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Rockers...Shakers (+poster)

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GenreGarage & 60's Rock'n'Roll,Neobilly


Uusintajulkaisu. Mukana myös poster. MARCEL BONTEMPI laulu & kitara! Limited edition of 400 copies!


Tuotenumero 46787
Kuntokansi UUSI
Kuntolevy UUSI
Aluekoodi Ei
Formaatti LP
Levy-yhtiö Trash Wax
Vuosi 2020
Kesto Ei
Valmistusmaa Alankomaat

Montesas (feat. Marcel Bontempi): 
Rockers...Shakers (+poster) (LP)


"VIIMEISEN PÄÄLLE UPEA JULKAISU!! TYYLIKKÄÄT KANNET! HYVÄÄ MUSAA!! A mere listing of the musicians would seem by itself to ensure the prospective listeners of many moments of early 60´s beat! They all have shown, in performances all over europe, their concern for certain elements essential to good music, and especially to rock´n´roll: an avoidance of the affected, pretentious "avantgarde" approach which characterizes some modern 60´s groups of today; and yet in reference to the latter, an awareness of the progressive nature of music, of such inevitable movements as the reaction of the early 50´s leading towards rockabilly, or of the early 60´s leading towards beat and garage. These factors embody the musical ideas of the members of the MONTESAS. In their homeland germany, the raw and puristic beat of the MONTESAS is called "Star-Club-style" beat, comparing them with the wild rock´n´roll bands who performed the st. pauli circuit in hamburg´s nightlife during the early 60´s (like casey jones and the governors or the early name just a few!). With their homegrown authentic style, the MONTESAS play a sincere and extremly danceable R´n´B, without just copying their ancestors. A little drumset, an elité bassguitar, a guild guitar and the famous east-german "weltmeister"-organ is all these youngsters need to raise a twister in the ballroom.. "germany´s own 'Kaisers' plus organ!!" the newspapers"

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Uusintajulkaisu. Mukana myös poster. MARCEL BONTEMPI laulu & kitara! Limited edition of 400 copies!


  • 01. Dear John
  • 02. Teen Queen
  • 03. Have a ball
  • 04. Wild Woman
  • 05. Rokhar (Mathar)
  • 06. Run, don't walk
  • 07. Have love, will travel
  • 08. Vendetta 62
  • 09. Blues #3
  • 10. Up down Sue
  • 11. I smell a rat, baby
  • 12. Hully Gully