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Songs From Satan's Jukebox –  Vol. 2 "Country, Rockabilly, Hillbilly & Gospel For Satan’s Sake"

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Genre50's Rockabilly / R'n'R,Country 40s-70s / Bluegrass


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Formaatti 10``LP
Levy-yhtiö Stag-O-Lee
Vuosi 2019
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Songs From Satan's Jukebox – Vol. 2 "Country, Rockabilly, Hillbilly & Gospel For Satan’s Sake" (10``LP)


Hell-O my satanic friends!
Do not listen to the evil biblical propaganda from above because you are undoubtedly worthy enough, daring enough, and ready for a second insane stroll through the devil’s carnival. For a sinful walk through this hellish fair! You feel seedy enough to secure a second devilish ticket for my fiendish ghost train!
Escape your boringly sizzling purgatory and come, hurry up and step in… come aboard, take a seat, because I’m the only one who really knows how to have a hell of a time. This place is teeming with Azrael’s many seductions:
Only here, with me, will you meet provocatively lovely ladies with sinfully luscious lips and flashing eyes that will tempt, then blow your mind.
Only here, with me, can you sip the diabolic drinks for free that reflect the malicious moonlight.
Only here, with me, can you feast on promising satanic dishes to delight the depths of your taste buds.
And only here, with me and my drunken engineers, we will again provide “legions” of breath-taking Gadara-wagons for you, lightning-fast hot-rods, arrow-fast black trains to take you straight to hell!
You only need to be prepared to bear the consequences … If you are not a spoilsport!
All the artists gathered here can sing a song about it …
From Hell with Love, Saint Satan, Old Nick…

Compiled by Emmerich Thürmer

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1. Gene Vincent – Race With The Devil
2. Cliff Carlisle & The Buckeye Boys – The Devil’s Train
3. Cowboy Copas – Don’t Shake Hands With The Devil
4. Frankie Lane – El Diablo
5. The Louvin Brothers – Satan’s Jeweled Crown
6. Johnny Bond – Let Me Go, Devil!
1. Johnny Tyler – Devil’s Hot Rod
2. Roy Acuff – The Devil’s Train
3. Lefty Frizzell – From An Angel To The Devil
4. Frankie Lane – Miss Satan
5. Don Reno & Red Smiley – Get Behind Me Satan
6. Wade Ray – Let Me Go, Devil