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  1. Rigormortis Rock 10"EP (Ltd, Numbered, Coloured)

    Rigormortis Rock 10"EP (Ltd, Numbered, Coloured) (10``LP)

    In 1995 Gary Day, long time bass player with Morrissey (and ex Sharks/Frantic Flintstones/Nitros) put together a project with his old band mates Alan Wilson and Hodge of The Sharks and Alain Whyte who was Morrissey's guitar player and co-writer. 4 tracks were recorded which were realised as a 12" EP on Vinyl Japan. This sold out and the vinyl has been out of print and hard to get for 20+ years. Some time later the EP came out on an American label as a CD-EP. Again this has been out of print for many years.

    As the decades have passed, The Gazmen EP has been referred to by fans and collectors alike as one of the best-loved releases in the history of the Rockabilly & Psychobilly scene. We are proud to have secured this re-issue and in keeping with the near-mythical status of the original, we've kept it collectable and special. Western Star are proud to present this long-awaited reissue; this time as a 10" coloured vinyl EP limited pressing.

    20,00 €
  2. Dig Thy Savage Soul

    Barrence Whitfield And The Savages:
    Dig Thy Savage Soul (Käytetty CD)

    YKSI VUODEN 2013 PARHAISTA ALBUMEISTA, JOS EI PARAS! Jos esim. NICK CURRAN uppoaa, niin sitten tämäkin!!!
    11,00 €
  3. Breakins Rocks Again
  4. Rockabilly For Life

    Gordon Robert:
    Rockabilly For Life (CD)

    Vihdoinkin oikea uusi albumi Mr. Gordonilta. Mukana upea liuta myös muita legendoja. ILMESTYY 5. Kesäkuuta! Tulossa myöhemmin myös vinyylinä.
    18,00 €
  5. Crazy Rockin’ EP
  6. Choo-Choo-Rockabilly EP

    Hold On Tight:
    Choo-Choo-Rockabilly EP (Käytetty 7 single/EP)

    Limited edition of 500. Numbered
    10,00 €
  7. Up And Down

    Ramblin` Bandits:
    Up And Down (LP)

    Loistava uutuus Tanskasta.
    17,00 €
  8. Jersey Pearl / Blues Please Let Me Be

    Allen Ray:
    Jersey Pearl / Blues Please Let Me Be (7 single/EP)

    Päälikansia myöten hieno uusi single!
    9,00 €
  9. Love Is Good / The Living Dead
  10. No Secrets….Just Rock’n’Roll

    Blue Rockin`:
    No Secrets….Just Rock’n’Roll (LP)

    Berlin’s own Rockers BLUE ROCKIN’ with a new album and their cool style of 50 s Rockabilly, 60 s Garage Rock n Roll and Oldschool Psychobilly!

    New member on guitar is long-time Mad Sin guitar player STEIN!!

    17,00 €
  11. The Real Humbler

    Gordon Robert With Danny Gatton:
    The Real Humbler (CD)

    The singular status of ’The Humbler’ is well-known among rock music aficionados, most notably due to the virtuoso guitar work by the late Danny Gatton. Reportedly, a soundboard tape from a ‘81 Robert Gordon gig in Berkeley, CA. was passed around amongst musicians in the eighties, and quickly became highly revered. Most guitarists who heard the tape were humbled by Gatton’s exceptional playing, hence its title. The recording was finally released in ’96 by Danny Gatton’s mother on her own NRG label. And even though it’s not mentioned in the liner notes, that release is actually a composite of two different soundboard tapes, one from ’81 and the other from ’83.

    The tape that’s presented on this CD is an entirely different recording, originally broadcast by KLIR radio in June ’81. This show was recorded in the middle of a hectic tour, and it really captures the band at its best. Robert was promoting his latest RCA release, ‘Are You Gonna Be The One’, and the repertoire offered a solid mix of songs from Gordon’s first five albums, as well as interesting choices like Gene Vincent’s Cruisin’ and Webb Pierce’s There Stands The Glass. This vibrant, dynamic live recording places you in the crowd on that hot summer night in ’81, and the fresh stereo sound enables you to hear many interesting details, such as the intricacies of the interplay between Danny Gatton and Lance Quinn. It’s a sensational live performance, with Gordon in good voice, and the band playing with more bite than a pack of angry Rottweilers. When I listened to it recently together with Robert, he commented that this tape is actually better than the one now known as ‘The Humbler’. And it was Robert himself who came up with the CD title, ‘The Real Humbler’.

    We are proud to be able to release this unique recording. It’s an amazing slice of American roots music, an eclectic mix of rockabilly, country and jazz as performed by some of the finest players in the industry. As a bonus, we’ve added the encores from a gig in Newark, DE. a couple of nights later, as well as a backstage interview with Robert later that same evening. In the interview, he states that he never tried to recreate anything, and this release underlines that fact. Though clearly steeped in the tradition of their influences, Robert & his fantastic band grabbed those sounds by the throat and took them to a different place.

