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Burn And Rise

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Tuotenumero 21122
Kuntokansi UUSI
Kuntolevy UUSI
Aluekoodi Ei
Formaatti CD
Levy-yhtiö People Like You
Vuosi 2010
Kesto Ei

Mad Sin: 
Burn And Rise (CD)


AIVAN VIIMEISEN PÄÄLLE LOISTAVA ALBUMI! OLD SCHOOL PSYCHOBILLY, ROCKABILLYÄ JA RIPAUS ALT KANTRIA, TOIMII KYBÄLLÄ! INFO ENGLISH:Mad Sin finally finished their 13th album along with their new Californian, lead guitarist Matt Vüdü (Bamboula). It's gonna be called Burn and Rise" - since their indestructible Bandleader Köfte DeVille has gone through some major personal changes, which encouraged him to lose almost 40 kilo grams, the title is more than adequate. 18 new tracks, titled like: "Last Gang Standing", "Geisterfahrer" (Ghost rider), "Wreckhouse Stomp", "The March of the Deviants", "9 Lives" or "Shitlist Bop" promise tension and also a bunch of surprises. The typical Mad Sin mix of psychobilly, rockabilly, 50's Rock'n'Roll, Country, Punk and Surf sounds fresher than ever before. Featured Artists include Sucker (Oxymoron, Bad Co.), Jack Letten (Smoke Blow), Hank (The Boss Hoss) and Marlen (Bonzai Kitten). It's gonna be a legendary record, which gives the band once more the chance to show that they think outside the box and can do a lot more than "just" rockabilly. A fest for your ears, which will not only speak to the rooted fans. Vox....................Koefte deVilleGuitar...................Matthew MillerGuitar...................Stein aka Dr.SolidoBass.....................ValleDrums...................Andy LaafVox on She's Evil and Fire (live).......Hellvis"

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  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Last Gang Standing
  • 3. Cursed
  • 4. Geisterfahrer
  • 5. 5 Wreckhouse
  • 6. 9 Lives
  • 7. Sex Love Blood n Death
  • 8. No Control
  • 9. Am I Human ?
  • 10. The March of the Deviants
  • 11. Won´t see the Sunrise anymore
  • 12. She´s Evil
  • 13. Back from the Morgue
  • 14. Shitlist Bob
  • 15. Kicked down low, get back up!
  • 16. Devils Tale
  • 17. Für immer
  • 18. They Come to take You away
  • 19. Burn and Rise !

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