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  1. Honky Tonkin`

    Rogers Sonny & The Kingpins:
    Honky Tonkin` (10``LP)

    50`s tyylin rockabillyä ruotsista.
    17,00 €
  2. 20.000 Leagues Under The Sea

    Roulette Arsen & Robbie's Dirty Crew ‎:
    20.000 Leagues Under The Sea (10``LP)

    Rockabilly from the sunny state of California !
    18,00 €
  3. 49 Women EP

    Rothstein Frank:
    49 Women EP (10``LP)

    Hieno 10"EP. Äänittetty Tanskassa ja Texasissa.
    13,00 €
  4. Hifi Sound For Hipshakers

    Royal Premiers:
    Hifi Sound For Hipshakers (10``LP)

    300 copies - band from Nantes in France !
    15,00 €
  5. The Rock 'n' Roll Trail
  6. Girl By The Pool

    Girl By The Pool (10``LP)

    The album for your favorite 1950's dance party. Boppers, jivers, rockers and a stroller.
    17,00 €
  7. Rumble

    Rumble On The Beach:
    Rumble (10``LP)

    •    Unique 10inch as limited edition with purple vinyl!
    •    Reissue of the original Vielklang Records 12inch Mini-LP from 1988!
    •    Includes their legendary cover songs Time Warp, Ca Plane Pour Moi, and Rumble !
    •    Alternative photo on the coverjacket but based on its original!
    •    Painstakingly remastered for highest fidelity
    •    Pressed on high quality vinyl!
    •    Limited to 500 copies!

    It happened by mid-1985 that Rumble On The Beach jumped on the stages of the German independent scene. Their first outstanding success was their own adaption of the Prince classic Purple Rain - its refrain with a Rockabilly Beat! The most popular German teen-magazine 'Bravo' supported the band as well as the whole press nationwide after their first album release in 1987. They started to tour around all years even together with the legendary Stray Cats.

    This platter is a reissue of their second album, the original Vielklang Records 12inch Mini-LP 'Rumble' from 1988, now in a 10inch format. The songs are completely remastered for your listening pleasure! What a great sound that is in combination with a high quality vinyl pressing! Some legendary self-penned compositions can be heard besides their awesome cover versions! Now get that 'High-Speed Rumble'!

    15,00 €
  8. Gotta Git It On
  9. The Riverside Sessions

    The Riverside Sessions (10``LP)

    Perinteistä rockabilly Englannista.
    13,00 €
  10. Hot Rod Man

    Rubinowitz Tex:
    Hot Rod Man (10``LP)

    Loistava rockabilly albumi!
    40,00 €
  11. I`m Hooked

    Roy Kay Combo:
    I`m Hooked (10``LP)

    Loistava 50s tyylinen bändi Amerikasta!
    13,00 €
  12. Rockin´  Out The Blues

12 tuote(tta)

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