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Whack-O-Mania Vol. 1

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Genre50's Rockabilly / R'n'R


Tuotenumero 45125
Kuntokansi Ei
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Aluekoodi Ei
Formaatti 10``LP
Levy-yhtiö Stag-O-Lee
Vuosi 2020
Kesto Ei
Valmistusmaa Saksa

Whack-O-Mania Vol. 1 (10``LP)


Start of a new series! Limited to ONLY 250 copies and numbered. Handpackaged DIY-style!

The first in the series will be Whack-O-Mania Vol. 1 - a kinda Beat From Badsville-style compilation. Subtitled “Includes demented Doo-Wop, insane Instrumentals & an experiment in terror”.

Future volumes will be Swinging In The Tombs Of Egypt (compiled by Hank Ray of Raymen-fame 38 years ago), Mr. Thuermer (the man behind Crazy Rhythm Of Mata Hari; Songs From Satan’s Jukebox), Reverend Reichsstadt (Rock`n ́Roll Safari Club - DJ and booker from Stuttgart) and Rudi Protrudi (The Paisley Fog’s Primitive Platters).

All limited to 250 copies, numbered and hand-packaged.

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1. Official Warning
2. Charlie Feathers - Stutterin ́ Cindy
3. Johnny Parker And The Zirkons - Oongawa
4. The Calvaes - Anna Macora
5. Chrome And Hot Leather
6. The Duals - Lover's Satellite
7. Hugh Barrett & The Victors - There Was A Fungus Among 8. The Naughty Stewardesses

1. Jack van Impe - Gogo Pogo
2. Bo Diddley - Africa Speaks
3. The Valentines - That's It Man
4. The Champs - Experiment In Terror
5. Fred Harris' Red Tops Organ Trio - The Bull 6. The Executioners - Dead End, Pt. 1
7. Jim Backus & Friend - Delicious! (Edit)
8. Jack van Impe -Twisted Vile Perverted