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  1. Strip-O-Rama LP + CD
  2. Coolsville – Vol. 2 / Stay Sick presents...

    Coolsville – Vol. 2 / Stay Sick presents... (10``LP)

    Stay Sick presents ten inches of mean sleaze and kookie far-out Bongo Blaster! DING DONG DADDIO, it's time for round 2. So get
    out of this world, my beatnik friends and take a trip to Coolsville. You'll flip your lid till you're real gone, daddio. This stuff will murder ya. Side A is full of the sleaziest, low-down swingin' strumentals in town. So blast the edison, don ya shades and get zonked on juice while these cats groove to the cool... hip and heavy... mean and moody. The flip side will knock you off your swingers! A set of kookie cool an cerrrazy rock'n'rollers, heavy on the bongo beat. Finger-click your way
    through these skin beaters till you are, like, too far gone...

    17,00 €
  3. Have Yourself A Swingin' Little Christmas

    Have Yourself A Swingin' Little Christmas (LP)


    18,00 €
  4. Sings Italian Favorites

    Martin Dean:
    Sings Italian Favorites (CD)

    Dean Martin typified both the romance and seeming effortlessness of the early-1960s swinger. This collection of lushly orchestrated songs features Italian pop classics like "There's No Tomorrow," "Arrivederci Roma," "Return to Me," and the Latin-flavored "Belle From Barcelona," all performed with Martin's familiar relaxed intimacy and devil-may-care swagger. The sessions producing this album's songs were recorded between September 6 and September 8 of 1961. The backing orchestra was conducted and arranged by Gus Levene.

    24bit Digitally Remastered.
    16 page booklet

    13,00 €
  5. Favorites
  6. Have Yourself A Swingin' Little Christmas

    Have Yourself A Swingin' Little Christmas (CD)

    After the two previous very successful releases with Christmas songs - 'Christmas On The Countryside' (BCD17508) and 'Big City Christmas' (BCD17509) - now follows the third part with extremely danceable grooves from the genres of Jazz, Swing and Rhythm & Blues, compiled by the Bear Family team. Our releases for the Christmas season obviously hit the nerve of our friends. The sets deliver intelligently compiled albums that offer themselves as an alternative to Xmas kitsch.

    The entertaining mix of some well-known songs and several new discoveries provides even die-hard Christmas haters and music collectors with enough material to celebrate an alternative Christmas full of pleasure.

    The 24-page accompanying booklet contains the essential information on the individual recordings. All titles have been carefully remastered. No more baking cookies - get up on the dance floor!

    10,00 €
  7. Pick Yourself Up

    O'Day Anita :
    Pick Yourself Up (Käytetty LP/12)

    1956 Verve albumin repropainos uudella kannella.
    15,00 €
  8. Jumping And Jiving Vol. 1
  9. One Night Stand - 1946 - Live Sessions At The Palladium, Hollywood

    Rich Buddy:
    One Night Stand - 1946 - Live Sessions At The Palladium, Hollywood (Käytetty LP/12)

    This record has been produced from an unpublished recording made during March 1946. A1 to B1 recorded at Palladium March 28, 1946 B2 to B6 recorded at Palladium March 27, 1946
    13,00 €
  10. The Jumpin' Jive
  11. Coolsville – Vol. 1 / Stay Sick presents...

    Coolsville – Vol. 1 / Stay Sick presents... (10``LP)

    First of two 10”-es called Coolsville. Watch out for volume 2 as well as for two volumes of it’s sister compilation Sicksville (Vol. 1 already out!).

    Compiled by Stay Sick! - a gruesome twosome of Deejays from the nightclubs of Brighton, UK. Established in 2008, they continue to spin the best dancing music from surf to soul, oddball R&B to filthy rock’n’roll, garage to punk, 7 inches at a time. Their vinyl addiction has meant they have amassed a large collection of sleazy and greasy rock n roll from the fifties & sixties including Tarantino surf, proto-soul stompers, swingin' rhythm and blues and twistin' tittyshakers.

    Coolsville is a far out selection of moody las vegas grind surfstrumentals and oddball beatnik records from the '50s and '60s.

    The first side of this platter of wax is full of mean instros for wild cats of the urban jungle.

    On the flipside, brother, do we have some solid gone finger clickers for you to swing and sway to. Bongo-laden beats that you’ll dig the most, daddio.

    This is the righteous stuff for all you jive talkin’ jazzbos and beatniks.

    15,00 €
  12. The Fantastic Lloyd Price
  13. Rock And Roll
  14. Things Are Swingin´
  15. Swinging At His Best
  16. The Wildest + Bonus tracks
  17. Original Album Series Part 2 (5CD)

    Darin Bobby:
    Original Album Series Part 2 (5CD) (CD)

    Five classic artist albums in wallets housed in a new slipcase. Nice and simple, no frills just great music! Includes Darin At The Copa (1960); For Teenagers Only (1960); Two Of A Kind (1961); Love Swings (1961) and Twist With Bobby Darin (1961).

    25,00 €
  18. Wild One

    Wild One (CD)

    It was perhaps the most famous movie of the Fifties. It said so much about the Fifties teenage rebellion...and said it first. The soundtrack predated rock 'n' roll, featuring instead four numbers by noted jazz trumpeter Shorty Rogers and a fabulously atmospheric score by composer Leith Stevens. The four Shorty Rogers numbers were issued on a long-deleted RCA EP, and Leith Stevens recorded 8 songs for a double EP on Decca a few weeks later (all of them featuring Shorty Rogers). In 1956, Stevens recorded another four pieces inspired by the movie to round out a 12 album.

    Now the three elements come together for the first time! They work as a souvenir of one of the greatest movies of all time, but, more than that, they work as tight, swinging west coast jazz circa '53. Here is some great scoring, and here are some of the most innovative musicians on the west coast, including Jimmy Giuffre, Bud Shank, Russ Freeman, Bill Holman, and Shelly Manne."
    18,00 €
  19. On Stage
  20. Real Kings Of Swing

    Real Kings Of Swing (CD)

    20 vanhaa swing klassikkoa.
    79,00 €

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