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  1. L`ECOLE DU ROCK `N`ROLL (School Of Rock `n`Roll)

    L`ECOLE DU ROCK `N`ROLL (School Of Rock `n`Roll) (Käytetty CD)

    A Red Hot collection of Rockin' 'n' Rollin' Boppers & Shakers.
    10,00 €
  2. Blue Train To Darkness
  3. Rock And Roll Man

    Mal Gray And The Wild Angels (Feat. Gene Vincent):
    Rock And Roll Man (Käytetty CD)

    Mal Gray formed The Wild Angels in London in 1967. Along with groups like The Sunsets and Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers they were greatly responsible for the revival of interest in vintage rock 'n' roll amongst a new generation. From 1971 to '74 he was guest vocalist with American group Sha-Na-Na before forming the Mal Gray band and touring with many of the original Rock 'n' Roll legends. Later he starred in the the American Pie Rock 'n' Roll theatre show and worked with Bill Haley's from 1976 to '81. He still performs regularly on the international rock 'n' roll circuit today.These previously unissued recordings are from the late 1960s and include of 20 minutes of rock 'n' roll legend Gene Vincent with The Wild Angels from 1969. The CD booklet includes several rare and previously unseen photos of Mal and Gene.
    25,00 €
  4. Rockville Razor Rhapsody

    Lou Cifer And The Hellions:
    Rockville Razor Rhapsody (Käytetty CD)

    25,00 €
  5. Short Shark Shock-Early And Unreleased (Digipak)

    Short Shark Shock-Early And Unreleased (Digipak) (Käytetty CD)

    Sharksin ekat äänitykset, eli demoja ennen Phantom Rockers albumia.
    10,00 €
  6. Introducing
  7. Bad At Being Good

    Big Bad Shakin`:
    Bad At Being Good (Käytetty CD)

    'Bad At Being Good' is the debut album from Teddyboy Rockers Big Bad Shakin'. This is razor-sharp, blasting Rock 'n' Roll that features hot guitar licks and pumpin' piano throughout.



    The main influences of Big Bad Shakin' are definitely not to be found in the vintage Rockabilly 1950s sound, but rather Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Blasters as well as Ronnie Dawson. The music style of Big Bad Shakin' combines laid-back coolness with overdrive in both their music and the spectacular stage show. Their colourful performance is razor-sharp Rock 'n' Roll that clearly shows its roots - Rhythm and Blues - at any time. Forceful drive, massive guitar licks, a pumpin' piano combined with action-packed stage appearance is what Big Bad Shakin' are all about. During one of their concerts tours in the UK Big Bad Shakin's music were announced as 'Take No Prisoners Total Rock'n'Roll' - and, well, that's what it is!

         Big Bad Shakin' first got together in the summer of 1997 when they were asked to replace the headline Rock'n'Roll act at an open air gig with an audience of about 2,000 bikers, rockers, teds, cats and kittens and grannies and teens. It was this gig and the RockPopHipHop-aberration of the 1990s combined with each band members' Rock'n'Roll obsession to start kickin' butts with a big, bad project to get their audience shakin' them bones. The result is what today has become known as Big Bad Shakin',

         Big Bad Shakin' have backed some of the legends of Rock'n'Roll music. They played with Crazy Cavan (2002, UK), singer and Hollywood movie wildman Johnny 'Man On The Moon-Guru' Legend (2002, USA) and Huelyn Duvall (2003, USA). In May 2003 Big Bad Shakin' performed with the German top movie legend Rolf Zacher. He - being a combination of US stars Al Pacino and Robert de Niro - received various high-ranking awards such as the Bundesfilmpreis - the German Oscar - and the Charlie Chaplin Shoe.


    This is what rock 'n' roll is all about!" The Black Cat"
    10,00 €
  8. And The Savages
  9. Live, Wild, Red Hot`n`Rockin` 2CD
  10. Felt So Wild
  11. Put The Blame On Alcohol
  12. Alley Palais

    Alley Palais (Käytetty CD)

    The Alleycats are a British Rock'n'roll band fronted by Drew Spikes, who was a founder member of Yakkety-Yak, an well-known British Rock'n'roll 'club' act in the Seventies. He was also a member of Sonny King & The Sons Of Swing in the Eighties. Richard Keeble was in the original Alleycats' lineup and had previously been in Rock House, and Seventies Teddy Boy Rockabilly band who had recorded for the Real Kool label. The other members of The Alleycats are Steve Webster, Mick Pound, Marco and Alan Jordan. The CD was produced at Dave Taylor's Midnight Rock studio in 2002.
    13,00 €
  13. Southside Rock And Roll

    Southside Rock And Roll (Käytetty CD)

    Liner notes:

    2002 is a very special year for Shotgun as they celebrate 25 years of rockin'. Although somewhat overshadowed by 50 years since the crowning of the Queen and 25 years since the passing of The King, Shotgun mark their own Jubilee with the release of 'Southside Rock 'n' Roll'.

    At first I was a little puzzled as to why Wild Bob Burgos asked me to write the liner-notes for Shotgun's 25th anniversary release - surely there are people who were there in the late 1970's to witness Shotgun's emergence from the booming Rock 'n' Roll & Rhythm & Blues scenes of London's Southside, who would be far better qualified for the task than me. But hearing 'Southside Rock 'n' Roll' made me realise that this isn't an excuse to reminisce about past glories, but to celebrate the fact that Shotgun remain a force to be reckoned with 25 years after their formation. Whilst other bands would choose to mark their quarter-century with a retrospective collection highlighting their glory-days, Shotgun instead opt to release an album of brand new material - and it has to be said, they sound as fresh and dynamic as ever on this superb set of Blasting Rebel Rockabilly and Powerhouse Rock 'n' Roll. And anyway, fortunately for me, Shotgun's rich history has been already examined in-depth within the liner-notes of their previous albums, written by people older and wiser than myself.

    So, just what does 'Southside Rock 'n' Roll' hold instore? Nothing less that you would expect from Shotgun. It's an explosive mix of brand new uptempo originals, interspersed with carefully selected covers, including songs from the pen of Rockabilly hero Ray Campi and Rock 'n' Roll legend Little Richard. The revival of 'Feel So Bad' which Wild Bob wrote during his days with Matchbox is a welcome surprise. This first appeared on the 'Setting The Woods On Fire' album, for which Bob can proudly boast a gold disc. In short, this album is true and dynamic, real Rock 'n' Roll performed by four guys who's combined musical pedigree is unmatchable, but more importantly, who capture the true spirit of Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly simply through their love and dedication to their music.

    You can enjoy 'Southside Rock 'n' Roll' in the knowledge that 25 years has seen very few changes in one of Britain's truest Rock 'n' Roll bands - a great achievement in a World where things seem to move with ever increasing speed.

    Howard Raucous (September 2002)

    17,00 €
  14. Rockabilly Rules OK!
  15. Wild In The Country

    Wild Danny And The Wildcats:
    Wild In The Country (Käytetty CD)

    Vanha albumi CD:nä + bonuksena Old Billy Boogie. *=Taustabändinä Wild Tones.
    20,00 €
  16. From Teen Kats To Casanova
  17. All Time Hits

    All Time Hits (Käytetty CD)

    Hittikokoelma! Mukana biisejä kaikilta Magnet levyiltä ja harvinaisia sinkku b-puolia.
    20,00 €
  18. She Walks Right In
  19. Haunted Highway
  20. Unreleased Recordings & More

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