    20,00 €
  12. Coast To Coast / Pharaoh Of Love
  13. Prado! / Manny Machine

    Fernandez Enma :
    Prado! / Manny Machine (7 single/EP)


     With Prado!, Fernández displays an elegant and fine work where he has brought the latin influences one step beyond. Blow by blow, the enfant terrible of piano breaks into the field of mambo with a wink to the leading figures of the genre as Pérez Prado, Bebo Valdés or Machito.

    On the first cut —which entitles the EP— Prado! Fernández' hands are taking over. So that they steal the show over the voice, as the piano becomes the core of this superb instro in the style of the mighty big bands of the 40s, 50s and 60s.
    B-Side is reserved to the second track. A reminder to stand up and dance where Emma Fernández' voice takes action as a narrator that invite us to deep-plunge ourselves on the story of Manny Machine.
    The perfect combination between percussion, horns and the unrivalled piano style of Enma Fernández will floods us with a distinctive taste of mambo that searches the growht of complicity upon the audience and the classic atmosphere of the mid-60s ballrooms.

    Once again Fernández gives birth to Prado! surrounding himself with renowned and virtuous musicians on percussion, horns... that shape together fitting one to another with the talent and energy on every live performance of this piano player.
    More about Enma Fernández…
    The musical path of Enma Fernández emphasizes his direct relation with Rock and Roll. However, this pianist, singer, musical director, showman and stage animal has become one of the referents of New Orleans and Latin Jazz styles during the las couple of years.
    Born in Barcelona in 1.987, Enma Fernández can show off as one of the most prolific muciscians of the City with an average number of two hundred performances per year. Virtuous on piano and energetic on stage he's got great highlights on his skills for Rhythm and Blues, New Orleans sound, Traditional Jazz and Rock and Roll.
    His previous work, Hey Chico!! is a 10 track album recorded and produced by Mike Mariconda and Marc Tena themselves.  A personal work that keeps him inside the rock and roll universe as opens uo to new musical genres. Hey Chico!! is the result of years of musical career, a mirror that shows the different musical interests of the aauthor in every sense.
    His influences, based on artists as Ray Charles, Professor Longhair, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, Duke Ellington, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino or Bebo Valdés, and his personal style make it all a hard-to-imitate performer.

    10,00 €
  14. Hey Big City! EP

    Hip Shooters:
    Hey Big City! EP (7 single/EP)

    Out Came a Sound, a memorable sound....
    The Sound of today, a blend of folk and country music with the blues for flavor...
    As with all good things, "the sound" found its way to the big city where it could be put on record
    and shared by listeners all over the world..."The sound" is now on SleazyRecords...
    It Belongs to THE HIP-SHOOTERS.
    The hottest new group to hit the record scene in many a moon.

    10,00 €
  15. Catch That Train / Shimmy, Shake And Shout (V)

    TT Syndicate:
    Catch That Train / Shimmy, Shake And Shout (V) (7 single/EP)

    5 / 6 ... eli kohta on koko setti täynnä
    10,00 €
  16. Rocket Ship / Not The Only Girl
  17. Don`t Wanna Miss CD + 7" Single

    Swamp Shakers:
    Don`t Wanna Miss CD + 7" Single (CD)

    The Swamp Shakers band is becoming “hot stuff” on today’s rockabilly scene, occasionally invited also by the blues and jazz festivals all over Europe. It’s a wild rockabilly with a slight hint of rhythm’n’blues, a bit of jazz, some of the blues and hillbilly, with the band’s own musical vision and stylistic adventure. The album is an original combo of CD together with the 45 rpm vinyl in one package! Playing live more than 120 concerts per year all around Europe, the band after 3 years of its existence as a trio found their way to the studio, to record great new original songs and some freshly-arranged covers. There are 17 songs on the CD, 8 originals and 9 covers, and 2 original songs on vinyl. Combination of these two in one package is not only an added value for the music lovers but is symbolic in a way how The Swamp Shakers see the rockabilly music today. They keep the deepest respect to the old-school, and at the same time, bring the listener into a new musical journey, with their young and wild emotions, feelings and adventures. You can feel that they love what they do and invite you to join them! You Don’t Wanna Miss The Swamp Shakers! 

    20,00 €
  18. Wilson's Weird World Of Instrumentals

    Wilson's Weird World Of Instrumentals (CD)

    This is a snapshot of some of the many instrumental tracks by various bands that all have one thing in common: Musician Alan Wilson.

    Tracks in this collection span from the late 80s right up to present day, including many previously unreleased gems.

    A must for fans of guitar-based instrumentals.

    15,00 €
  19. Wall Of Death
  20. Doin' Our Thing

    Henry & The Bleeders:
    Doin' Our Thing (CD)

    As part of Henry & the Bleeders 15th anniversary celebrations we are releasing this CD album of their 7" vinyl EPs and 10" mini album. These tracks have never been on CD before!
    15,00 €

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