johnny Horton) - Somebody Else Is Taking My Place (Mallie Ann & Slim) - Swamp Fever (Dobber Johnson) - Big River (Johnny Cash) - Making Plans (The Osborne Brothers) - Old Blue Monday (& Theme And Intro) (Tony Douglas) - It Takes A Whole Lot Of Lovin’ (Ann Jones) - Hit Parade Of Love (Jimmy Martin) - Got A Lot Of Livin’ To Do (Lucy Lynn) - When They Ring Them Golden Bells (Mallie Ann & Slim) - Pike County Breakdown (Jimmy Martin & Dobber Johnson And JD Crowe) - Outro Talk And Theme - Intro And Theme - Careless Hands (& Talk Marking 520 Broadcasts) (Slim Whitman) - Oo Wee Baby (Jerry Kennedy) - I Gotta Know (Betty Amos) - There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight (Werly Fairburn) - Sophronie (& Outro Theme) (Jimmy Martin) - Ocean Of Diamonds (& Theme And Intro Of 10th Anniversary Show) (Jimmy Martin) - Conchita Of Laredo (& Talk About Night Format) (Martha Lynn) - Cajun Pete Jingle for Dr Tichenor (Jerry Jericho) - Teenage Love Is Misery (Jerry Kennedy) - Be Bop A Lula (Jerry Kennedy) - Teddy (Margie Singleton) - Texas Playboy Rag (& Talk About Elvis Telegram) (The Hayride Band) - In The Jailhouse Now (& Talk About Logan) (Webb Pierce) - Love Love Love (Webb Pierce) - I Don’t Care (Webb Pierce)

CD 9:
I Saw The Light (& Talk About Anniversary Picture) (Johnny Bailes) - I Heard The Bluebirds Sing (The Browns) - Ain’t No Way In The World (The Browns) - The Man In The Moon (The Browns) - If You Ain’t Lovin’ You Ain’t Livin’ (& Talk About History) (Faron Young) - Sweet Dreams (Faron Youn) - I’ve Got Five Dollars And It’s Saturday Night (Faron Young) - Rosalee’s Gonna Get Married (Faron Young) - Family Reunion (Smokey Stover) - Come Home, It’s Suppertime (Jimmie Davis) - My Lord Will Lead Me Home (Jimmie Davis) - You Are My Sunshine (Jimmie Davis) - Encore (Jimmie Davis) - Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me (Bob Shelton) - Angel Hands (Margie Singleton) - Face To The Wall (Margie Singleton) - The Same Old Me (Johnny Mathis) - Knee Deep In The Blues (Melvin Endsley) - Singin’ The Blues (Melvin Endsley) - Jambalaya (Melvin Endsley) - The End Of My World (& Jingle) (Martha Lynn) - So Used To Lovin’ You (& 10th Anniversary Ads) (Ray Jackson) - Slowly (Webb Pierce) - In The Jailhouse Now (Webb Pierce & Buddy Attaway) - It’ll Take A While (Billy Walker) - Love Is A Precious Thing (Bob Luman) - I Miss You Already (Faron Young)

CD 10:
I’m Gonna Live Some Before I Die (Faron Young) - What Do You Know About Heartaches? (James O’Gwynn & Johnny Mathis) - Ny Bucket’s Got A Hole In It (& Intro Theme And Line-Up Talk) (Johnny Horton) - Sophronie (Jimmy Martin) - Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyeballs (Homer & Jethro) - Nine Pound Hammer (The Four B’s) - I Want To Be Happy (Mallie Ann Harbert) - Orange Blossom Special (Dobber Johnson) - Talk And Outro Theme - I Feel Better All Over (& Theme And Page Talking About First New Series) (Ferlin Husky) - Gone (Ferlin Husky) - Country Music Is Here To Stay (Ferlin Husky As Simon Crum) - Jambalaya (& Intro About Friendliest City) (Johnny Horton) - First Date (& Horton Introduces Dee & Patty) (Dee & Patty) - Skip Hop And Wobble (Jimmy Martin) - Somebody Touched Me (Jimmy Martin) - Outro - Hayride Intro Theme - Talk To Me Lonesome Heart (James O’Gwynn) - Alabama Jubilee (Ferlin Husky) - Once More (The Four B’s) - I’ve Got The World In My Arms (Tony Douglas) - I Want To Be Where You’re Gonna Be Tonight (Margie Singleton) - Intro And KWKH Theme - Nothing Can Stop Me (George Jones) - Color Of The Blues (George Jones) - Wherever You Are (Linda Brannon) - Candy Kisses (George Morgan) - Everytime I’m Kissing You (Faron Young) - Blue Blue Day (Margie Singleton) - Live Fast Love Hard Die Young (Faron Young)

