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In The Key Of Heartbreak 2CD

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Genre50's Rockabilly / R'n'R


Tuotenumero 23643
Kuntokansi UUSI
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Aluekoodi Ei
Formaatti CD
Levy-yhtiö Ace
Vuosi 2011
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Donley Jimmy: 
In The Key Of Heartbreak 2CD (CD)



* Jimmy Donley lived for the moment, drank hard and died by his own hand in 1963, but his music continues to bring him new fans, almost half a century later.

* Mississippi-born Donley released barely a dozen singles in a career that spanned not much more than five years, but almost every one of those singles contains at least one classic of rock'n'roll, R&B or - primarily - swamp pop.

* This extraordinary double CD set brings together nearly every recording that Jimmy made in the last two years of his life. All were either produced by or posthumously acquired by the Texas record producer Huey P Meaux, and all are presented here - some in stereo for the first time - from freshly made transfers of the original tapes, still stored in what was once Meaux's studios in Houston.

* The As and Bs of all of Jimmy's Tear Drop singles are here on Disc One, along with several demos that Meaux overdubbed and released after Donley's death. These singles include `Think It Over', `Please Mr Sandman', `Loving Cajun Style', `I'm To Blame' and other swamp pop standbys that can still be heard regularly in jukeboxes and on the radio throughout South Louisiana.

* Disc Two will be a treat for even the most ardent Donley completists - nearly 30 home demos, including songs that Donley never recorded commercially, revivals of Louisiana R&B classics by Cookie and the Cupcakes and Fats Domino and the original versions of several hits that Jimmy wrote for his friend and fan Fats. A few of these have been released before - but the vast majority have not.

* The booklet features a plethora of label shots and many rare lyric manuscripts, in Jimmy's own handwriting never seen before.

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  • 1. A Woman's Gotta Have Her Way - As Kenny James
  • 2. Please Mr. Sandman - As Kenny James
  • 3. Honey Stop Twistin'
  • 4. Hello Remember Me
  • 5. Santa, Don't Pass Me By!
  • 6. Think It Over
  • 7. Forever Lillie Mae
  • 8. Baby, Heaven Sent Me You
  • 9. Loving Cajun Style
  • 10. You're Why I'm So Lonely
  • 11. Let Me Told You
  • 12. Just A Game
  • 13. I Really Got The Blues
  • 14. Forget The Past
  • 15. I'm Lonesome Without The Blues
  • 16. I'm To Blame
  • 17. Love Bug
  • 18. Strange, Strange Feeling
  • 19. My Forbidden Love
  • 20. Santa's Alley (Instrumental)
  • 21. Forget The Past
  • 22. I'm Lonesome Without The Blues
  • 23. I'm To Blame
  • 24. Love Bug
  • 25. Strange, Strange Feeling
  • 26. Forbidden Love
  • 1. Message To Huey/A Woman's Gotta Have Her Way - Pee Wee Maddux & Jimmy Donley
  • 2. Please Mr Sandman
  • 3. Honey Stop Twistin'
  • 4. Santa! Don't Pass Me By
  • 5. Think It Over
  • 6. Forever Lillie Mae
  • 7. Loving Cajun Style
  • 8. Let Me Told You
  • 9. Just A Game
  • 10. I Really Got The Blues
  • 11. What A Price
  • 12. Stop The Clock
  • 13. Spare Me The Details
  • 14. Mathilda
  • 15. Rockin' Bicycle
  • 16. If That's The Way You Want It
  • 17. Little Cajun
  • 18. The Domino Twist A.K.A.Dance With Mr. Domino
  • 19. Rose Mary
  • 20. It's You I'm Missing
  • 21. Our Last Goodbye
  • 22. Don't Fall In Love
  • 23. Don't You Know I Love You
  • 24. I Need You
  • 25. I Still Care
  • 26. If I Knew You Didn't Know Better
  • 27. Two Sides To The Story Of Love
  • 28. Baby, Ain't That Love
  • 29. It's Time To Say Goodbye
  • 30. I'll Keep On Movin

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