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Classic Album DVD - Elvis Presley

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GenreElvis Presley


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Formaatti DVD
Levy-yhtiö Eagle
Vuosi 2001
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Presley Elvis: 
Classic Album DVD - Elvis Presley (DVD)


Aivan mahtava uutuus DVD, joka keskittyy musiikissa ja haastatteluissa Elviksen ekaan albumiin. Live musiikki on pääasiassa Dorsey Show materiaalia, mutta mukana myös ennennäkemätöntä matskua.That`s The Way It Is DVD:n ohella MUST hankinta!!!!!-----------------------------------------------Elvis Presley is the fascinating story of the making of his first album for RCAVictor Records which brought about his meteoric rise to stardom when he was just 20 years old. Rare archive footage of Elvis at play is featured along with him singing classics such as Blue Suede Shoes, Shake Rattle and Roll, Heartbreak Hotel,Tutti Frutti and others.

Sam Phillips producer and founder of Sun Records, his previous label describe those groundbreaking days in Memphis when he auditioned, produced and befriended Elvis. He explains the poverty that surrounded Elvis' childhood and how black music was his inspiration along with a desire for inter-racial tensions to improve.

Rare footage illustrates Elvis' seamless stylistic delivery and the simple techniques of the day where musicians were very much on the spot. Then girlfriend Dixie Locke explains how he coped with his new found stardom when his self-titled album at RCA, far from being the flop expected by Joe Carlton (pop A and R at RCA) became their biggest seller ever with 300,000 album sales and 2 million single sales for the first single Heartbreak Hotel

In addition to the above, Scotty Moore (guitarist) and DJ Fontana (drums) describe how they helped with recording. They recall with rarely seen home video footage how they toured 400 miles a day in Elvis's pink cadillac. DJ Perryman recalls Elvis' first meeting with Colonel Parker, hinting at the mysterious relationship they were to have, and DJ Fontana describes how Elvis searched for a feeling" rather than technical perfection and reveals the dubious nature of some of the lyrics.

All this and more reveal the reasons why his self-titled album made Elvis into the superstar he became and how it is truly classic album - one that changed the look and sound of popular music.


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