CD 11:
Alone With You (& Intro Theme And Talk) (Faron Young) - I Can’t Find The Doorknob (Jimmy & Johnny) - You’re The Nearest Thing To Heaven (Margie Singleton & The Four B’s) - Mansion Over The Hilltop (Faron Young & The Four B’s) - Down By The Riverside ( Jimmy & Johnny) - I’m Ragged But I’m Right (George Jones  - Horton And Outro - Hayride Theme Intro - Invitation To The Blues (James O’Gwynn) - Would You Care (The Browns) - Sunny Side Of The Mountain (Jimmy Martin) - Talk And Outro - Theme And Intro - I’d Just Be Fool Enough (Melvin Endsley) - My Baby’s Not Here In Town Tonight (Carl Belew) - When The Saviour Reached Down (& Outro) (Jimmy Martin) - Honky Tonk Man (& Theme And Intro) (Johnny Horton) - Cash On The Barrelhead (Louvin Brothers) - My Baby Is Gone (Louvin Brothers) - I Can’t Help Wondering (Margie Singleton & the Four B’s) - Pick Me Up On Your Way Down (Charlie Walker) - Let The Whole World Talk (Jimmy Newman) - What A Friend We Have In Jesus (Jimmy Newman) - Announcements And Outro - You’re The Only Good Thing (Ernest Tubb) - Walking The Floor Over You (Ernest Tubb) - Traveling Blues (Ernest Tubb) - I’ll Sail My Ship Alone (Ray Price) -  Oklahoma Hills (Ray Price) - How Many (Jim Reeves) - Waitin’ For A Train (Jim Reeves)

CD 12:
Have I Told You Lately (Jim Reeves) - According To My Heart (Jim Reeves) - Lonely Night (Johnny Mathis) - Grin And Bear It (Johnny Mathis) - Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes (Margie Singleton) - Rock Hearts (Jimmy Martin) - Jimmie Brown The Newsboy (Jimmy Martin) - Alone At The Harbor (The Gays ) - The Lady And The Gambler (Norma Jean Beasler) - I Like Mountain Music (Roy Acuff) - Somebody’s Back In Town (The Wilburn Brothers) - You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Country (Shot Jackson) - I Cried Again (June Webb) - How Beautiful Heaven Must Be (Roy Acuff) - Smoke Along The Track (Don Helms) - Traveling The Highway Home (Roy Acuff) - Tragic Romance (Johnny Mathis) - Hang Your Head In Shame (Johnny Mathis) - Running Wild (Johnny Mathis & Carla Cates) - Lost Indian (& Intro) (Dobber Johnson) - Mona Lisa (Merle Kilgore) - I Don’t Mind Saying (Charlie Walker) - The Eyes Of Love (Margie Singleton) - Jambalaya (Margie Singleton) - Boot Heel Drag (Felton Pruett) - If I Find My Dream Girl (Doug Bragg) - Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy (& Intro ID) (Charlie Walker) - I’ll Catch You When You Fall (Charlie Walker)

CD 13:
Love Has Made You Beautiful (Merle Kilgore, Margie Singleton & Jimmy Jay) - Almost Lonely (Doug Bragg) - Country Girl (Johnny Mathis) - Family Man (& Talk And Station ID Harlingen Texas) (Frankie Miller) - Tears Of Tomorrow (James O’Gwynn) - Just Keep It Up (The Gays) - Johnny Reb (Johnny Horton) - Under Your Spell Again (Frankie Miller) - Am I That Easy To Forget (Carl Belew) - Sal’s Got A Sugar Lip (Johnny Horton) - Springtime In Alaska (Johnny Horton) - Battle Of New Orleans (& Talk About Top Disc Of The Year) (Johnny Horton) - I’m Ragged But I’m Right (& Intro) (Frankie Miller ) - The Kind Of Love I Can’t Forget (Dean Evans) - My Baby Walks All Over Me (David Houston) - Red Cadillac And A Black Mustache (& Intro) (Bob Luman) - Dancing Shoes (Rusty & Doug Kershaw) - Love Me To Pieces (Rusty & Doug Kershaw) - Long Gone Lonesome Blues (& Intro) (Tony Douglas) - Big Harlan Taylor (Frankie Miller) - Running Gun (Dee Mullin) - Woman’s Intuition (Buddy & Bob) - Mansion Over The Hilltop (The Gays) - Who’s Gonna Chop My Baby’s Kindling When I’m Gone (Jerry Jericho) - Faded Love (Jerry Jericho) - The Honeymoon Is Over (Frankie Miller) - Blackland Farmer (Frankie Miller)

