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Downbound Train / Flipsville

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Limited Edition with 20 page booklet!


Tuotenumero 45883
Kuntokansi Ei
Kuntolevy Ei
Aluekoodi Ei
Formaatti 7 single/EP
Levy-yhtiö Twi-Lite Records
Vuosi 2020
Kesto Ei
Valmistusmaa Saksa

Bontempi Marcel: 
Downbound Train / Flipsville (7 single/EP)


Another two sided smash from Twi-Lite which sees Marcel take on the offbeat Chuck Berry track ‘Downbound Train’ a tale of tormented souls on a hell-bound journey to Satan central. The B-side is a scorching rendition of ‘Flipsville’ featuring some mean sax playing from Doc Puky, of Ray Collins Hot Club fame,….

This edition goes all out with a top quality sleeve (heavy guage, a 3mm spine and glossy finish) but the cherry is the 20 page booklet of Mr Bontempi’s artwork detailing the lyrics of ‘Downbound Train’ page by page.

A true collectors item in the making, as with all Twi-Lite releases there will be no repress and when they are gone, they’re gone.

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Limited Edition with 20 page booklet!