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Live, Beyond Our Means

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GenreInstrumental - Surf - Rautalanka


Tuotenumero 33179
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Formaatti LP
Levy-yhtiö Cruchy Frog
Vuosi 2015
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Tremolo Beer Gut: 
Live, Beyond Our Means (LP)


THE TREMOLO BEER GUT are back with their instrumental spy surf'n'western garage rock - and this time they're live in the flesh: more cool, more raw, more dirty than ever before. Since the Danish/Swedish band was formed back in 1998 (specifically as a LIVE band), the world has been screaming for an album embodying the intense, dangerous, sexy, evil and oftenmost fairly inebriated atmosphere that this band creates whenever they set foot on a stage. It's so good. It is even better than we, you or the band itself would expect. And that's the reason why the wisecracking band entitled the album Live, Beyond Our Means.
The hard-core old school dogma of the TBG has appealed not only to surf-fans but to wider audiences as well. The best place to experience the inebriated sounds of the TBG is a dark, smoky and sweaty club - up close and personal. That's why the band decided to invite 50-60 fans, friends and family to join them at Tambourine Studios in Malmö, Sweden for a live recording of 16 TBG live classics.

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