CD 14:
Liberty (& Intro Theme) (Dobber Johnson) - Same Old Tale The Crow Told Me (& Talk) (Johnny Horton) - Flip Flop And Fly (Jay Chevalier) - May You Never Be Alone (Jimmy Lee) - Cocaine Blues (Jimmy Lee) - Hole In My Pirogue (Johnny Horton) - Whispering Pines (Johnny Horton) - My Home In San Antone (Marion Worth) - Mary Don’t You Weep (Frankie Miller) - Devil’s Dream (& Intro Theme) (Lump Lump Boys) - Have I Waited Too Long (Elsie Holly) - I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight (Elsie Holly) - Money Side Of Life (Frankie Miller) - Two Little Hearts (& Talk) (Carla Cates) - Reunion (With Dinner On The Ground) (Frankie Miller) - The Bottle Or Me (Connie Hall) - Standing At The End Of My World (Dean Evans) - Somebody’s Always Pushing Me (Jerry Jericho) - I Saw The Light (Tony Douglas, Frankie Miller and Dee Mullin) - I’m The Girl In The USA (Connie Hall) - Tennessee Wagoner (& Intro Theme) (Dobber Johnson) - Someone Sweet To Love (James O’Gwynn) - If I Don’t Love You Grits Ain’t Groceries (James O’Gwynn) - That’s The Way I Feel (Roger Miller) - Geisha Girl (Lawton Williams) - I Don’t Care Who Knows (Lawton Williams)

CD 15:
Your House Is Not A Home (Roger Miller) - Oh Boy (Jerry Jericho) - Mind Your Own Business (Jerry Jericho) - Big Harlan Taylor (Roger Miller) - Billy Bayou (Roger Miller) - I’d Rather Stay Home (Elsie Holly) - Just A Closer Walk With Thee (The Gays) - I Wonder Just When That Will Be (The Gays) - Too Much Water (George Jones) - Accidentally On Purpose (George Jones) - Which One Of Us Is To Blame? (The Hooper Twins) - Running Bear (The Gays) - Treasure Of Love (George Jones) - Sparklin’ Brown Eyes (George Jones) - Long Tall Sally (George Jones) - Red Sails In The Sunset (Vera & Verna Gay) - Talk About Next Week In Texas And Outro Theme - Alone With You (& Intro From Brownwood, Texas) (Dee Mullin) - Playboy Rag (The Hayride Band) - I Just Can’t Stand These Blues (Jack Newman) - Nobody Loves A Broken Heart (Dean Evans) - Above And Beyond (The Chimes) - Free Me (From The Blues) (The Chimes) - Two Hoots And A Holler (Carla Cates) - Anytime (Jamup & Honey)

CD 16:
Wishful Thinking (& Intro Band) (James O’Gwynn) - Party Doll (The Gays) - Who’ll Be The First (Joe Janka) - That’s All I Got From You (James O’Gwynn) - Streamlined Cannonball (The Chimes) - The Same Two Lips (Tony Douglas) - Among Your Souvenirs (Jerry Jericho) - Theme And Intro - You’re Not The Same Anymore (The Hooper Twins) - Big Midnight Special (Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper) - The One You Slip Around With (Elsie Holly) - Same Old Tale The Crow Told Me (Bill Carlisle) - No Help Wanted (Bill Carlisle) - Just One Time (Dee Mullin) - Uh Huh Honey (Ken Marvin) - Mountain Dew (Grandpa Jones) - Cotton Eyed Joe (& Theme and Cast) (Dobber Johnson) - I’m Walkin’ (Bob Luman) - Lonely Weekends (Bob Luman) - May You Never Be Alone (Elsie Holly) - Gotta Travel On (Jerry Jericho) - Head Over Heels In Love With You (The Bennett Brothers) - Earl’s Breakdown (The Bennett Brothers) - Baby When The Sun Goes Down (& Intro And Theme) (Tony Douglas) - Tater Pie (Bob Shelton & The Jones Junction Gang) - I Didn’t Know The Gun Was Loaded (Mallie Ann)

