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  1. Same

    Same (LP)

    All tracks side one are mono. All tracks side two are stereo. All Tracks recorded between 1966-1967.

    Normaali hinta: 29,00 €

    Tarjous: 22,00 €

  2. Baile Bruja Muerto
  3. Live 65-65

    Rolling Stones:
    Live 65-65 (LP)

    Hieno albumi!
    27,50 €
  4. On Air 2LP

    Rolling Stones:
    On Air 2LP (LP)

    'The Rolling Stones as you've never heard them before: LIVE FROM THE BBC. Includes Double 180g Vinyl & Download Card'
    35,00 €
  5. Live On Air 1963-1964 - Volume One (Blue Vinyl)

    Rolling Stones:
    Live On Air 1963-1964 - Volume One (Blue Vinyl) (LP)

    Special Limited edition of 500 copies!
    23,00 €
  6. Live On Air 1963-1964 - Volume One (Picture Disc)
  7. Fan Club Album

    Fan Club Album (LP)

    * The Rationals' Fan Club Album" is legendary in collector circles as one of the rarest 60s garage artefacts known to man - only two test pressing copies are confirmed to exist. Consisting of unreleased outtakes from the bands earliest sessions in 1965 and 1966, the longplayer was intended as a farewell "thank you" to the group's loyal fanbase by the band's producer and mentor Jeep Holland, when he parted with the Rationals in late 1968.

    * Save for one cut, this Big Beat vinyl reissue reprises the album's original tracklist and running order, and the fully illustrated sleeve comes with detailed liner notes."
    18,00 €
  8. Black And White And Red All Over

    Real Bad News (Feat Deke Dickerson):
    Black And White And Red All Over (LP)

    Here´s the latest and greatest thing to come out of Sacramento since I don´t know what. It´s this mystery band called THE REAL BAD NEWS with their debut album Black & White & Red All Over". This act, which reminds us so much of the legendary UNTAMED YOUTH, can really lay down the 60´s frat thing with a lot of feeling and guts.

    They were discovered by Deke Dickerson while they opened for him in California´s capital city. Give a listen - it´s straight forward rock´n´roll with a decided bent toward the pre-BEATLES sixties (justdig all that glorious organ and tenor saophone). And man, they even have their own theme song. Not much is known about the band, but if you listen to the brilliant vocals, you seem to hear Deke Dickerson singing. Hmm, is there maybe even a closer contact between him and the band, than we all thought?! Who know´s. Fact is, that the album got engineered and produced by Deke Dickerson and that he´s written the liner notes too, so let´s listen to what he´s saying about them. " In the last couple of years, "garage rock" has made the headline with such acts as the WHITE STROKES. I haven´t really taken a fancy to any of these bands, personally. To me, they just don´t have any HEART or any SOUL. I had just about given up on this "garage rock" phenomenon until that fateful night at Old Ironsides in Sacramento, California, when a band called THE REAL BAD NEWS open up for me. These guys were awesome! They were a real garage band, but they weren´t a cookie-cutter-cover band like those 80´s Vox Wig TM bands. They wrote great original songs, like "We´re the Bad News", "Don´t get me wrong" and "Cast the fist stone". And when they did do a cover, they would take a great song like Ray Charles´ "Leave my woman alone" and turn it into a raving garage classic. The even took Faron Young´s country classic "Hello walls" and made it into a RIVIERAS-style organ frat pounder! These guys are geniuses! I decided to take this group of miscreants into the studio, to claim their own slice of the"garage rock" pie. If those guys don´t hit it big, I´ll eat my hat! They have all the necessary ingredients - Nate Forrets´s excellent singing, Henry Dantill´s blazing guitar work, Leo Sutter´s harmonies and solid rhythm guitar and of course the secret weapon, the "cuteness factor" of Billy "the Kid" Lakeson that is sure to make these guys the next HANSON. I´m telling you, these guys cannot miss! Any band who writes a song about Krispy Kreme donuts are kings in my book. I hope that you feel the same way." So you can clearly see, Deke Dickerson is mad about these guys, and I´m sure if he would not have been in the UNTAMED YOUTH, he would try to join them. A true trademark of quality this certainly is!


    13,00 €
  9. Get ReadyII

    Ready Men:
    Get ReadyII (LP)

    Upea rock`n`roll albumi. 60-luvun tiukkaa garage-rock kamaa vrt. Trashmen.
    15,00 €

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