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New Breed R&B - Saturday Night Special

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GenreR&B * Doo-Wop


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Tuotenumero 46388
Kuntokansi Ei
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Formaatti CD
Levy-yhtiö Ace Records
Vuosi 2020
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New Breed R&B - Saturday Night Special (CD)


The master tapes reveal more great New Breed R&B dance exclusives – plus rare records and elusive CD offerings from the past.

New Breed is back with a historical bang. The opening track and title inspiration is Aaron Collins & the Teen Queens’ ‘Every Saturday Night’. Its R&B pedigree is inestimable; Collins was a member of Los Angeles vocal group the Flairs/Flares and wrote songs for Z.Z. Hill, Jackie Day, Cookie Jackson and others. Ray Charles recorded his ‘Every Saturday Night’ for ABC in 1972. The Modern tape vaults have given up this original 1966 R&B take of the song with Collins and his sisters, the Teen Queens, performing at their best – all the more remarkable as Rosie and Betty had not recorded since 1962 and it was to be their last session, both dying tragically a few years later.

More unissued beauties come from East Coast outfit the Corvairs with ‘I’ll Never Do It Again’, ‘Satisfied’ by Oakland’s funky bluesman Johnny Talbot, Gay Meadows’ Atlanta-recorded ‘Head Doctor’, and gems by obscure Ohio R&B outfits Pee Wee Foster, Little Macey & the Valiants and Big Charley & the Domans. Rare 45s come in the shape of Curly Mays’ ‘I’m Walkin’ On’, Pat Garvis’ ‘Turn Your Lamp Down Low’, ‘Triple Zero’ by Esko Wallace and ‘Your Yah-Yah Is Gone’ by New Jersey girl group the Tren-Teens. There are tracks from Ace CDs that went largely undiscovered by the New Breed crowd from Prince Conley, the Lon-Genes and Rob Robinson. Other highlights include the very recently discovered Freddie Williams track ‘Purty Little Mama’ recorded for Norman Petty in New York, Slim & the Twilights’ New Orleans-sounding ‘Family Man’ and Tony Clarke’s early Detroit rocker ‘Love Must Be Taboo’, all presented digitally from master tape for the first time. The booklet features stunning photos of Margaret Lewis, Flora D, the Metallics, Rob Robinson and Johnny “Guitar” Watson, along with some fax ’n’ info for the serious Breeder.


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1 Every Saturday Night - Aaron Collins & The Teen Queens
2 I'll Never Do It Again - The Corvairs
3 Ain't That Good - Prince Conley
4 Compact Baby - Rob Robinson
5 Triple Zero - Esko Wallace
6 Purty Li'l Mama - Freddie Williams
7 Somethin's Wrong Baby - Margaret Lewis
8 Way Out Baby - Flora D
9 Family Man - Slim & The Twilites
10 You're Gonna Need Me - Big Charley & The Domans
11 Wait A Minute Baby - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
12 Almost Midnight (Take 3) - King Solomon
13 Show Me How To Shake Like That - The Lon-Genes
14 Head Doctor - Gay Meadows
15 You Can Be My Honey - Pee Wee Foster
16 Turn The Lamps Down Low - Pat Garvis
17 Your Yah-Yah Is Gone - The Tren-Teens
18 The Long John - Jarvis Jackson
19 Tighten Up & Pull Yourself Together - Sterling Magee
20 Satisfied - Johnny Talbot
21 Love Must Be Taboo - Tony Clarke
22 I'll Conquer The World - J D Wright & The Metallics
23 Walking The Track - Little Macey & The Valiants
24 I'm Walkin' On - Curly Mays