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Album Seven by Rick/ Ricky sings spirituals

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Genre50's Rockabilly / R'n'R


Tuotenumero 6326
Kuntokansi UUSI
Kuntolevy UUSI
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Formaatti CD
Levy-yhtiö EMI
Vuosi 2001
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Nelson Ricky: 
Album Seven by Rick/ Ricky sings spirituals (CD)


Vuonna 1962 julkaistu albumi. Bonuksena saman ajan single kamaa sekä hengellinen EP `Ricky Sings Sprituals` vuodelta 1959.

Nelson's final Imperial release before leaving for Decca, Album Seven was his last hurrah before his early '70s comeback with the Stone Canyon Band. The hits he scored with Decca are covers of standards, as the former teen idol aimed for adult" acceptance, a strategy that backfired with the arrival of the Beatles. The liner notes to this reissue point out that Nelson was one of the main catalysts in bringing country to rock & roll, and much of Album Seven displays a decidedly country edge, particularly in James Burton's guitar licks. The rerelease is fleshed out with bonus hits such as the self-examining "Teenage Idol" (a thematic precursor to "Garden Party") and "It's Up to You," which may have been Burton's finest moment. This is the only twofer reissue not arranged chronologically, since the second part is the 1959 Ricky Sings Spirituals EP. While not as good as the gospel music produced by his idol, Elvis Presley, the four religious cuts (including one composed by dad Ozzie) are noteworthy for the background vocals by Darlene Love & the Blossoms. --Bill Holdship"

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  • 1. Summertime
  • 2. Congratulations
  • 3. Baby you don´t know
  • 4. I can´t stop loving you
  • 5. Excuse me baby
  • 6. History of love
  • 7. Todays teardrops
  • 8. Mad mad world
  • 9. Thank you darling
  • 10. Poor loser
  • 11. Stop sneakin around
  • 12. There´s not a minute
  • 13. Everlovin
  • 14. A wonder like you
  • 15. Young world
  • 16. I´ve got my eyes on you
  • 17. It´s up to you
  • 18. Teenage idol
  • 19. I need you
  • 20. Sweet little lovable you
  • 21. Glory tain
  • 22. I bowed my head in shame
  • 23. March with the band of the Lord
  • 24. If you believe it