CD 17:
One Guy Today, Another Tomorrow (Margaret Lewis) - Bring My Blue Eyed Boy To Me (Margaret Lewis) - She’s Gone (Frankie Miller) - How Can You Refuse Him Now? (Tony Douglas, Frankie Miller and Dee Mullin) - You Said You Love Me (Margaret Lewis) - Goin’ To St Louie (Margaret Lewis) - Nobody’s Darlin’ But Mine (Johnny Sea) - Outro And Messages - Old Joe Clark (& Theme) (Dobber Johnson) - Thunder And Lightning (Tony Douglas) - Why I’m Walking (Frankie Miller) - 30 Days (& Ads And Intro) (June Carter) - Big Iron (June Carter) - Poems (June Carter) - Worried Man Blues (June Carter) - Baby Rocked Her Dolly (Frankie Miller) - He Don’t Love Me Anymore (June Carter) - Gotta Travel On (June Carter) - Don’t Just Stand There (Jerry Jericho) - This Song Is Just For You (Jerry Jericho) - Paper Roses (Marlene Allen) - Don’t Go Back Again (George Kent & Dee Mullin) - Before I Met You (Dorothy & David) - So Long I’m Gone (Dorothy & David)

CD 18:
Above And Beyond (Wynn Stewart) - The Keeper Of The Key (& Imitations) (Wynn Stewart) - Heartaches For A Dime (Wynn Stewart) - A Brand New Heartache (Jack Reno) - Leather Jacket (Jack Reno) - Love Has Made You Beautiful (& Intro) (Merle Kilgore) - More And More (Merle Kilgore) - Pipeliner Blues (Merle Kilgore) - Oh So Many Years (Dorothy & David) - The Moon Won’t Tell (Jack Reno) - Wonder Drug (Jack Reno) - Doggone (Johnny Harris) - Cajun Weekend (Johnny Harris) - I Won’t Love You Anymore (James O’Gwynn) - Rock ‘n’ Roll Ruby (Warren Smith) - I Don’t Believe I’ll Fall In Love Today (Warren Smith) - Ubangi Stomp (Warren Smith) - Impersonations

CD 19:
Intro Theme And Cast Introduction - Please Help Me I'm Falling ( Bobbie Jean Barton) - You Burned The Bridges (Bobbie Jean Barton) - Faded Love (The Sons Of Dixie) - My Window Faces The South (The Sons Of Dixie) - Sioux City Sue (David Houston) - It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie (Buster & Kay Doss) - Jealous Heart (Bobbie Jean Barton) - Jolie Jole (Jimmy Jay) - I Wanna Be Loved (Buster & Kay Doss) - Time Changes Everything (Dean Evans) - I Know It’s Wrong (Jerry Jericho) - May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You (Jerry Jericho) - (I’d Be) A Legend In My Time (Johnny Mathis) - Announcer And Theme Out - Intro Announcement About This Being The Last Weekly Hayride - Familiar Heartaches (Tony Douglas) - In The Jailhouse Now (& Comedy) (Buster & Kay Doss) - When I Came Thru Town (Johnny Mathis) - You’re Too Easy To Remember (James O’Gwynn) - Are You From Dixie (Grandpa Jones) - Under Your Spell Again (Dee Mullin) - Melinda (& Announcements) (Grandpa Jones) - Waiting For A Train (Grandpa Jones) - Final Weekly Sign Off

CD 20:
I Can’t Quit (Marty Robbins) - I Ain’t Gonna Let It Happen No More (Nat Stuckey) - I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven (Tex Ritter) - Teneha, Timpson, Bobo, And Blair (Tex Ritter) - Oh Lonesome Me (Don Gibson) - I Can’t Stop Loving You (Don Gibson) - I’ve Got The World By The Tail (Claude King) - I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby (Louvin Brothers) - I Can’t Keep You In Love With Me (Louvin Brothers) - Louisiana Man (Rusty & Doug) - Big Mamou (Rusty & Doug) - I'll Take Ginger And Run Away (Merle Kilgore) - You’re The Reason (Merle Kilgore) - Country Boy (Bob Shelton) - White Lightning (George McCormick) - Introduction And Theme - Lonesome Number One (Johnny Western) - Pan American (Hawkshaw Hawkins) - Twenty Miles From Shore (Hawkshaw Hawkins) - The Biggest Cry (Jean Shepard) - Life To Go (Stonewall Jackson) - Five Feet High And Rising (Stonewall Jackson) - Give My Love To Rose (& Donut Ad) (Johnny Cash) - The Rebel Johnny Yuma (Johnny Cash) - Alligator Man (Jimmy Newman) - Freight Train Blues (Roy Acuff) - The Minute You’re Gone (Sonny James) - I’m Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail (Hank Snow) - Mind Your Own Business (Loretta Ly)